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2nd Developer

Today I would like to promote @Dark to the second developer of the minecraft server. He will be helping me speed up things and finish the server faster. I been also going in-active for bit now days. Have practice and such, so he will be in second command of developing and fixing bugs when I'm away. With that being said, let's go ahead and congratulate him!


AlliedMMO will be hosting a tournament this upcoming Friday, more details will be posted, leave suggestions and stay tuned for announcement posts about it!​
CS:GO Jailbreak Rebel Contest

When: Saturday, April 8th, 2017
Time: 8:00 PM EST
Maps: Jb_Avalanche_csgo_ag, JB_Obama_V5_Beta, jb_minecraft_flippin_beta

The Objective: Prisoners will use their wits and skills to rebel and kill as many CTs as possible.

  1. RTV is not allowed during the event, as the maps were choose because they are balanced maps. If you rtv, you will either be deducted points or kicked from the server.
  2. The Guard team must show no favoritism at any point.
  3. If you get disconnected for any reason and make it back into the server, you will not be reimbursed kills.
  4. The locked guard team will consist of staff only.
  5. The regular rules of Jailbreak apply.
  6. Guards will be on Teamspeak together in a locked channel.
  7. Guards will not make days impossible to win and give everyone a chance at winning.
  8. Prisoner's who are Free Killed will automatically be rewarded with 20 points as compensation (No revives).
  9. The event will last for 3 Maps (specified above).
  10. There will be side objectives that will be announced the day of the event that will grant various amounts of points.
  11. Event day and Last Request kills do NOT count (However LR Rebel Kills DO count).
1st Place: Vip+ For A Month (or Vip + Bhops)
2nd Place: Vip or Bhops for a month
3rd Place: 2500 In game Credits

A Note to the JB Staff:

If you can make it to the event, please let me know ASAP as we will need guards!...​
Announcement JailBreak SM
Since we still have no one to fill the role of Server Manager for Jail Break,
we have decided to make @SoBe the Acting Server Manager for JB until we can find a
permanent replacement. He will mainly be taking care of staff issues. This might inclulde:
Staff Applications, Promotions/Demotions, etc.
We feel @SoBe is both capable and prepared to handle this extra responsibility on top of his
Server Manager position on TTT.
In the mean time, we will continue searching for a suitable replacement for the JB SM position.

Thank you all for your patience, and we hope to get Jail Break back to its former glory A.S.A.P.​