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Hello guys, unfortunately the server is reaching its end, due to reasons with NFO and me being busy in general, I know that many of the players were people outside AG so I am sure it wont effect the majority of the people in AG. I appreciated w4bbit, holy shotz, batdog, and pencil for helping out with the server, a RP server takes a lot of admin work especially to give jobs and make sure no RDMing is happening. So yeah thanks yall for the time <3.
CS:GO Jailbreak Public/Staff Meeting
This CS:GO Jailbreak meeting will start off as a staff meeting to discuss specific issues then open the meeting 30 minutes later, to the public, to listen to suggestions or complaints from the players of AG.

This meeting will be addressing:
  • Upcoming changes to the server
  • The new Rules and how to follow/enforce them
  • How to make a formal suggestion
  • How to handle case by case issues
  • Tempermeant on/off the server as a staff member
  • Complaints/Suggestions
  • Promotions
  • Demotions
  • Upcoming Events/Public Hearing
Hope you see you at the meeting this Saturday(The 4th) at 7PM EST. If you cannot make it to the meeting please message me on steam or on forums. See you at 7.
I am happy to announce that Magic RP has released it's beta! I am the SM. I hope you all join and have fun playing!