• Simple Weather (Storms, Rain, Sandstorms, Blizzards, Etc...)
  • A few other VIP+ jobs and Added A few Custom jobs back.
  • Added Artillery and Bombs.
  • Got rid of some useless addons.
  • Loading should now be faster.

Allied-Gaming 1v1 League of Legends Tournament
Date: Saturday December 10th
Time: 8pm EST
  • 1st - 1 Mystery skin worth at least 975 rp, 2 normal mystery skins + Icon of choice
  • 2nd - 2 mystery skins + icon of choice
  • 3rd - 1 mystery skin + icon of choice
  • 4th - Icon of choice
  • 5th - Icon of choice
  • 6th - Icon of choice
Requirements to participate
  • Fill out and post the format provided below.
  • Be apart of the Allied-Gaming LoL club.
  • Be in Teamspeak during the tournament.
  • Add me on League, IGN: P2 BR


League IGN:
Have you sent P2 BR a friend request/already friends?:
League rank:
Are you apart of the Allied-Gaming Club?:

Matches will be held in ARAM, either to first blood or first tower.
We will be having a staff meeting for all GMOD TTT staff on Sunday, December 4th. Please discuss what time would work for you below, and if you cannot make it, we will have someone record it and post it later. What ever time works for the majority of staff will be the time selected. It will mostly consist of people airing and issues or concerns or suggestions, so we can do something about them. The meeting is open to anyone, but if you are staff, you especially need to be there unless you have a reason to where you cannot.
Garry's Mod MilitaryRP Staff Meeting

This meeting will be MANDATORY for staff no matter your rank
Things that will be discussed during the meeting

How to be staff

Staff abuse

Staff Expectations

Teamspeak activity

Forums activity

Rules/Punishment guideline

Rp and how to not be dumb




Other announcments

Meeting will be held in a teamspeak channel on Saturday December 10th at 8pm EST


The meeting is public to all yay!
It's the most wonderful time of the year~

It's also time for another Karaoke event. This time it will be themed with Christmas songs being the main focus - but we won't be limited to them. Normal music will be played as well and I'll take requests for songs.

There will be prizes once more for the competition side of it but these are yet to be determined. I will of course update you all when I have finalised all the details. For now this is just to let you guys know it's happening and to decide on a date with your help. For me personally I have two possible dates.

Friday 16th December
Saturday 17th December

Please vote on which day you would prefer! :)

I look forward to the event and I'm sure it'll be as fun as the rest have been! Merry Christmas everyone! <3