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Hello Everyone!

We will be having a Jailbreak Staff Meeting this weekend!

This will be a
MANDATORY meeting for staff!

The meeting will take place on Saturday, August 27, at 8 PM EST

What we will be discussing:

Requirements To Be Staff
And Much More!

If you can not make it, please personally message King Mike, Or Survivor,
Or type in the comments below! (Reasons Must Be Valid)

CSGO 1v1 Staff Expunge


I will be doing an expunge of all the staff on 1v1. This means all staff will be removed and will no longer have their power on the server or forum ranks. If you currently have a staff position on the server and you want your staff position back all you have to do is reapply, you will be reconsidered for your staff position. If you're wondering as to why we're doing this, we want to give the server a fresh start and let the dedicated players and staff show what they're truly made of!


@Bunyip @spatino1234 @Darkk @Shadow @JacobTN @Leafs

There will be a mandatory staff meeting on Saturday at 10pm EST. All staff must attend this meeting as it will have many important things discussed at this meeting. The meeting will be held in Team speak so make sure you all have it.
Some of the things that will be discussed include:
New Rules
Staff conduct on the server and forums
Needed to know staff commands
How to handle situations

And more...