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Allied-Gaming, formerly known as Allied-Gamers, is a multi-platform gaming community centered around bringing top-tier game servers to players nationwide. Throughout the years, we’ve had servers in Counter-Strike, Garry’s Mod, Minecraft and Rust.

Our community is home to 6000+ members, and that’s just the beginning. Here at Allied-Gaming, we push ourselves to become the number one gaming community in the world.

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Our team is more than just admins with privilege. A significant piece that makes up our identity is that we listen to what our players want and take those ideas to make our community a better place.

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Latest News

A Quick Guide to Divisions

With game servers becoming more irrelevant, we’ve decided to take initiative and start a new chapter for the community by opening Divisions! Now, there’s been a lot of confusion as to what Divisions really are, so hopefully this’ll answer some of your questions. Introduction to Divisions Our goal with Divisions is simple! To create a competitive environment for new and old members to compete against each other in their favorite games to win monthly prizes. Allied-Gaming is a multi-game community, so we’re setting up a Division for every game that we play, and that number will grow as we grow. Right now, we’re in the process of setting up these Divisions, so bear with us as we create one for every game we play. Each Division will have its own sub-forum, Calendar and more (Directors will be able to customize the look and feel of their Division). Members will be able to see the activity of other Divisions, create topics and make posts in any Division, but you’ll only be able to join ONE Division. Why only one? We’re implementing this restriction as we’ll be having a rank system that’ll award members but won’t work if they’re hopping around between Divisions. As middle ground, members will have the chance to change Divisions during the first 3 days of every month. Division Hierarchy Directors As a Director, your primary responsibility is to create events for the teams inside your Division. So, if you’re the Director of CSGO, some good event suggestions would be scrims between teams, 1v1 ladder tournaments, Surf n’ Chill evenings, etc. While we are shutting down our servers, we can rent a server if needed for an event (provided we’re given a timetable for the event). One requirement to be the Director is to schedule at least one event a week, to create and maintain a competitive environment in your Division. Directors may also add additional rules to fit their Division’s needs, provided they stay in line with community guidelines, but require approval by a Community Council member first. Should a Director step down from their position, a Manager can petition to be the next Director by contacting the Community Council. Managers As a Manager, you’ll moderate your Division’s forum. This isn’t the same as being a Global Moderator, who can moderate the entire forums. Managers will make sure Division members uphold the rules set by the Director for their Division. On top of your moderation responsibilities, you’ll help the Director coordinate and oversee events to make sure they go smoothly. Managers must oversee 2 events or more per month. This does not count towards your total if you are a Team Leader. Directors will have control over who their Managers are in their Division. There is no limit to how many Managers they can be. Team Leaders In every Division we want there to be many teams. Team Leaders are the one’s in charge of their team and will register their team with a Director or Manager for events. In addition, team leaders must make sure their team is on time to events and are active in the community. Each team leader must register their team for at least 2 events per month. Mentors This is a voluntary role within each Division. The job of the mentor is to welcome new members into their Division, introduce them to others and help them find a team. Those who prove themselves as good mentors throughout the month can receive benefits set by their Director. Players Everyone else that joins a Division and isn’t one of the above is just a player. Players must be active to help their team beat other teams in the Division, and their Division to beat other teams in the community. Players are expected to participate in at least 2 events per month. Note - If you’re a Director or a Manager, you must not allow your position in your Division affect gameplay, especially if you’re participating in an event. Rank System As we continue to improve our Division system we’ll add in a better ranking system. This rank system will track members in every Division for their activity. At the end of every month, we’ll be giving prizes out to the top Divisions based on a number of criteria: Forum Activity – New topics, posts, reputation Referrals – Bringing new people into the community, bonus if they join your Division Teamspeak/Discord VC – Online presence on both of our communication platforms Events - Event Participation Number of Events to Player Attendance Ratio Depending on the type of game the Division is representing, prize distribution will vary. The Director will decide whether prizes are distributed amongst the top players or top teams in the Division. As our community grows and we see higher activity levels, we’ll up the ante on the total prize pool and the type of prizes we give out. -- Right now, we’re just starting Divisions. As time goes on we will adjust the structure and create rules to help keep things organized and establish a competitive environment. The Community Council will continue to adjust the system until things are right, and we’ll make sure you know about any changes.

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The Future of the Community

It comes with great regret and shame that we are announcing the retirement of all AG game servers. Over the next few weeks we will be working on saving backups for each of the servers and removing them from the box one by one. The "Surf" server will be the only server remaining online during this process. It has been apparent in the last few years that hosting successful community game servers isn't as easy as it once was. The scene has changed a lot since we started hosting servers and unfortunately it just isn't viable for AG to continue running game servers. This isn't to say this is the end of AG, nor does it mean we can't have servers again in the future, we just need to collect ourselves and try something new. We are currently looking to try out a new path for AG, and we need everyone's help to make sure we do it right. We will be getting rid of our current dedicated box after the, servers, files, and databases have been backed up and saved. Once we have removed the box we may get a virtual server later on, to put the "Surf" server back online to continue to allow players to have a server to play on. Removing the box/servers unfortunately is a necessary decision we must make in order to to make sure we can keep AG going for as long as possible. With the removal of all of the game servers and the box we will also be making a big change to the way staff work in Allied-Gaming. We are no longer having individual server staff between forums/ts3/discord and the servers. We will now just be having 2 global staff ranks: Administrator and Moderator. This means that there is going to be a full staff wipe. This includes all: Forum Admins, Forum Moderators, Overseers, Event Managers, Server Managers, Head Admin, CSGO Admins/Mods, Gmod Admins/Mods, Teamspeak Staff, and Discord Staff. Members will now be able to apply to become an allied-gaming moderator which has global staff access among all AG related services(TS3/Discord/Future Servers). These staff changes/wipes will happen gradually as we remove each server one by one from the box. Going forward we have a few ideas in mind. Our first step is going to be focusing a lot more on Discord and creating a "Division System". With this system players activity will be monitored throughout the community: Discord, Forums, Teamspeak, game servers, etc. When users are active throughout the community they will generate points which will be shown through monthly/total leader boards. Members will also be able to join Divisions/Teams which will pool members points to form a Division leader board. Divisions will also be able to compete against other divisions by battling it out via a game(LoL,RL,PubG,GMOD,CSGO,ETC) to win additional leader board points as well as other prizes! We want to do this right so we are going to have a dev build us a plugin that tracks all this on forums. Throughout the history of AG in the times that we were at our peaks there was usually a lot of cliques and beef between them, while we dont want to endorse drama we do feel like this new system would capitalize on that and create healthy banter/shittalk between divisions. With this new system AG wont be limited to just CSGO or GMOD anymore because we no longer focus on running/managing our own servers and instead focus on providing a fun and enjoyable space for members to play any type of game they chose. Members will be able to form their own divisions that focus around the types of games they like to play. So if you prefer Pubg to CSGO join our PubG division and compete today. If you prefer LoL or Dota 2 we have Divisions for that too. Any game type, big or small, we can find someone to play with you. We understand this is a large change that will require trial and error to get right, which is why we want your feedback. Do you like this new path we're taking or do you think we should try out something else? This thread is for us to discuss the future of the community so feel free to express everything you feel about the community and how you think we can change things around.

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PUBG Duos Tournament!

Hello Everyone! I will be hosting a PUBG Duos Tournament! When: Sunday August 12th (8/12/18) @ 8:00 pm EST Where: AG Discord (Channels will be made for the event) Invite Link: How it Works: All the teams will compete on each of the 3 maps (Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok). Teams will be scored on a point system. Kills = 5 points each Chicken Dinners = 50 Points 2nd Place = 40 Points 3rd Place = 30 Points 4th Place = 20 Points 5th Place = 10 Points 6th Place = 5 Points Every Other Place = 1 Point The 3 teams with the most points after all 3 maps, will win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. How to Enter: Click on the Google Doc link below and answer the questions. You will be registering for you and your partner so make sure you know which one of you is registering. Please make sure to be in the Discord 15 minutes before the Event starts. Prizes: 1st Place: $20 Steam Gift Card + PUBG Event Winner Tag in Discord + 1 month VIP 2nd Place: $10 Steam Gift Card + 1 month VIP 3rd Place: 1 month VIP

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