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DC Multiverse RP will be getting a major update within the coming week. This update will be called Rebirth and will feature the new Rebirth versions of my SWEPs. New jobs will be added and the map will be changed. I feel that in the past two days I have finished a good chunk of the update. If you have any suggestions, please post them below.

During the staff meeting on Saturday, we will be discuss rules that should be changed or added to fit the new jobs and gameplay style.

@lazyboy900 will be my head-admin and will take care of things while I'm gone. (EDIT: This was supposed to mean he will help out while I'm gone if I'm gone.) @Auxzito is going to be under my training while being a developer, so he will be able to fix problems as well.

I will not be accepting or denying any staff applications until the Rebirth update releases because I will be spending most of my time working on the test server, so I won't be able to see user's activity or behavior. As a result, I will leave staff applications open until that time.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone for this opportunity and I hope great things will come from this update.

Happy Easter Monday Everyone!

Lets just get right into the post, and welcome back DCRP new Server Manager @Metamorphics . Hopefully he doesn't leave us again ;) Third times a charm. But in all seriousness he is one of the best people for Server Manager, as he helped create DCRP and is very good at managing staff!

Now, for our new developer, who for the past few months has been working on expanding his knowledge and helping out the server, @Auxzito! He will be working under @Metamorphics and providing assistance to the server when needed! Good luck @Auxzito :)

This now means that while I'm still gone, issues can be fixed a lot more easy, even if they are just small ones.
Coming major changes to DCRP also!

Have a good rest of the holiday everyone!

Time to go work on my mustang and be inactive again ;)

*Meeting will still happen, LazyBoy will just now work with Meta during the meeting*

When?: Today 6:30 PM (Eastern Time) - Minecraft Channel
This is an event to kill the a mini-boss. In order to reach the boss, you must complete few quests.

Happy Gaming; Hope to see you there!