Allied-Gaming is releasing a new server called Retakes
This competitive mod is great for practicing, and planning how to re capture bomb sites.
The IP is
Search Allied-Gaming Retake
  • First five rounds are pistol rounds.
  • After that both CT, and T will spawn with a set of gear.
  • Use !guns to customize your load out - if accepted AWPS are given out at random.
  • T's will start the round by planting the bomb, followed by a quick setup to protect the site.
  • CT will start nearby, spawns will have you set to pincer the site from multiple angles.
  • If the T side loses the round they will be moved to CT.
  • The teams will be scrambled if the T side wins five consecutive rounds.
  • Use In game chat to call locations, strategy, and plan your retake!
Map List
Train Cobble Dust Nuke Aztec Inferno Mirage Overpass Cache Dust2

Here is a video describing the mode if you would like to get more depth look

Video Time 2 minutes.

*Known issues - Molotov do not work on T side, and Sonicc's Aim*
Post Suggestions, or Bugs down below.
TTT Staff meeting
This will be a mandatory staff meeting being held Saturday September 17th at 7pm Eastern time.
If you cannot attend this meeting, please message me personally with the reason as to why you cannot be at the meeting.

This meeting will have have many important things discussed so dont miss it.

Hello AG Community,

My name is The Game and I have been around this community for quite some time. I have a challenge for you all that can put some money into your pockets! Who likes being rewarded for their hard work and dedication? Well I do and that is exactly what I am bringing to all of you.

This event will go on until November 1st, and it's basically going to be our way of showing you guys how thankful we are for every one of you.

Ready for the details? The challenge is going to be as followed, because of the start of AG 2.0 it has been hard to try to promote and advertise this wonderful community to all the gamers out there. When you take a look at your friends list I bet you can find some people who have never heard of us so this what we are going to do. With the school time here, I know it's going to be hard to try to stay active and motivated so this is what I'm going to propose to all of you.

We will have 2 winners, 1 for the month of September and 1 for the month October. Your job you ask? Great question this is what you can do to win. Referrals is the ante of play. For each person you refer to this community that joins, fills out an introduction post on the forums and remains active in one of our servers you will be written down and thrown into a raffle. Don't worry because that's not the only thing you can be doing to win, I will be making a point system for people who remain active on the forums, teamspeak, and the server that you regularly play in.

To clarify, I want to see forum activity from you which means new post / replying to post. Spamming is not an option and will get you disqualified. I want to see you putting some time into teamspeak and more importantly I want you being active in the server that you play in.

These are all ways you can win.. Everyone is eligible to participate and that means new members, regular members, staff members, and even higher ups will have a chance to win. Everything will be monitored through the point...
I need some help deciding on what day me and Ameen should hold the Karaoke night!

The options for this week are:
Friday 9th September
Saturday 10th September

I know it's last minute but we've been asked about it a lot and so why not? :) Let me know!
Hello Everyone!

The meeting is going to be taking place this Saturday, September 10th, between 3 PM - 10 PM.

This is a MANDATORY meeting for all Jailbreak Staff Members.

What we will be discussing:
Staff requirements
Staff expectations
and more!

If you cannot make it to the meeting please message Flex, Survivor, or FightZ with a valid message!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us through steam.