time to hop on the bandwagon

So I think it's just about time for a TTT#1 staff meeting to discuss some of the obvious issues on the server.

Mainly any staff comments/complaints and add-on.

Staff Expectations in General (Rules, Reports, Rank requirements)

I would prefer to do it sometime this Friday-Sunday however this is alittle short notice because I kept forgetting to write this post. So just post times it would work for you guys.

I work from 3:30 to 8 CST tomorrow so it would need to be after that.
GMOD DC Multiverse RP Staff Meeting

This meeting will be

Things that will be discussed at the meeting

Rules/Punishment Guide/Info Guide

Staff Expectations

How Promotions/Demotions are going to work

Staff Arguments/Player Arguments


Doing your job on server

Staff on duty


Suggestions Of Any Kind

Meeting will be held this Saturday at 8 pm EST 11/12/16

WARNING: If you can not come to the staff meeting your staff position will be reconsidered

Hey Allied-Gaming,

It comes with great regret that I am here to announce the revaluation of the recent promotions on DC RP. We cannot have an SM that does not have the support of his staff, while some of the reasons Hawk was not supported is unjust there are still some valid complaints. The staff has to be together, especially in such a crucial time with the recent opening of a rival DC RP Server. With this in mind @GoobNitro and I will be retracting the decision to promote @Hawk to Server Manager.

Hawk will instead become an Admin on the server, he has the potential to become a great staff member. I made the mistake of allowing the promotion to go through without taking into account the feelings of the other staff of the server. While in some cases getting a new person to SM a server is acceptable, Like in the case of Metamorphics where the server was just starting out and he was the one who helped build it but in almost all cases it turn's out bad if we bring in someone completely new to manage the server. Goob and I will be working to make sure we avoid this in the future.

@King Ross will be promoted to Server Manager of the server effective immediately. We believe King Ross will do a good job and we ran this through most of the staff and a majority agreed.
Hello Everyone!

So although he is new to the community, he has a lot of potential so please give our new Server Manager a warm Welcome!


With that now being said lets get to the New Head Admin and some extra staff updates. Please give our favorite TTT staff member a warm welcome to Head Admin!
@King Ross

Now for the last a final update, one of the most helpful staff member on the server, Welcome to the Admin team!


First of all I want to say it has been a hell of a time playing TTT and having these ups and down moments in and off the server. I have been a higher up 2 times in the server and worked hard to get to these spots each time. The last 2 weeks have been hard considering I have really lost interest for the server and just haven't been able to play on it that much. Most of the reason I have not been able to play that much on the server is because my staff team is so good. #TTT#1. Ok but the main reason I am doing this is because I have lost all my interest in playing TTT and I feel like I haven't been trying enough. I rather let other people that work harder work for the position rather than me just never coming in the server have it. I would like to give myself props though because I did do staff stuff and help out the server best I could but what is the point of doing all of this if I have no thrive for the server. I have been playing TTT since the start of the server I even played it in beta testing and it was the most fun I ever had on any server. When you play it for so long though you get a little bored of it and that is why I am resigning and looking for more opportunities. I would like to say sorry for the all of the sudden resignation and I know this is a shock to almost everyone especially @ChinkyDog cause I know he is sitting there with his mouth wide open right now. But for reals I have had a blast on and off the server and I know I have had my good times and bad times. TTT is the server that gave me the most opportunities and the server that I could show what I am capable of. Now for the best parts the shout outs!!
My First one has to go to @Sonicc I have talked with him almost everyday since I got accepted as staff the first time on TTT in old AG. Also when I went away for a month he was their when I needed a little help to show everyone that I here to stay and show everyone that...