With the recent resignation of Ross from head admin I've been watching and keeping an eye out for a new head admin to help me out. With all of the stuff going on in my life currently I need someone that can help me out a lot when I am unavailable. Keeping that in mind the one that has been the most helpful and is going to be my next head admin is @SoBe . I believe he will do a great job and be very helpful to me. If I ever dont respond you can always go to him and ask him questions or have him relay information to me.
While on the topic of promotions I would also like to announce another high admin that will be helping out. He works well with all of us in the higher ups and has the motivation to do it as well. The next high admin for ttt is going to be @kimo . I believe that he will bring good things to the table and also be able to help out a lot with the stuff that we do.

I would also like to remind everyone that there is going to be a ttt event next week. Be sure to sign up for it on the post if you would like to participate in it. It should be a lot of fun and I would like to see a lot of people come by for it.
Date: (Saturday) November 26, 2016
Time: ~8PM EST
Duration: (15-30 minutes) Should be a fairly short meeting. What I want to discuss should only take ~15 minutes, so unless we get into some serious/productive conversations afterwards, the meeting should be finished within 30 minutes (this is taking into account possible Q&A time)
Participants: @Bunyip @DigidyDOG @Sonicc @King Mike @Karisma

This is -for the most part- an introductory meeting, with only a couple of key points that we need to address for now. While it is not crucial that everyone be there (as the information could be relayed 1-to-1 afterwards), your efforts to be online and present at the scheduled time are appreciated.

@DigidyDOG and myself look forward to speaking with you all tomorrow.
Hello Kiddies

As most of you have probably seen in the past month, TTT1 and DCRP have been doing very well, and lots of people have been wanting a more custom TTT server, so here TTT2 is!

Some of the features in the server consist of,
Point Shop 2, With tons of PMs, Melee Weapons and more!
24/7 Minecraft
M9k Weaponry
Tons of Credit Shop items.
With many more features, and Future Features!

Now, lets get into who will be Server Manager!
As many of you from Beta Testing period know,
@Lord Gaben
Will be our new Server Manager!!


"connect" VIA Console

Have Fun

Happy Thanksgiving to our whole family here at Allied-Gaming.

Allied-Gaming community! How's everyone doing today? Today is a great day, nothing reminds you more how much family means to you. I am very proud of everyone in this community and the direction this community is going to be sure we are providing great servers for everyone to participate in. I'm thankful for the fact that we have a great team of staff members who work hard to provide fun servers, and I'm thankful for the fact that our members continue to support and be apart of our wonderful family.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday because it gives you time to reflect but it also reminds you that the end of the year is almost here. How should our community end the year of 2016? And how should our community start the year of 2017? I have an action item for everyone that sees this post.. what do you want to see done from this community before the year ends? What should we focus on in 2017. Changes will help our community grow but WE need YOUR help. Reply back to this post and let the higher staff know what YOU want to see happen.

Enjoy your time with your families, thank you for everyone's effort, support, and continued activity in our community. Eat a wonderful thanksgiving dinner and if you don't have anyone to share thanksgiving with know that you have a community filled with family members right here waiting for you in teamspeak, our servers, and our forums.

Until next time,
The Game
Hey Allied-Gamers,

With the success of the Gmod servers we have been steadily growing, mostly thanks to @Survivor and his hard work. While we are getting a lot of success we don't want to become relaxed and complacent, we are going to continue moving forward to hopefully, bigger and better things.

  • Firstly, I want to announce the resignation of @Jacob . He has helped AG a lot, without him I don't think we would be in the same position we are now. He has got an internship and a job so he doesn't have much time anymore and has decided to hand off the reigns of the CSGO side of the community.
  • We are re-introducing the Root rank, and promoting @DigidyDOG and @MrShakuRR to the rank. The duties of the rank are as it was before, basically helping whenever needed, They have access to almost everything and should be contacted if Goob or myself are unavailable.
  • The General Manager position will be renamed to Divisional Manager, we feel this new name better encompasses the duties of the position.
  • @Survivor will be promoted to GMOD Divisional Manager, his recent work on the DC RP server has proved he is a capable individual and we hope with this promotion GMOD will continue to grow. Good luck and congratulations Survivor!
  • @Bunyip will be taking over as the CSGO Divisional Manager, Bunyip has proven he is competent and has the ability to learn what it takes to fix the ongoing problems plaguing the servers and drive them to new heights. Good luck and congratulations Bunyip!
  • As I previously stated in earlier posts, we are currently aware of the multitude of problems plaguing our CSGO servers, with the addition of an active divisional manager and the developer...