CS:GO: TTT Event

The Event will be taking place on 12/03/2016 @7:00-10:00 pm EST

How To Sign Up:

In order to participate, please post in comments using the format below:
Steam ID:
Steam Name:
You may not participate if you do not do this.

TTT Staff are not allowed to participate!

The Main Objectives are to get the Best and Most Creative Traitor rounds throughout the event.

We will be using a point system to help determine the winners.
How we will determine the best rounds is by using the following criteria:

Most kills in a single round: 50 points
Most unique/creative kill: 50 points
Most kills without KOS: 40 points
Most kills while KOS: 40 points
Best traitor coordination / teaming: 40 points
Most kills with C4 in a round: 30 points
Most kills with jihad in a round: 30 points
Most kills with hurt station in a round: 20 points
Most knife kills in a round: 20 points
(all of these are for traitor rounds)

Moderators will be keeping track of points every round.

The 3 people with the most points at the end will win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize.

1st Place: 8,000 Credits, 1 month of VIP+, and 1 month of BHops.
2nd Place: 4,000...

Server IP:
Port: 27015

So after some time testing out the server along with @codingcow and many others, I am very pleased to announce the opening of our very own
Unturned server

Unturned is a free game which is very similar to rust but with a different art style.

Our plugins:
TPA (Teleport to a friend or another member)
TPA home. (Teleport to your bed on the map)
Feast (A random 10 item loot spawn in the map)
Kits (Different packages with timed cooldowns)
and much more to come!

Currently the only staff on the server is me, the server manager, and cow (currently our developer) ;however, I will be opening applications as of today due to the people that have been playing it since it has been up.

Thank you so much to everyone who played on the server up until now that gave suggestions and helped it grow! I will be looking forward to see you all on the Unturned server!

DC Multiverse RP Event

To kick off the start of DC RP 2.0 me and @Survivor will be hosting an Event.

The Event will be a Base and Raid event.

How it works
There will be a point system of who can build the best base and who can raid the most bases.
Who ever can build the best looking and best protected base gets 5 points.
2nd best gets 3 points.
3rd gets 2 points.
The rules for Building a base will be below.
The Raiding part will be for who ever can raid the most bases.
Winner for that gets 5 points.
2nd gets 3 points.
3rd gets 2 points.
Also for every base you raid you will be given 1 point so say you raid 10 bases that is 10 points.

Rules for everything

Team Rules
You can either team up and base and raid with a team and that whole team gets the prizes if you win or you can base alone and raid alone. The max a team can have is 3 people for raiding and building. If teamed you have to make up a group/clan name so say I am teamed with @Survivor we would change our names to Fuzzy Bears King Ross and Fuzzy Bears Survivor.

Basing Rules
Of course regular rules from rule page
Also no more than 6 fading doors and 3 sets of keypads.
While basing you will have to have any kind of printer you buy and you are entered in the event.
Building will start at 5 pm EST and Raiding will begin 5:30 pm EST

Raiding Rules
Of course regular rules from rule page
NO NUKES are allowed to be used for raiding.
NO ATOM SUITS are allowed to be used for raiding.
Raiding will begin at 5:30 EST after Teams are placed and Bases have been set up.
In order to win a raid you must successfully take the baser's printer and tell a...​
Hello Everyone!

I am glad to announce that DCRP 2.0 is coming out today! But this means the server will have a slight down time, from anywhere to 10 AM MT - 3 PM MT!

This is a full Re-Coding of the server. Papa Survivor gave his soul to this, and the past week of his life.


First off, the part that most of you will be hating on,
Money and Inventory Reset :D!


In the past weeks of the server, almost everyone has been complaining about how they can barley become a superhero job, So with 2.0 jobs will be more themed, and now includes 50+ jobs with 30% of them being superheros!

HUDs and Graphics!

I don't wanna give a big spoiler away on how it looks, but all HUDs and menus have been changed from the default look.


The current printers we have aren't very custom what so ever, don't provide any upgrades and can be very glitchy at time. So without spoiling them, we are getting a new highly custom printer system! Enjoy!


Although we made a vote for a new map, we are going to be keeping Rockford V2b. Although it is very spread out, we have moved spawns to try and keep everyone in the main city block. But once we find the perfect map we may change it, still open to suggestions!!

Other Features

Plenty of hidden features around, and many more planned for the server, come take a look and you may find something cool!

Sorry guys.
-Well first, would like to apologize for going incognito. Second, Thank you for sticking with us so far.

-As for the next 2 weeks, I will have plenty more free time, with work and school chilling for a little bit and will place most of my attention back into the server.

In the upcoming meeting we will be discussing:

Map Additions
And Server Questions.

I would like to thank you again for your patience.

See you Sunday At 7 PM EST.
-King Mike