Welcome everyone


Allied-Gaming is releasing a new Rust Server.

Rust has just recently been revamped with brand new Experience UPDATE

Server Stats - Vanilla,
No Lag, No Downtime,
Wipes every 2 weeks,
Noob friendly, Active Admins.
Last Wipe - 7/15

Read about the exp update -
Twitter Rust Updates -^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
Our Rust Map - Map_3000_9999023#Allied-Gaming Wiped 7/14/Noob Friendly/Active Admins/Forums (
Good afternoon everyone.

Along with Login names being reset to their original values, we've also had to reset our entire forums and server staff rankings as well as sourcebans.

For those of you who require their forum and/or server ranks restored, please use the following format:

Please include what server you are requesting the rank for if applicable.

Forum Name / In-Game Name:
Rank You Are Requesting:
Steam ID:
Why You Need this Rank:

*NOTE* Any member who attempts to obtain a rank they did not previously have will be punished appropriately.
Due to several recent events, many members of the community have encountered the issue of their forum names being reset to the original name he/she registered with.

For those of you that have encountered this issue, or you would simply like to request a name change, please feel free use the following format to request a name change:

Current Forum Name:
New Forum Name:
Reason for Name Change:

*Note*: Please keep in mind that when your forum name is changed, so is your login info.
When your forum name is changed, use your updated name as when logging in.