Hey Allied Gamers!

As most of you are aware, we did not reach our donation goal this month. While the past few months we made a fair amount of money we also re-invested a lot of money back into the community including countless amounts of plugins for the Garry's mod, CSGO and Forums, A new box (8 core virtual dedicated server) which was paid 6 months in advance to ensure the quality while making way for new servers and a few other expenses.

As a result we are going to be putting a hold on buying plugins and other expenses until we feel we are in a stable place financially once more. Advertising on forums will also be looked into to make sure AG has guaranteed income each month to help with the bills and expenses with this in mind we will make sure that the Ads are not too intruding while also providing a substantial amount of income.

Furthermore AG will now be accepting CSGO Skins, Steam Gift Cards and certain steam items(items that have a value of an upwards of $2+). However, we will be accepting them at a percentage value to ensure that we cover the inevitable loses when turning steam money into PayPal cash. Unfortunately Goob and I are unable to always be on to accept these trades so for this reason we are going to allow Division Managers+ to accept them for us.

I hope with these changes we are able to have more income for the community that can be re-invested into the community to ensure quality servers and fun. Thank you for your time.

Add one of these people if you wish to make a trade:


Read Before Posting! MilitaryRP
As many of you aware, several of the Higher Staff for the MilitaryRP Server have resigned. These recent resignations were unannounced to the Divisional Manager, Root, and Owners. There was no heads up given nor was there a forewarning that they were all going to resign and leave the server in shambles. Due to the recent events, the Server is bound to struggle in the coming days and we will need the support and each and everyone of you to keep the server from going under. I have made a post by our very own @Michael Corleone an announcement, which you can see below this one. This post should be used as a general place were members can post in the coming days their opinions and concerns regarding MiliRP and the direction we should take with it. The more input and content you provide to the Higher-Ups the better we can handle the situation.

Here is what we know so far: We were informed 2 days ago by a member of the MilitaryRP player base that there was some fishy business going on. After receiving the information from "said player," it was our understanding that @CrazyGecko had left AG to make his own community. After further investigation we were able to determine that @CrazyGecko had his own forum site (Not to be named), as well as his own ts3 server. We also were able to find evidence that @CrazyGecko also gave his co-partners in this "new community" a copy of the server in exchange for his very own "rust server." After gathering some rough evidence we then furthered our information by grabbing some testimony from other players. We asked people who we believed to be aware of the situation going on and possibly even involved in the matter for information on what was going to happen and what all they knew. After talking with several members and receiving both screen shots as well as audio recording it was clear that @CrazyGecko left the community with ulterior intentions. When confronting Gecko...
I'm creating this thread to see if anyone has any ideas on how to save MilitaryRP because just because all the guys above admin ditched us in our weakest point, but those of us with the will to stay with the server will have to rebuild. (As long as AG doesn't shut us down) As far as I know the staff that have stayed are:
Church (Lord Cactus)
Nate Joy (LazyBoy)
Michael Corleone
Ertsi (Serenity)
Zach (GrimDayz)
Brontes (iGiveZeroDamns)

The Admins and operators must step up and carry on the militaryRP and keep it at least breathing until someone can sort all of this out. Once again I will put this here;

We all wish CrazyGecko would've named a successor but since all the higher admins resigned along with him what choice did he have other than to skip that. At the moment we have eight players on server which sadly is the highest I have seen it in the last week...