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Unfortunately due to his sudden inactivity, Metamorphics has been demoted. We apologize for our rushed decision regarding his promotion to Server Manager.

@lazyboy900 will be taking his spot as DCRP Server Manager as he should of been from the start. Congratulations Lazy!
Hello Everybody.

For the past two months or so now I've been fairly inactive / whatever you wanna call it. In a previous announcement P2 mentioned I was on leave a bit. For the first three weeks I was in the hospital, afterwards I sorta had no time anymore for games and Ag because of the amount of school work and some other life restrictions. I was planning on resigning before, but I waited it out to see if my situation would change giving me more time. But it's been the same with me now also having a job so more added work. Atleast I'm making money :D.

This has also been the one year mark (off a bit) of me being back in AG (both of them) after being gone again, and in that time I say we accomplished a lot. But I have to part ways for a bit until I find myself with more time.

You guys will always be a second family to me, as for a bit you were my family, love all of you, good luck, you guys will survive ;)

(I'll post shoutouts slowly and as people ask for one)

@P2 fun working with you man and helping for Gmod what it is today and giving me the chance to run it.

@GoobNitro love you man, although we didn't trust each other at first I say we are fairly good now, good luck.

@Bunyip love you, good look being the only divisional Manager now :)

@King Ross You pissed me off but it was fun working with you, best of luck.

@Paulingo now all grown up and uses big boy words, to scary and joined the shit posting crew :) hehe

@lazyboy900 love you, got a lot of potential in you man, keep working at it.

@Kawaii you are a awesome friend man, good luck with ttt love you.

@Auxzito good luck, make me proud I'll still be looking

@Metamorphics why'd you have to leave me ;)

(I'll do some more tomorrow)
Announcement GMod TTT Staff Meeting
I've been holding off on a meeting for a while but since s4mple is head admin and the server is a bit more stable it's a pretty good time to have one.

Topics to be discussed​

1. Staff Promotions/Demotions​

2. Suggestions​

3. Rules(Specific punishments, meanings, etc.)​

4. General discussion/Opinions on things​

This staff meeting is mandatory and will be held 6:00pm EST 4/28/2017(Timezone converter)or whichever time best suits the staff team and will be held on ts3. If you aren't on the staff team and want to weigh in I'll accept a few members who play on the server/GMod regularly. If you can not come for any reason contact me or s4mple on steam.

If enough staff members can't attend the meeting I will postpone it until next weekend but most of you did have a heads up before the post. The meeting shouldn't be more than 20 minutes unless you kids get stuck on the general discussion part.