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Hello Everyone!

Thanks to the Generosity of @Baby Fire , I will be hosting a week long event in which at the end the winner will receive as a prize:

Shadow Daggers Fade FN

How it works:

The event will start this Monday (June 5th) and last until Saturday (June 10th).

During this time period, all you have to do is play on the CSGO TTT Server.

However, you must have at least 15 Hours of time on the server by the end of Saturday in order to be entered into the Knife Giveaway.

If you are in the top 3 spots for most hours, then you will receive an extra entry in the drawing.

A winner will be chosen on Sunday (June 11th).

Please Note:
AFK Hours during this next week will not be tolerated! If caught AFKing hours during this event, you will be temp banned from the server (this only applies to this next week).

Click This To See The Knife

I will be resigning from both position, Forum Mod and Developer

I am resigning because I do not have the sufficient time to moderate forums, nor develop mc. Nor does anyone play the server that I coded form scratch. I am not leaving the community, but I will be inactive through out the summer. Thanks for giving me this chance. Peace.
Karaoke Night - This Friday ( 19th )

Be there or be square.

Starts 7pm CST - Please be aware I work on my own and therefore won't be able to keep up with every single song request. Be patient with me and understand how difficult these events can be to keep flowing nicely.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

(This event will of course be held in the Teamspeak!)