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Welcome to Allied-Gaming!


DCRP STAFF MEETING on 29th of December @ 5:00 PM EST
please let me know what time works for you and if most people can't make it on the 29th we will schedule it for this January 6th

This meeting will go over the following:

  • How to staff properly (for newer staff)
  • Staff activity
  • Abuse and the consequences (this one will be obvious)
  • Staff promotions/demotions
  • Any loopholes that need to be fixed in the rules
  • Suggestions
  • Glitches and more exploits that haven’t been covered

This meeting will also be open to any regular members at the end of the meeting! Please come ready with new ideas that you might have!

This meeting will be MANDATORY! Your staff position will be heavily reconsidered if you don’t make to the meeting without letting someone know.

(Please contact @lazyboy900 or @Gandalf The Green if you can’t make it to the meeting)
I'm going to be holding a meeting on the Friday 22nd December, 7pm CST. It will take place on Teamspeak.

We're going to be discussing general issues and I will be making changes to the staff team.

This meeting will be mandatory. If you are unable to attend please message me on Steam or on Forums to let me know. If too many people cannot attend I will postpone it, or move the date.

@Lord Gaben
@Crow 1607
@Turbo Diesel
@King Ross
The name says it all! In an effort to boost up the population on the Garry's Mod Semi Custom TTT Server, I have explicit permission from the Server Manager to host a competition that will crowbar your minds! (Get it?)

The game itself is simple, crowbar the other opponent to death and you will win. However, there are some other interesting additions in place, which will make this a little more challenging.

- 1v1 crowbar to death rounds with a time limit (2 min 30 sec max)
- Each player will be placed in the Nether on the map Minecraft B5 (Link to map) with a bunch of smoke grenades thrown around the area before you begin. The way you kill your opponent from there, is up to you! Whether you tactically push your opponent into the lava, hide it out, or go the good old fashioned crowbar way, you must be the last one standing! Failure to make a move before time runs out results in your loss! Falling into the lava by yourself (unless it is a legitimate accident) counts against you. Winner of each round will succeed to the next one!
- For the Semifinal and Final matches, the game will slightly change! You will be in the same map, placed on opposite ends, but the catch is, you will be poisoned. You may not camp it out and wait till the other person dies, you must go and fight it out! (Can't wait to see how this goes)
- All other participants and spectators will be F'Spec'ed to watch the game, and staff will serve as overviewers to make sure no one messes with the tournament. I myself will judge each round to determine the winner.

1. All rules of the original...​