Hey Allied-Gamers!

The last couple of weeks haven't been the best for Allied-Gaming for a multitude of reasons so I've decided to share our current situation with the members of the community to bring insight and hopefully support at such a crucial time.

Firstly, we have an immense shortage of staff(active staff) going through the low ranks of operator and admin all the way towards SM and Developers. @Survivor is taking time off due to personal reasons and @DigidyDOG is resigning because of the workload and stress. Very few Server Managers are actually active and working on the servers mostly due to life and school catching up. We are looking for ways to resolve this issue and recruit more active staff, both at low and high levels. I apologize for any issues on the servers as I am sure there are many, especially on the GMOD Servers as Survivor isn't around to fix them anymore but we will be looking towards recruiting another developer to help us iron out bugs and issues as @Metamorphics will also be resigning. Allied-Gaming is going through a very tough period but at the end of it we will be able to see who stuck with us through everything and who cracked under pressure.

More Importantly, our donation situation is in a mess mostly because of Goob and I's inexperience at managing donations and funds. We grew too quickly and spent money just as quick. Goob and I have decided that we are going to have to make some desperate changes to keep AG going, such as shutting down inactive and some semi-active servers, getting rid of the dedicated box on which we are currently hosting the csgo servers and moving them over to the virtual to drastically lower our monthly bill and be able to keep AG going for longer on the current funds on the paypal. The servers that are currently being looked into for cancellation are as follows:

Hello guys,

Allied-Gam(ers|ing) gave me my start, my family, and an escape from real life. I came here with a servants heart wanting to help and pass my knoweldge and skill where ever I could. I developed an interest in programing and logic, I met a lot of great people and shitty people, made a lot of friends and what I thought were friends. I feel its my time to take a break, I have worked very hard in the community for the last 1.5 years I got the position I wanted ever since I joined the community, some see it as power hungry, I see it has there is no limit on how much I can help someone. I am not leaving the community just resigning, I will be floating around taking it easy.

I have many friend slots on steam if you need my help or have questions hit me up http://steamcommunity/id/DigidyDOGGaming

Not sure how to mention anyone there is literally everyone on in the community I can say something about.

@P2 and @GoobNitro I am always one Steam Message/ Phone Call/ What's App away if you need anything let me know.

@Karisma @Bunyip @King Mike @Mr. Pyra @Cr1ticalhit @Fred I love you guys

Hello guys, unfortunately the server is reaching its end, due to reasons with NFO and me being busy in general, I know that many of the players were people outside AG so I am sure it wont effect the majority of the people in AG. I appreciated w4bbit, holy shotz, batdog, and pencil for helping out with the server, a RP server takes a lot of admin work especially to give jobs and make sure no RDMing is happening. So yeah thanks yall for the time <3.
CS:GO Jailbreak Public/Staff Meeting
This CS:GO Jailbreak meeting will start off as a staff meeting to discuss specific issues then open the meeting 30 minutes later, to the public, to listen to suggestions or complaints from the players of AG.

This meeting will be addressing:
  • Upcoming changes to the server
  • The new Rules and how to follow/enforce them
  • How to make a formal suggestion
  • How to handle case by case issues
  • Tempermeant on/off the server as a staff member
  • Complaints/Suggestions
  • Promotions
  • Demotions
  • Upcoming Events/Public Hearing
Hope you see you at the meeting this Saturday(The 4th) at 7PM EST. If you cannot make it to the meeting please message me on steam or on forums. See you at 7.
I am happy to announce that Magic RP has released it's beta! I am the SM. I hope you all join and have fun playing!