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Welcome to Allied-Gaming!


I need some help deciding on what day me and Ameen should hold the Karaoke night!

The options for this week are:
Friday 9th September
Saturday 10th September

I know it's last minute but we've been asked about it a lot and so why not? :) Let me know!
Hello Everyone!

The meeting is going to be taking place this Saturday, September 10th, between 3 PM - 10 PM.

This is a MANDATORY meeting for all Jailbreak Staff Members.

What we will be discussing:
Staff requirements
Staff expectations
and more!

If you cannot make it to the meeting please message Flex, Survivor, or FightZ with a valid message!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us through steam.
Hello Allied-Gamingers!

It has come to that time Again!
We are reworking our Garry's Mod server, complete overhaul!

With that being said, we want to know what you want!
You may vote above, and here are the option!

Semi-Vanilla TTT
Custom TTT
CustomRP (Hogwarts/Starwars/Military/Other) (Already Made)

If you choose other, please comment down below!

The reason we are not coming out with the older TTT #2 right away,
Is because we want community feedback on what it should be.

(The server was also running on a 2015 version, and had compiling issues (Lag))

Pick wisely!