Announcement GMod TTT Staff Meeting
I've been holding off on a meeting for a while but since s4mple is head admin and the server is a bit more stable it's a pretty good time to have one.

Topics to be discussed​

1. Staff Promotions/Demotions​

2. Suggestions​

3. Rules(Specific punishments, meanings, etc.)​

4. General discussion/Opinions on things​

This staff meeting is mandatory and will be held 6:00pm EST 4/28/2017(Timezone converter)or whichever time best suits the staff team and will be held on ts3. If you aren't on the staff team and want to weigh in I'll accept a few members who play on the server/GMod regularly. If you can not come for any reason contact me or s4mple on steam.

If enough staff members can't attend the meeting I will postpone it until next weekend but most of you did have a heads up before the post. The meeting shouldn't be more than 20 minutes unless you kids get stuck on the general discussion part.

JB/TTT meeting scheduled for Friday April 28th at 7 pm EST

Things that will be talked about:

- Staff Activity

- What we can do to improve population on the servers

- Changes Coming to JB / TTT

- Promotions / Demotions

- What you can do to get promoted

- JB / TTT Suggestions

- Open Forum (Anyone Can Join)

This meeting WILL be MANDATORY. Please tell us if you are not going to be able to make it.
Resignation from Forum Admin

I will be resigning from my forum admin position, as I will be going on a 3 months holiday/work so I will not be active anymore on forum. I might return in the future after the summer however that depends how University goes.

List of shoutouts, which have helped me out regards to Forum;

@P2 and @GoobNitro ; Thanks for everything you are doing for this community, and keeping it alive. I personally don't think you guys get enough credit for the amount of work you put into the community. Also, thank you for giving me the opportunity as a Forum Admin, even though I only had "potential" (meme).

@Hydro ; Thanks for dealing with me as your fellow Forum Admin, I am sorry that communication between us weren't as smooth as I hoped. Also thank you for teaching me how to actually do stuff on forums.

@DigidyDOG ; Thanks for helping me settle into my Forum Admin position. I hope you are happy with your new community and hope we keep in contact bb. (dont get too tilted)

@Webster ; Faggot.

@Mr. Richard Cranium @Bunyip @Farid @Jacob @~Ellie~ ; You have been doing an amazing jobs as Forum Moderators, so just keep up the great work.

@Sonicc @Cogito ; Not to forget both of you, thanks for helping me moderate forum, when were all Forum Mods.

@EveryoneElse ; Thanks for believing in me and supporting me as a Forum Admin. I would like to thank all of you individually, but aint nobody got time for that.

Peace o[COLOR=rgb(255, 223,...