The Unturned roleplay server is out!! we have economy, workshop mods, roles, and player shops/houses for sell!
Roles- FBI, Military, Shop owners(limited), Thief, Gangster, Police, Mafia, and hitman.
Custom guns, custom cars, custom armor, and different backpacks!
Driver license, ID, Police license, FBI license, gun license, and military license!

AG unturned RP is playing your role as one of these classes that you choose, there is no KOS(Killing on sight) you must intiate with people if you want to rob them you would say "put your hands up, and drop all your stuff" and they can choose to pull their gun out and have a shootout or comply and give their stuff so they dont die. It is a lot of fun.!!
This Meeting Will Be Mandatory
Will Take Place Saturday, February 4th *4PM Est.
Tell @Crazygecko08 if you cannot make it, Otherwise your position as a Staff Member will be reconsidered :).

We Will Be Talking About

Possible Future Updates

Every Staff Member will be asked to have something to talk about, Please be a responsible member and participate in the conversations :)
Hello Children

We will be having an open to all meeting on;
Jan 29th, 8 PM EST

This meeting will shed light on Servers and much more!
Question will be answered as well, so come prepared!

Comment if you can make it for a general idea of how many people will be attending this meeting!

Note: Some parts of the meeting may be closed off to staff/High Staff only, please be aware!