We have added a new plugin called AG Blackmarket

This is a shop for Terrorists which gives them a cool buy menu to help them REBEL!

Some of the features of the plugin are:

Throwing Knives!
Enhanced Speed!
Double Jump!
1 Hit Knife!
Low Gravity!

There are more cool things to purchase as well!

To purchase things from AG Blackmarket, just type (during the buy time) !blackmarket or !bm

AG Blackmarket uses its own point system (called cigarettes). So that make sure you get on Jailbreak to start earning your points ASAP!

The Normal AG Point System is still in effect as well.

We hope you enjoy this new addition to Jailbreak!
Announcement DCRP Roll Back
Yesterday we were informed that one of the addons on DCRP was not working correctly. It has been fixed but we had to roll back the server. If you are missing your rank ingame please get a hold of @Gandalf The Green or me for your rank. Because this was a roll back the server we will not be refunding more than $5,000,000 of your ingame money. The best way to get a hold of Gandalf The Green or I is to message us on Steam if you don't have are steam then you can start a conversation with us on forms and we are on ts most of the day.
CSGO Jailbreak Staff Meeting

This Saturday (6/24/17) @3:00 pm EST


Rule Changes
Punishment Guide Changes
Staff Activity
Staff Behavior on/off the Server

This meeting is Mandatory!
If you cannot make it, let me know ASAP!

If this time is not good for most of the staff, let me know what time would be good either This Friday or Saturday