I know some of you guys don't like Krispy but I think since the guy is going to Jail we can make his last day here pretty fun. I ask that you be respectful no matter the beef anyone has on or between him.

Where: TS3, Kripsy's channel.

When: Officially starts around 5:00pm EST, but people can come and go as they like.


Hey AG,

As some of you may know, our very own Krispy is going to jail for something he did (which I won't name) I know I haven't been back in the community too long but I thought that it would be nice to send him off with positive vibes. What I was thinking was a small chill session to round up his night before court. We can hang out, talk, tiny chat, play games, ETC. If anyone is interested just look for Krispy's channel (towards the bottom of TS) and just join it, it won't have a password and everyone is welcome!

Hey Allied Gamers!

As most of you are aware, we did not reach our donation goal this month. While the past few months we made a fair amount of money we also re-invested a lot of money back into the community including countless amounts of plugins for the Garry's mod, CSGO and Forums, A new box (8 core virtual dedicated server) which was paid 6 months in advance to ensure the quality while making way for new servers and a few other expenses.

As a result we are going to be putting a hold on buying plugins and other expenses until we feel we are in a stable place financially once more. Advertising on forums will also be looked into to make sure AG has guaranteed income each month to help with the bills and expenses with this in mind we will make sure that the Ads are not too intruding while also providing a substantial amount of income.

Furthermore AG will now be accepting CSGO Skins, Steam Gift Cards and certain steam items(items that have a value of an upwards of $2+). However, we will be accepting them at a percentage value to ensure that we cover the inevitable loses when turning steam money into PayPal cash. Unfortunately Goob and I are unable to always be on to accept these trades so for this reason we are going to allow Division Managers+ to accept them for us.

I hope with these changes we are able to have more income for the community that can be re-invested into the community to ensure quality servers and fun. Thank you for your time.

Add one of these people if you wish to make a trade: