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Announcement DCRP Staff Meeting
DCRP Staff Meeting scheduled for Saturday, April 22nd at 5:00 pm EST
This meeting will go over the following:

-Staff promotions/demotions
-Staff requirements/expectations
-Possible updates/changes
-Staff activity
-Server/player issues

Near the end of the meeting, DCRP players will be able join to give suggestions to the staff team, and how they would improve the server.
This meeting will be mandatory, please let us know if you are able to make it or not.
Thank you and have a great day!

Thanks to @Jacob (who has been working on this for a while) we will be releasing a couple new and awesome things to CS:GO TTT!

Please Note: These changes are not implemented yet, they will be released into the server by Sunday Evening (04/16/17). However, we will need to do a server wipe for the changes to be made, so there will be some downtime. We apologize in advance for any inconveniences.

CS:GO TTT 2.0:

In this updated version of TTT, the gameplay itself is not changed,
however, here is what is different:

1) Fixed all bugs.
2) Added Working Spec Menu
(with option to mute dead / alive people)

3) !shop (ttt shop not pointshop) credit system changed
4) Warn system changed
5) [Currently Broken] New Report format added
6) Admin Chat is Green Again
7) Some more stuff that is admin related

and introducing.........

[Currently Broken] Minigames!...​
As you guys know I have been away for a while and a lot of that is my fault and the actions I did and I am getting what's coming to me in the future. The reason I am resigning is not because I don't like the server it is just that I don't have time for the server anymore. A lot of things have happened that are 1 making me unable to even get on my computer and 2 just not available anymore. I know I made a post saying Lazy would be my temp Server-Manager but that should of been over by now. I am going to be gone another 2-3 months and won't be able to need the server and I am just taking over a spot Lazy can step up to and another spot another staff could step up to. I wish I could stay as Server-Manager but there are just to many things happening in my life right now that I can't. I will be back by June if everything is still the same and maybe be here and there but I won't be on at all like I use to. Also btw I wanna thank @Mr. Pyra for declining my application for forum staff because it would look really bad if I had to resign from that also xD. I will pretty much just be taking a break from the community and gaming as a whole. If you want to add me on Snap Chat and see what I do or just wanna talk to me add me --> @brossmaier idgaf if you know my name now suck my meat.

Before I give my shout outs to the homeless I wanna give a huge shout out and to apologize to @P2 and @GoobNitro for resigning without telling them. I really wanted to tell one of you before I did it but this is pretty much my last time I am going to be able to get on my computer for a while so I had to resign now. For the shout out part I wanna thank them both for giving me this amazing opportunity to show myself that I could lead and manage a server. When I left back in June and came back in July after making my own community with yolo @Mr....