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Announcement Welcome to the team!
We would like to congratulate @Esbelto on becoming a developer for our gmod servers! We believe that he can bring a lot to the table and help the community out a lot. Everyone give him a warm welcome.

Thank you for being willing to help, and I'm sure that you'll do well @Esbelto.
Hello fellow allied gaming members, today gives me great pleasure to announce that update 4.0 has been released for DCRP, with this update we are wiping everyone's money and inventory, it will be a fresh start for everyone including staff. Staff will not be receiving money for compensation due to them giving it out to anyone that asked. That had destroyed the economy, so this will not happen again. One of the problems that were complained about the most was jobs costing money, so we have removed all jobs costing money. Some of the big updates are jobs not costing in game money anymore, vibe breaching if you take the swep out and you right click a menu will pop up and you click on the place you want to go to in the map there are 4 places in the map that you can teleport to with this swep, we have added Wall running for all speedsters to Run at a wall and look up or down to use). We have also implemented the nazis from crisis on earth x but this does NOT mean you can role play “killing jews” it will still be counted as racism and you will be banned for it.
Thank you for everyone who has stuck around this far we truly appreciate it. Sincerely @lazyboy900 and @Walrusking
If you wish to join then you can type connect into console
  • Added kryptonite ammo type, can be bought now (no more smg ammo)
  • Added tranquilizer ammo type, can be bought now (no more 357 ammo)
  • Added firestorm job
  • Added dark arrow job (can terror,mug, and raid)
  • Added evil supergirl job (can terror,mug, and raid)
  • Added nazi job (can terror,mug, and raid)
  • Added a nazi agenda that can be changed by dark arrow
  • Added Wall running for speedsters(Run at a wall and look up or down to use)
  • Added vibe breaching (right click...
Announcement Welcome Back
Hello ladies and gents,

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome @Walrusking back as developer for our GMOD servers! While he has been gone for a bit, he is now back with us and will be helping out once again.

Best of luck, @Walrusking! We know you will do great once again.