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Who We Are

Allied-Gaming, formerly known as Allied-Gamers, is a multi-platform gaming community centered around bringing top-tier game servers to players nationwide. Throughout the years, we’ve had servers in Counter-Strike, Garry’s Mod, Minecraft and Rust.

Our community is home to 6000+ members, and that’s just the beginning. Here at Allied-Gaming, we push ourselves to become the number one gaming community in the world.

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How We Are Allied

Our team is more than just admins with privilege. A significant piece that makes up our identity is that we listen to what our players want and take those ideas to make our community a better place.

Everyone. Has. A. Voice

  • Community Servers

    We provide the best community
    servers driven by your generosity.

  • Your Life

    It’s okay to take time off,
    we’ll still be here for you.

  • Always Updated

    We constantly work
    to make our servers better.

  • You Decide

    All donations go right
    back into our community.

Latest News

PUBG Duos Tournament!

Hello Everyone! I will be hosting a PUBG Duos Tournament! When: Sunday August 12th (8/12/18) @ 8:00 pm EST Where: AG Discord (Channels will be made for the event) Invite Link: How it Works: All the teams will compete on each of the 3 maps (Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok). Teams will be scored on a point system. Kills = 5 points each Chicken Dinners = 50 Points 2nd Place = 40 Points 3rd Place = 30 Points 4th Place = 20 Points 5th Place = 10 Points 6th Place = 5 Points Every Other Place = 1 Point The 3 teams with the most points after all 3 maps, will win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. How to Enter: Click on the Google Doc link below and answer the questions. You will be registering for you and your partner so make sure you know which one of you is registering. Please make sure to be in the Discord 15 minutes before the Event starts. Prizes: 1st Place: $20 Steam Gift Card + PUBG Event Winner Tag in Discord + 1 month VIP 2nd Place: $10 Steam Gift Card + 1 month VIP 3rd Place: 1 month VIP

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A Message to All Members

It has come to our attention that our forums has been compromised, and for quite some time actually. Two of our members had access to our File Manager and Databases, making it their playground for their gain. At one point they added a line in the Login script which saved and sent a plain text version of your password to an email. Every time you logged in, or changed your password, it was sent to this email. Furthermore, when their access was taken away, they utilized @JacobThePigeon password and login information to access our NFO panel and gain control without us knowing. While there may be no ill-intent by the two members, it still doesn't excuse what they did. Your personal information is yours and yours alone. Since discovering the issue, we have gone ahead and blacklisted the two members from the community, stripped anyone's access if they were compromised, did a fresh install of forums, and reset critical passwords. P2, Goob and I sincerely apologize for what's happened in AG. This should not have happened. We will use this experience to make better management decisions and only allow those we trust to have file and database access. We ask that you all take a couple minutes to reset your password here and any other service that you may use the same password for. This is a very important announcement, comments below will not be allowed. This announcement is within the GDPR Compliance - Privacy Policy

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Kurama Koukla's Resignation

I've made a lot of great friends in this community and I don't plan on completely ghosting. I don't have the drive to work on the discord or manage the members in it. I think it would be better if someone else took the position who actually wants to improve the discord and help it grow. I'm not resigning because of salty people, honestly if you don't like me i probably don't care or think you're irrelevant ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. This is the choice that I think would be better for AG discord and myself. Shutout to all the people who made me feel welcomed and made a place for me in the community. @kekbun @Headline @DeathLock @Ayame Yasui @Anti @KawaiiSatan @Merples @Pingu @Strekki @Esbelto @eZ^ @James. I legit love you all <3. As for everyone else I hope you have a great time in the community. Even if you disliked, hated, or were toxic towards me I hope maybe we can chill sometime <: ~ You all gave me a special experience good or not, I'll see ya guys around ~Merples is gay ~James ♿ ~Ayame is best trap ~Anti *pat pat* ~kek strongest bitch ik ~eZ^ best staff ~Death toxic as shit but ily ~Headline Headass ~Satan you cute hmu ~Strekki do you just ~Esbelto Janitor Gnomey ~Pingu B

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