Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen!

The Allied-Gaming Staff Team currently has some very exciting news for all of you!

We are pleased to announce that we are currently in the midst of upgrading all of our online servers to a brand new Intel Xeon Quad-Core Processor, along with a whopping improvement to 16 GBs of RAM. We hope these upgrades to our servers will greatly improve the performance of the Allied-Gaming Servers, to allow them to function to the best of their abilities.

Along with these improvements, the servers may experience some potential downtime, but do no worry friends! The effect is but only temporary, and by the end of the day, everything should be back up and running, and better than ever!

We hope all of you are just as excited for these upcoming improvements as we are,
-The Allied-Gaming Staff Team
I am pleased to announce Mark as our General Manager on Rust, he has done the unimaginable and was able to build a very successful rust server for AG. I am confident in Mark's ability and experience. Lets congratulate Mark on his well deserved promotion.
Hello Guys (And Gals) -

Today I have come forth with a Contest for the members of AG in the Rust community.

I have a few prizes to give away to current rust players, and rust players looking to start.

Grand Prize
  • 1 X Copy of Rust in your region + [VIP Plat for 30 days]
Secondary Prizes for those whom own rust already
  • 1 X [VIP Gold for 30 days] In The Ag Rust Server of your choice
  • 1 X [VIP Silver for 30 days]
  • 1 X 5000 Credits In The Ag Rust Server
(All Prizes Can Be gifted or Transferred to someone of your choosing, No one person can win multiple prizes. No Cash Value All perks of VIP can be seen @

In order to enter, Please make a post about why you want to win rust

If you currently own Rust and want to win VIP, tell me what you like about our servers and what we can do to better them if anything.

*****************************Format to follow*************************
  • Name -
  • Steam Community Profile -
  • Do you own Rust - (Yes/No)
  • Why you want to win and your Opinions on the server to date - If you don't answer this you will be disqualified

You will be assigned a number based on Post - I will use a RNG to generate the number and record a video to show the winners.

Thanks for entering.

Contest ends Oct 3rd @ 7pm EST

This staff meeting will be MANDATORY

What we will be discussing


Staff expectation



Staff Promotions/Demotions

Meeting will be held on Friday October 7th at 8pm EST

WARNING: If you can not come to the staff meeting your staff position will be reconsidered
It is with great pleasure that we finally take the Retakes server out of the 'beta' phase, and officially mark it as an official Allied-Gaming Server.

Along with this exciting news, the server will also be releasing the new !knife plugin, which will come with 3 new additional knives, and, the Pokeball!

And last, but most certainly not least, the question that most players have been asking, who will be the Server Manager for the Allied-Gaming Retakes Server? Congratulations to @flex for his outstanding dedication towards the community, and we wish him all the best with this opportunity.

You've well earned this Flex, do us proud!

We are also pleased to announce our new 1v1 Server Manager, @Bunyip . I believe that Bunyip has the tools and experience needed to lift 1v1 from its slump.

Lets all congratulate Bunyip and Flex on their promotions!