Garry's Mod MilitaryRP Staff Meeting

This meeting will be MANDATORY for staff no matter your rank
Things that will be discussed during the meeting

How to be staff

Staff abuse

Staff Expectations

Teamspeak activity

Forums activity

Rules/Punishment guideline

Rp and how to not be dumb




Other announcments

Meeting will be held in a teamspeak channel on Saturday December 10th at 8pm EST


The meeting is public to all yay!
It's the most wonderful time of the year~

It's also time for another Karaoke event. This time it will be themed with Christmas songs being the main focus - but we won't be limited to them. Normal music will be played as well and I'll take requests for songs.

There will be prizes once more for the competition side of it but these are yet to be determined. I will of course update you all when I have finalised all the details. For now this is just to let you guys know it's happening and to decide on a date with your help. For me personally I have two possible dates.

Friday 16th December
Saturday 17th December

Please vote on which day you would prefer! :)

I look forward to the event and I'm sure it'll be as fun as the rest have been! Merry Christmas everyone! <3

Hello Children.

As most of you already know, TTT #2 has been released. Which has been fairly good. But, from this, a split has been made, people leaving TTT1 for TTT2, causing mass depopulation in TTT1. But we would prefer a whole server together, with population that everyone can enjoy.

So with this being said, both servers will be coming into each other to make TTT #3! Just kidding, it will be names just TTT or TTT1. The merge of these servers will turn it into Semi-Custom (Small Pointshop, Some custom guns, credit shop items, more changes in the next week) All staff positions will be kept, expect for a few promotions and demotions.

@TheBladez190 and @Lord Gaben will be Co-Managing this server. @Kawaii will become Admin, with @Potata keeping Head Admin. Ellie will be demoted to admin. All admins/operators will keep positions, with s4mple being moved over/Dues Vult/Raven. Donator perks will be added for Shadow, and future donators. All staff applications from TTT2/TTT1 will come into one forum, and be reviewed by both SMs. For all staff on the server, your activity in the next few weeks will be vital to your position.

This change will be taken into effect somtime this weekend. The server that will become the main merge, is still being decided, give your input.



Hello Everyone

So during the past few days, @Captain Price and I have been working with some people over at a gaming community called XG. We are now hosting their servers under Allied Gaming, so I am proud to announce MilitaryRP!

For all of you who wanted a StarWarsRP, this is around the same concept with MilitaryRP. PVT = CC/CR and so on, basically a modern version of StarWarsRP.

The Server Managers for this will be the Owners from XG!

A few other staff members will be transferred over, so come hop on and meet them!

"connect" VIA Console


Older Gametracker Info:
Game Server Rank: 378th (93rd Percentile)

Have Fun

As a lot of you know the GMOD DC server has had a great run so far and I plan to keep it that way but I can not do it on my own. I have recently promoted Lingo to high admin and he has done a great job as a high admin. He helps me out with everything and is on the server almost 24/7. *Honestly get a life* He is an all around great person and is a huge help to the DC server. Without him I don't know if DC could of made it this far. That's why I am going to announce our new Head Admin @Paulingo he has been with the server since the start and just has done a kick ass job the whole time. No one else could of fit the job better than him.

I also didn't wanna stop there because I feel like for the DC server to really succeed we need a solid higher up squad. Along with the things that have been happening with people resigning and stuff like that another person that has help a lot with other staff and with me is @ChinkyDog he will be our new high admin for the server. He has proven that even as an operator you can help out new staff and do a killer job at it. He has helped a lot with sits and on server situations and has proven what it takes to be a higher up.

Along with those higher up promotions there are some promotions for admin as well. Those people are @Psycho Panda @White @BradyFlash @Dady they have all done amazing jobs in the server and helping those that needed it. They have been doing a execlent job as operators and I think it's time they get promoted to admin.

I trust in all these people and every single person has proven a promotion. I have been needing a lot of help when...