Hi everyone

I'll be hosting a Teamspeak Meeting this Wednesday.

Date: Friday - 02/10/17
Time: Some time between 8-10PM EASTCOAST TIME *Not two hours long*
Details: Teamspeak changes, demotions, promotions, and future changes being made.
All staff are required to be there, if a majority of the staff cannot make it i will change the date, and time. Applications will be resolved at this time also.

Please post below any scheduling issues, or topics you would like to discuss.
*Keep this post clean, and short. do not go into full discourse, any trolling/joking comments will result in a ban -ban time to be decided-*

Thank you, and see you then!
Unturned Staff Meeting

A staff meeting for the Allied-Gaming PvP Unturned server will be held on Sunday. (February 5th)

@Samuel Owen @Fred @Kawaii @Barely Alive @[Purple] Player @Dady

I will lay down a list of times, please tell me which one would suit best to your schedule. If you can not attend any of these times, please let me or @Samuel Owen know.

1.(3:00 PM EST)

2.(6:00 PM EST)

3.(8:00 PM EST)

This meeting is NOT mandatory (Due to such the sudden date)

However; I would still appreciate your appearance in order to hear the important topics and changes we will go over.

For those who cannot make the meeting, a recording will be made for the people who need it.

(Also, staff only. Please don't ask for permission to come. Thank you ~)

Thanks to all who come to the first Unturned Staff meeting. :)​
This isn't news but I want to know which you use or prefer.

For those of you there is a less cluttered but less updated theme if you didn't know...I am just trying to gauge which you guys use and like.