All though this was probably foreseen by many of you, it pains me to say that our surf server is being discontinued. There was a serious lack of players and staff dedication, which led to the server completely dying out. Myself, along with many others, can say that surf is the server that got them into this wonderful community. This is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, server still around here in AG. I could go on forever expressing my gratitude to the server I called home for so long, but I don't want to waste anyone's time.

At the time being, we have no replacement for surf, and it doesn't seem likely we'll be getting a replacement.

The server and the people who once made it great wont be forgotten. To assure this, I'd like to shout these amazing people out.

@Auzzie / Beyer2
@DigidyDOG / Dickidy
@Farooq / Tech Support
GalacticFit / Weeb
@Imvar / Lamborghini
@Khomaniac / Narrator
@Markseph / DJ
@Moo / RocketLawnchair
MM / Rival
@Mister_Mario / Auzzie's Rival
@sman / 40 Hours in 1 Week
Shark / !bonus
Soapy / Trofle
@Teraflops / Pre-Hopper
Vortex / Best Staff EVER

So sorry if I forgot someone, but these were the people I could remember off the top of my head. Hope that shows...
On Saturday October 1st, 2PM - 5PM Eastern Time, we will be hosting a TTT Event!
If you are having issues with knowing time zones, use this link: (Time Zone Converter)
TTT Staff are NOT allowed to Participate in this event.

In order to participate, please use this format below. This is MANDATORY to participate.
Steam ID:
Steam Name:

If you are participating in the TTT Event, you are fighting to have the best TRAITOR round throughout 3 hours of map cycles. All points will be calculated up after every round. Sonicc, Dark, and TTT higher ups/moderators will be discussing how many points/kills that you have got and then discuss at the end of the event who got the most amount of points, along with all their best T Rounds.
Points will be noted down after every round.

1st Place: 7,500 Credits, 1 month of VIP+, and 1 month of BHops.
2nd Place: 4,000 Credits, 1 month of VIP+, or 1 month of VIP, and 1 month of BHops.
3rd Place: 1,750 Credits and 1 month of VIP or 1 month of BHops.

RDM/Mass RDM will result in a disqualification, along with a punishment involved
Any suspicious hacks, scripts, or exploits being used will result in a automatic disqualification, and a permanent ban.
Any Mic Spam or Voice Changers will result in a mute/gag for the map, along with a possible point deduction.
Any form of ghosting will result in a two week ban.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend, just follow the format! It helps us distribute prizes if you win.
Best of luck to everyone!
-TTT Staff Team
"Hosting provider is having issues with the server the website was hosted on, forums should be back up soon" - P2

Thank you for your patience, and the forums are back up now.
We apologise for the inconvenience.

In the future, make sure to join the allied-gaming steam group for updates, if the website goes down.


Steam Group:

- Forum Staff Team
On Saturday September 24th 8pm Eastern Time, we will be hosting a 1v1 Event!
If you are having trouble with time zones, use this link: (Time Zone Converter)

There will be prizes given out to players who have the most MVP Stars(Wins in Arena 1). We will be tracking the stats over a total of 4 map cycles. We will be playing on four of the most favorite maps that are played(Please refer to the Poll).

1st Place: 7000 Credits, 1 month of Operator, and a AWP Asiimov(FT)
2nd place: 3500 Credits, 2 Weeks of Operator, and a Glock Water Elemental.
3rd Place: 1000 Credits
Participants: 250 Credits and a High Five!
Prizes subject to change (Prizes could be added or removed, stay up to date)
(If you would also like to donate prizes, you are more than welcome too!)

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend!
1v1 Staff are not allowed to compete.

No Hacking, script usage, exploits, etc, any of these will automatically make you disqualified, and banned.
Having bad sportsmanship will involve a punishment.
No 1v1 staff allowed to participate in this event.
All regular 1v1 Rules apply.

If you are going to participate, comment your favorite maps down below in the comments, and we will get the most four maps that are nominated the most and throw it into the map pool; make sure to tag @ĄЯŦÌŁĿЗŖŶ,
@Darkk, @Bunyip.

This Event will last about an hour long.
Good luck!
Hello everyone! Today I would like to officially relaunch the -

Rust [Battlefield 1000x] Server @

*****Watch Live @*****

We have had this server for about 2 months and have been perfecting the ultimate play experience; we think we have it right! The server is unlike other rust servers, if you are in any interest of high action PVP this game is for you. It gives you all the perks of Normal Rust, without the grind time as all resources gathered are 1000x. You can build, make C4 and raid in a timely fashion! We also have a VIP system, for in-game perks and tags. Please PM me for more information or find me on Ts3.

In The near future, I will be doing a contest for free copies of rust as well as Free VIP packages to encourage server growth

We are currently Looking for staff members for Rust 1000x and Rust Vanilla aswell so apply within.