Read Before Posting! DC RP Update
As most of you know I have not been on this past 2 weeks. This is due to my life just being really busy at the moment. Also have been getting into some trouble with school and not turning in my assignments in time due to my busy schedule. This is forcing me not to be active and not to be on fully in AG and in the DC RP server. Plus I have football and other complications with people I am dealing with. If you guys want to know what fully is happening message me personally and I will tell everything so everyone knows what's up. Due to all of this this means there is an inactive sm and I apologize for this but I have talked to @GoobNitro and we came up with a plan. For about a month or 2 depending how long I will be inactive for @Paulingo will be the Temporary Server Manager for DC RP. This means Paul can now fix things on the server and start and shut down the server if there is any problems with it. Also this means that everyone does not need to go to me about problems of the server because now Paul can handle these situations. I will not be on during the week at all besides forums so I can not do anything during the week. Weekends I will be on now and than but for the most part go to @Paulingo about problems. With that said Lingo will be really really busy since I am gone and he is new to all of this. That is why we will be Promoting @Gandalf The Green to high admin and he will be Lingo’s Temporary Head Admin. I trust that Gandalf will step up to the plate and do what needs to be done to keep DC RP thriving.

Along with this we are working on a new donation system and there will be no more perm custom classes. As of right now we do not know what to do about the custom Jobs so please if you have suggestions than leave us your opinion on what we should do with them. Last thing about donations is that there is going to be 2 or 3 VIP Tiers which...
TTT Staff Meeting this Sunday!

Topics Being Discussed:

New Requirements for Staff
Upcoming Changes
Promotions / Demotions
Open Discussion
Once the Staff meeting is finished, I will unlock the channel to allow anyone to come
give suggestions / complaints related to the server.

This Meeting is Mandatory!
If you do not show up (without a good reason) your position will be reconsidered!

The meeting should not take more than 30 minutes so please make sure you are there!
Hey Allied-Gamers!

The last couple of weeks haven't been the best for Allied-Gaming for a multitude of reasons so I've decided to share our current situation with the members of the community to bring insight and hopefully support at such a crucial time.

Firstly, we have an immense shortage of staff(active staff) going through the low ranks of operator and admin all the way towards SM and Developers. @Survivor is taking time off due to personal reasons and @DigidyDOG is resigning because of the workload and stress. Very few Server Managers are actually active and working on the servers mostly due to life and school catching up. We are looking for ways to resolve this issue and recruit more active staff, both at low and high levels. I apologize for any issues on the servers as I am sure there are many, especially on the GMOD Servers as Survivor isn't around to fix them anymore but we will be looking towards recruiting another developer to help us iron out bugs and issues as @Metamorphics will also be resigning. Allied-Gaming is going through a very tough period but at the end of it we will be able to see who stuck with us through everything and who cracked under pressure.

More Importantly, our donation situation is in a mess mostly because of Goob and I's inexperience at managing donations and funds. We grew too quickly and spent money just as quick. Goob and I have decided that we are going to have to make some desperate changes to keep AG going, such as shutting down inactive and some semi-active servers, getting rid of the dedicated box on which we are currently hosting the csgo servers and moving them over to the virtual to drastically lower our monthly bill and be able to keep AG going for longer on the current funds on the paypal. The servers that are currently being looked into for cancellation are as follows: