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Welcome to Allied-Gaming!


The name says it all! In an effort to boost up the population on the Garry's Mod Semi Custom TTT Server, I have explicit permission from the Server Manager to host a competition that will crowbar your minds! (Get it?)

The game itself is simple, crowbar the other opponent to death and you will win. However, there are some other interesting additions in place, which will make this a little more challenging.

- 1v1 crowbar to death rounds with a time limit (2 min 30 sec max)
- Each player will be placed in the Nether on the map Minecraft B5 (Link to map) with a bunch of smoke grenades thrown around the area before you begin. The way you kill your opponent from there, is up to you! Whether you tactically push your opponent into the lava, hide it out, or go the good old fashioned crowbar way, you must be the last one standing! Failure to make a move before time runs out results in your loss! Falling into the lava by yourself (unless it is a legitimate accident) counts against you. Winner of each round will succeed to the next one!
- For the Semifinal and Final matches, the game will slightly change! You will be in the same map, placed on opposite ends, but the catch is, you will be poisoned. You may not camp it out and wait till the other person dies, you must go and fight it out! (Can't wait to see how this goes)
- All other participants and spectators will be F'Spec'ed to watch the game, and staff will serve as overviewers to make sure no one messes with the tournament. I myself will judge each round to determine the winner.

1. All rules of the original...​
Announcement CSGO 1v1 event.
On Saturday December 16th 8pm Eastern Time, we will be hosting a 1v1 Event!
(If not too many can attend I can postpone for another week)

If you are having trouble with time zones, use this link: (Time Zone Converter)


There will be prizes given out to players who have the most MVP Stars
(Wins in Arena 1). We will be tracking the stats over a total of 4 map cycles.
We will be playing on maps of your choice.


1st Place: 15 dollars in AG donation credit
2nd place: 10 dollars in AG donation credit
3rd Place: 5 dollars in AG donation credit
Prizes subject to change (Prizes could be added or removed, stay up to date)
It would really be appreciated if more prizes were donated.
(If you would also like to donate prizes, you are more than welcome to!
Message me on either steam here or shoot me a PM on forums.)
Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend!

No Hacking, script usage, exploits, etc, any of these will automatically make you disqualified, and banned.
Having bad sportsmanship will involve a punishment.
All regular 1v1 Rules apply. Link to rules here.

If you are going to participate, list your favorite maps down below in the comments and we
will get the four maps that are nominated the most and throw them into the map pool.
Make sure to tag @PantherDaPro.

This Event will last about an hour.
Good luck!
Hello everyone, today I have added some new Christmas themed stuff to they server, every 20 minutes you are on the server a present will spawn close to you, you can open it to get a random weapon and a random amount of money. You will only be able to get them until the end of December so you better get on to get them. I have also updated the prints to print more money.

Notice: Make sure you update your workshop collection so you have the new stuff that was added.
  • Added presents (Press your use key on them)
  • Updated Lithium printers