For real this time

First off I would like to start off with, this guy has been the most help to me overall. He has helped me handle staff, help with the server, and just been there like a brother from the start. This guy has grown very close to me and definitely deserves this position.

I would like to congratulate @Darkk on his promotion to retakes Head-Admin

Lets all congratulate Dark on his promotion!

Congrats buddy
This meeting will be MANDATORY

Things that will be discussed

T Shop and Pointshop

Rules/Punishment Guide

Staff Expectations

Admin Chat

Glitching / Exploiting Maps

Map Bugs


Next High Admin


Meeting will be held on Saturday November 5th at 8pm EST

WARNING: If you can not come to the staff meeting your staff position will be reconsidered
Hello Everyone!

For the past few weeks, @Metamorphics and I have started up a project.

Which I'm glad to announce,

DC MultiVerse RolePlay

(Connect VIA "connect" in console or through gametracker ^^)

To explain more about what this is, it is basically DarkRP with a twist. As I mentioned MetaMorphics before, he is a creator of such addons like The Flash SWEP, Superman SWEP, ATOM SWEP and the QuickSilver SWEP. To get back into what its all about you roleplay as, Speedsters, Justive Leage, Purple Glove, Crime Syndicate, The Mob, Metahuman Task Force, Police Force and much much more!

Now, most of you are thinking this will most likely just fail like all the others, and just be a waste of time. First off, we released a beta on Friday and since then we've already made 21$+, paying for itself (If we didn't have a VDS and each game-server was alone wise) Also since Friday we've not had the server empty expect for restarts.


Starting Staff Team:

Server Manager:

Head Admin:


Other Staff:

When: Saturday, 29th. Exact Time Will Be In Comments
Where: DC MultiVerse RP Server
Who: Anyone
Why: Release Event and to have fun!
A battle between the Metahumans (JL, CS, Mob, PG, ETC) and the Metahuman Task Froce + Police Force. The Metahuman Task Force will have to hold the city and checkpoints from metahumans. This will be done in rounds of 15 minutes (Can Change)...
Announcement time

So here we go completely never before seen memes right here.

So before I get into the who and the what let's get into the why. Why did Kiwi leave? He left because after a few hours and about 40 messages we realized that we can't work together.

So basically I went back to my first choice and hit that hot boy up. I asked him if he still has his admin fedora or if he got rid of it and he said he does. Some people already know who it is but it's the man himself. A global Police officer. A real good copper @Potata.

So Potata is a cool guy and he semi knows what he's doing. He's only done good server like TTT#1 and TTT#3. He already knows how to ride sum good owner dickens so he'll be ok there.

Mainly I just wanted someone everyone liked and will be active. I won't go into specific quotes but max basically slammed his hand into the keyboard when he saw I added him there. He's well liked and chill.

But yeah lets congratulate @Potata on his promotion and hope he lasts more than an hour.
Ayy my boyss it's that sick timeee again. (Not again because it never happened but whatever).

Nah but let me get real for a second here. I was between Max and Sneakers to decide who I wanted to help run the server and then I got a message about a day ago from someone saying they wanted to peep the server out and see how it is. I decided that person will probably be my head admin when he said that. I remember working with him before and he's a chill guy.

The main mememan under me will be................................................ @MagicalKiwi

This boy has so many memes it's almost rivaling my own caliber of meme.

Bladez190: >INeedAPinkyPromiseYouWon'tUsurpMe
Kiwi: >pinkypromise

He's loyal, he's smaaart, I kinda appreciate him.

Let's congratulate Kiwi on his promotion!