Karaoke Night - This Friday ( 19th )

Be there or be square.

Starts 7pm CST - Please be aware I work on my own and therefore won't be able to keep up with every single song request. Be patient with me and understand how difficult these events can be to keep flowing nicely.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

(This event will of course be held in the Teamspeak!)
DCRP Developer

Hello DCRP Players,
It's Aux and I'm happy to say the map change and inventory wipe is complete
The server will be up before 4AM EST

I did not post on forums of the map change
@P2 @GoobNitro @lazyboy900 @Gandalf The Green @Brontes

I'm very sorry i didn't post it I was in a rush to get it finished
I hope you can forgive me of my mistake

Know for all players missing ANY ADDON'S
Subscribe to my collection

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And for @P2 I never figured out how to change it to DarkRP But I will continue to try
Announcement DCRP Staff Update

So recently due to meta getting demoted and the recent staff changes. I have decided with @P2 that @Gandalf The Green will be getting Head Admin he has shown so much work to the server and it's only about time he got what he deserves from the beginning. (Love You)

And with his recent promotion @Brontes has shown tremendous loyalty and dedication to DCRP @Brontes will always continuing to out stand and exceed my expectations. Myself , Aux, and @P2 have decided that @Brontes will be getting High-Admin.

I know most of the admins will be a little upset but @Brontes has shown so much to the server and will continue to preform at his best. I hope my staff can understand my decisions and continue to work with me through this and make DCRP as great as it used to be.

Server Manager Lazyboy900