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Announcement New DC RP Head Admin
So recently our past Head Admin Lingo has resigned and as of you all know I can not be fully on all the time to watch over everyone and keep things straight. This means if someone doesn't step up and help than DC RP could be in a real pickle but there is one person has stepped up. Before I announce who has everyone knows that Military RP was shut down and everyone on the staff team got left without a staff rank. The biggest person this affected was @lazyboy900 he was Head Admin for Military RP but than didn't have anywhere to go. So about 2 weeks ago Lazy came to me and asked if he could do the staff position switch thing goob brought up at the global meeting. I told him I would not mind I would have to talk to Lingo and that's when we were about to bring Lazy as a High Admin. Later on in the week I got a message by lingo saying he might resign and I said ok now I am out a Head Admin and I need someone to fill his spot. So instead of Promoting and giving Lazy High Admin I made the decision to promote him and make him my Head Admin. Lazy has been a big big help to me behind the scenes these past 2 weeks and is always helping me a told with everything. Not to mention he has the experience with managing a server and knowing how things work. This also means Lazy will be temporary SM instead of Lingo and be handing server stuff and others so bother him :^). Don't worry I will be helping him along the way and I am sure he will do great.

Last thing I want to say this is towards @Paulingo.
Lingo has been a great help to DC RP and has been here since the start when Meta was SM.
Lingo has always done all he can to better the server and make the server what it is now.
I greatly appreciate this lingo and so does the whole staff team and AG as a whole.
Hope I see you come back in the future...
Today, we have marked the opening beta of Allied-Gaming's Minecraft server. Thanks to @s3p41r0t4 & @• Em • , The server has hit it's beta opening. The server will be in beta until we find as many as bugs and fix them, and implement many more features in to game. But before we add those features, we would like to make the server bug free as possible.

Before we get in to such details, I like to promote @s3p41r0t4 to server manager / owner of the server & @• Em • to our 1st builder! Without these guys the server would not be here today.
Also thanks to everyone else who tried to help. We appreciate your work and ideas!

Before we release the server in to other Minecraft advertising websites, we would like each individual in Allied-Gaming that has a Minecraft account to hop on, and then we add the advertisement.

We would also love to make a video trailer for our unique Minecraft server to attract as many player as possible, If you have a well rounded computer and can record 1080/60FPS with shaders and smooth camera please contact @Farid or @s3p41r0t4. You will be rewarded!

Now lets talk about what makes this server unique from others! First of all we aren't finished adding in all the features, our goal is to make this server an MMORPG. We have added Enchant Scrolls, Dungeons, and also Magic. In order to find more spells to cast you will need find runes. Finding runes and collecting them will you a random item and out of those you have a chance of getting a magic book. Now let's...
DCRP Staff Meeting
Date: 3.24.17 8PM EST

This meeting will be all about staff and the big changes coming to the staff team.
There will most likely be demotions as well.

This meeting will be mandatory (You need to be aware of these changes.)

Note: Staff should come in with suggestions. (Not Required)

~Thanks all~