Happy Thanksgiving to our whole family here at Allied-Gaming.

Allied-Gaming community! How's everyone doing today? Today is a great day, nothing reminds you more how much family means to you. I am very proud of everyone in this community and the direction this community is going to be sure we are providing great servers for everyone to participate in. I'm thankful for the fact that we have a great team of staff members who work hard to provide fun servers, and I'm thankful for the fact that our members continue to support and be apart of our wonderful family.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday because it gives you time to reflect but it also reminds you that the end of the year is almost here. How should our community end the year of 2016? And how should our community start the year of 2017? I have an action item for everyone that sees this post.. what do you want to see done from this community before the year ends? What should we focus on in 2017. Changes will help our community grow but WE need YOUR help. Reply back to this post and let the higher staff know what YOU want to see happen.

Enjoy your time with your families, thank you for everyone's effort, support, and continued activity in our community. Eat a wonderful thanksgiving dinner and if you don't have anyone to share thanksgiving with know that you have a community filled with family members right here waiting for you in teamspeak, our servers, and our forums.

Until next time,
The Game
Hey Allied-Gamers,

With the success of the Gmod servers we have been steadily growing, mostly thanks to @Survivor and his hard work. While we are getting a lot of success we don't want to become relaxed and complacent, we are going to continue moving forward to hopefully, bigger and better things.

  • Firstly, I want to announce the resignation of @Jacob . He has helped AG a lot, without him I don't think we would be in the same position we are now. He has got an internship and a job so he doesn't have much time anymore and has decided to hand off the reigns of the CSGO side of the community.
  • We are re-introducing the Root rank, and promoting @DigidyDOG and @MrShakuRR to the rank. The duties of the rank are as it was before, basically helping whenever needed, They have access to almost everything and should be contacted if Goob or myself are unavailable.
  • The General Manager position will be renamed to Divisional Manager, we feel this new name better encompasses the duties of the position.
  • @Survivor will be promoted to GMOD Divisional Manager, his recent work on the DC RP server has proved he is a capable individual and we hope with this promotion GMOD will continue to grow. Good luck and congratulations Survivor!
  • @Bunyip will be taking over as the CSGO Divisional Manager, Bunyip has proven he is competent and has the ability to learn what it takes to fix the ongoing problems plaguing the servers and drive them to new heights. Good luck and congratulations Bunyip!
  • As I previously stated in earlier posts, we are currently aware of the multitude of problems plaguing our CSGO servers, with the addition of an active divisional manager and the developer...
Over the past couple weeks the DC Multiverse RP server has been really under a lot of stress with staff. That means that the higher ups of the server need to be really mature and know how to handle tons of situations. I know I probably should of made some people high admin already but I didn't think anyone was ready to hold the position til now of course I know all the staff try their hardest but when it comes to really tough situations there was only 1 person so far that has proven themselves.

Before I make the big announcement here are some people that are being promoted to admin those people will be @Bloo, @ChinkyDog, and @Gammastem they have both preformed amazingly as operator. They have also shown how to be an operator and how to handle situations.

Now for the big one the person that helped the most during the event yesterday and had to take over while I had a personal problem to deal with. That is @Paulingo he has shown so much maturity and dedication for the server. He has also personally helped me with many situations with staff and things that happen in the server. He has shown what it means to be a higher up and he will not disappoint while in this position. Many people have recommended him for this spot and I also think he will kill it and not let anyone down.

Keep in note staff that there 2 spots for high admin still open ask lingo for tips on how he got to high admin or ask me what you can do to improve on to get the position. Also out of those 3 high admins I pick there will only be 1 that will be picked and chosen to help me with staff and other things. Next 2 high admins will be chosen in the next week or 2.
CS:GO: TTT Event

The Event will be taking place on 12/03/2016 @7:00-10:00 pm EST

How To Sign Up:

In order to participate, please post in comments using the format below:
Steam ID:
Steam Name:
You may not participate if you do not do this.

TTT Staff are not allowed to participate!

The Main Objectives are to get the Best and Most Creative Traitor rounds throughout the event.

We will be using a point system to help determine the winners.
How we will determine the best rounds is by using the following criteria:

Most kills in a single round: 50 points
Most unique/creative kill: 50 points
Most kills without KOS: 40 points
Most kills while KOS: 40 points
Best traitor coordination / teaming: 40 points
Most kills with C4 in a round: 30 points
Most kills with jihad in a round: 30 points
Most kills with hurt station in a round: 20 points
Most knife kills in a round: 20 points
(all of these are for traitor rounds)

Moderators will be keeping track of points every round.

The 3 people with the most points at the end will win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize.

1st Place: 8,000 Credits, 1 month of VIP+, and 1 month of BHops.
2nd Place: 4,000...

Server IP:
Port: 27015

So after some time testing out the server along with @codingcow and many others, I am very pleased to announce the opening of our very own
Unturned server

Unturned is a free game which is very similar to rust but with a different art style.

Our plugins:
TPA (Teleport to a friend or another member)
TPA home. (Teleport to your bed on the map)
Feast (A random 10 item loot spawn in the map)
Kits (Different packages with timed cooldowns)
and much more to come!

Currently the only staff on the server is me, the server manager, and cow (currently our developer) ;however, I will be opening applications as of today due to the people that have been playing it since it has been up.

Thank you so much to everyone who played on the server up until now that gave suggestions and helped it grow! I will be looking forward to see you all on the Unturned server!