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Read Before Posting! TeamSpeak 3 Changes
TeamSpeak Changes ~

Hi everyone!

Here over at the Allied-Gaming TeamSpeak we believe everyone should have ways to express them selves. Be it through icons, tags, or even channels. We want to allow for more of all three, but to do so i have to shift power. Some of the changes are below!

  1. Trusted can now add member, and guest.
  2. Tags have been reset, if you missing something, get with the staff team.
  3. Users are only allowed to have a maximum of 5 tags not including: donor, channel group, and/or staff tags.
  4. In order to receive the Retired tag you must be a High Admin or higher for at least 3 months. Becoming a staff member again results in the removal of your Retired tag. The Retired Tag will be undated on forums/servers as well for anyone who currently has the tag.
  5. In order to receive the AG Staff Veteran tag you must be a staff member for at least 6 consecutive months. You are responsible for showing proof that you have been a staff member this long.
  6. In order to receive the AG Veteran tag you must be an Allied-Gaming member for at least 1 year. You are responsible for showing proof that you have been in AG for at least 1 year.
  7. "I need help" tag changed. Default users are now auto-set to this rank. Users assigned to this rank have limited access to the TS3 Server. Users are able to move around to all public channels and staff channels freely, however they only have access to PM/Poke staff and must also request talk power in order to use their mic.
    • Giving the user the: Sticky Tag/Forced Push to talk, will also allow a user to use their mic.
    • Users should only be given the "Allied-Gaming" tag if they have a registered forum account.
  8. Game Tags + County Tags will be deleted if there are not at least 5 people within them. We will be removing any of these public tags that are not being used by at least 5 people within two weeks.
  9. Server Tags may have been removed. Please message a TS3 staff member to have them...
Hello Everyone!

As you probably know, TTT has been pretty dead lately. Partly due to my inactivity due mainly to my new job. In order to repopulate and revamp the server, @GoobNitro and myself have decided to promote @SnoopDoge to Head Admin! I know Snoop will do a great job helping the server get back to its former glory!

We will also be hosting a TTT staff meeting next Wednesday the 16th @8:00 pm EST

Hello. I'm going to just keep this post short and to the point, so here's what you need to know:

Due to the recent decline in the JailBreak and TTT servers, we have decided that it would be in the best interest of @SoBe and the servers to appoint Sonicc as the new JailBreak Server Manager.
This will lighten SoBe's workload, allowing him to once again focus on TTT.
King Ross and QuitTrying have also agreed to lend a hand in getting JB back to where it once was. King Ross will server as the new Head Admin, and QuitTrying will be assigned as the High Admin. With this, we will also be doing a staff wipe of the JB server and starting fresh under new leadership.

I have faith that these three will do what needs to be done to get JB back on track.

@Sonicc, @King Ross, @QuitTrying Welcome (back) to High Staff. I look forward to working with you and seeing what you do with the server. Congratulations!