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Announcement Root
Good evening Allied-Gamers!

Today it brings @P2 and I great pleasure to announce the next staff member to fulfill the Allied-Gaming Root position. It's been a while now since we've had a Root to help around the community, and after careful consideration we've decided that @Jacob is more than fit to fill the role of Root.

Jacob has been part of AG for a very long time now and has played a large role within the community over the past couple years. He has proven time and time again that he can be more than a helping hand, and we believe that Jacob can reach his potential to the fullest extent with this promotion.

To reiterate, the duties of the root position are to provide assistance throughout the community whenever needed, and has access to just about everything. If @P2 or myself are unavailable, feel free to contact @Jacob via Steam, Forum PM, or TeamSpeak.

Congratz @Jacob
Let's just hope he doesn't go MIA again.
When: Saturday, July 22nd @8:00 pm EST

Where: CS:GO TTT Server
Type the following in your console to join:

How to Participate:
Comment Below with the Following:
Your In-Game Name:
Your Steam ID:
Name: SoBe
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:99733278


How to Win:
In order to win either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Place, you must get the most points!

How to Get Points:
You can get points by the methods below. There are 3 winners in each category.
If you win 1st place, you get 3 points. 2nd place gets 2 points. 3rd place gets 1 point.

You can obtain points as a Traitor by:

1) Getting the Most Kills in a Round
2) Getting the Most Kills in a Map
3) The Most Knife Kills in a round
4) The most Knife Kills in a Map

Obtain Points as a Detective by:

1) Detecting the Most Traitors in a Round
2) Detecting the Most Traitors in a Map
(use your Taser to do this)

1) All Server Rules and AG Rules Apply
2) If caught intentionally RDMing or trying to disrupt others
participating in the event, you will be temp banned from the server.
3) If caught Ghosting or Teaming you will be banned from the server for a minimum of 2 weeks
(its already in the rules just want to make it very clear).
4) You MUST Sign up to Participate in the Event!...​
Announcement Economy fix
Hello people of DCRP, in the next few weeks @lazyboy900 and I will be changing the prices of just about everything, cheaper jobs, changing how much money you make on each job, printers, price to buy weapons/shipments. We will also we switching to a job tier system, different tier jobs make different amounts of money, lets say a tier one job makes $100 and a tier two job makes $200 but every job under their respective tier will make the same amount of money. There will be a total of five job tiers. At the end of fixing the economy we will be wiping everyone's money and inventory at the date set below. The reason for the wipe is because of staff members getting money to give out for compensation but they just give it out to anyone who needs money, the economy is currently broken with some people having billions of dollars and some people having basically nothing. If you have any suggestions for helping the economy leave it down below.

Final money/inventory wipe date: TBA