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Allied-Gaming, formerly known as Allied-Gamers, is a multi-platform gaming community centered around bringing top-tier game servers to players nationwide. Throughout the years, we’ve had servers in Counter-Strike, Garry’s Mod, Minecraft and Rust.

Our community is home to 6000+ members, and that’s just the beginning. Here at Allied-Gaming, we push ourselves to become the number one gaming community in the world.

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Our team is more than just admins with privilege. A significant piece that makes up our identity is that we listen to what our players want and take those ideas to make our community a better place.

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rip s4mple 2k18

I am resigning from TTT and Forums. I've been wanting to do this for a while, but I decided to wait for the community merge / new forums and see where it went. I got even more unmotivated after that, and obviously now I don’t do anything on the server or really in the community anymore, so I might as well just resign. I originally wrote the second part on Jan. 22 of this year and last updated it Feb. 11 to resign only from TTT, but since I don’t really do much on new forums anyway, I added Forum Mod to the list. I’m too lazy to update the TTT section again (with the exception of a small part), but I don’t think it’s worth it since I think most of the stuff in there is still relevant. For clarification, everything under "TTT:" is a straight copy-paste. I'll probably still check forums, the Discord server, and TeamSpeak as often as I have been doing, so don't cry yet. Good luck to those who (try to) replace me. Forums: Thanks to Richard and all of the other higher-ups (or whoever else decided) for gave me the opportunity to be Forum Mod. It was a pleasure serving the old forums. Good luck to the current applicants. TTT: Hi. As this post’s title may suggest, I am resigning from head admin of GMOD Semi-Vanilla TTT. I was very excited and active when I was given the opportunity to staff from the start, and the server was doing exceptionally well in its first few months and then even better once the max player cap was raised to 32, but sadly this is no longer the case, and, as the average daily server population has been decreasing, many people and staff have been losing more and more interest in the server in the last few months (including me); however, I still remained available for when I was needed for anything. I used to enjoy playing on the server and sometimes still do, but there just hasn’t much motivation for me to since the people that made the server just that much more enjoyable for me have all found their own things to do, and the only other reason for me to get on would be to staff, which is very not fun. I used to enjoy looking for the most dedicated and active members on the server to turn into the best staff team ever, and I believe that the server achieved this at one point in time, but obviously the current team is nothing like it used to be (it was still okay for the most part until everyone resigned) as only a few (now one fewer) of the original members remain, and if I can’t bring myself to be active or a bit more dedicated, I can’t really judge any incoming applicants myself without being hypocritical. Recently, I have even found getting on as little as I do chore-like, so I guess I’ve just lost interest almost completely at this point. With the resignation of many active staff members and a high admin (a majority of the few good active staff that were left), there are more times during which the server remains unstaffed, and I usually am either too busy on weekdays or not motivated enough on weekends to get on, and these periods have probably contributed the most to the slow decline in average player population in addition to server problems, which have been fixed for a while but may have just been fixed too late, and possibly the IP change as well. I appreciate those who have staffed on the server in the last 15 months, and I appreciate those who haven’t abandoned ship yet even more. I didn’t want to resign, and I planned to go down with the server, but I feel like I’m occupying a position that someone else probably deserves more than I do -- someone who has the time, dedication, and ability to actually get on and staff and maybe even get the server back on its feet. I will still remain active on forums and possibly look into staffing on other AG servers or maybe coming back in the future, but I’m not too interested at the moment. It has been a great almost 16 months for the server so far, and maybe it will survive longer than I expect, but, either way, it was a pleasure being a part of it, and I have gained a ton of experience, met a lot of interesting people, and had a lot of fun times from on there. Thanks, and good luck. Shoutouts: @Lord Gaben As horrible of a person you may be, I still credit you with jumpstarting my career as staff in AG when you gave me the opportunity to be trial operator from day 1 of your Custom TTT server in late November 2016. Thanks. @Kawaii Really glad you thought I would make a decent staff member, and I definitely wouldn’t mind doing it again in the future. Thanks for everything. @compadre h(ad a lot of fun playing with you) @Esbelto Cool dev. Thanks for fixing pointshop. Good luck out there, Elbow. @Walrusking Thanks for hacking the server that one time. Good luck with whatever you do now. @Survivor Hope you’re doing okay. Thanks for the colored names xd @JacobThePigeon Thanks for doing whatever you did @✪Pingu You’re a pretty neat guy. Good luck and thanks for all of the work you’ve done in the last year and are still doing. Your stupid star still annoys me. @Mr. Flenagan rip same to you too @Ari Also pretty cool and used to be a part of the "best (and most gender-diverse) staff team" @Kap One of my reasons to play on the server, but this guy went MIA again. At least he didn’t resign LUL nvm @Tuff Kitten Also pretty neat and part of the "best staff team." Thanks for your work. @MJ_Chill Got deported and now only plays Fortnite and posts wins to his Snap story. Not sure if you even check forums anymore, but you used to be one of the most active staff members, especially at night, but never came back, so rip. I guess I’ll throw you into the “best staff team” thing, too. @Crow 1607 Coolest snow Mexican that isn’t @compadre. Not active much anymore, but I guess you still get to be on the "best staff team," too. @Echith Never got to really know you, but I guess you did a pretty good job as staff, so thanks. @Para Good luck with the server, and thanks for the work you’ve done and hopefully will continue to do. Definitely one of the better and more dedicated staff out of the people that I haven’t mentioned already. @Stephen !fspec * (Thanks for the work you did. Playing R6 was fun.) @Sky your bad @D_rules also bad @RandomGamer also bad @Comic Never really met you either, but thanks for your work. @Freak Second coolest snow Mexican I know that isn’t Survivor. Good luck with being staff. @Anti Super active and dedicated. Good luck! @Maderefit Also pretty dedicated. Good luck with being staff. @Jerry Good luck to you, too. @Michael Rosen I regret accepting your application the most, but thanks for your work. Try to work on being less annoying. Oof. @Demigorgan You were all right, I guess. Thanks for your work. @P3ngu1n Don’t know if you’ll see this, but thanks for your work. @Future of the Future ^ @GullibleRedneck ^ @rubensandwich ^ @moodybutt You were okay, too. Thanks for your work and good luck staffing again. @Raizen13 Good luck with whatever you’re doing. Thanks for your work. @Alpha Lemon !tp * @Green De Le Bean One of the first accepted staff. Went inactive in like a week lol @Yamakaze Thanks for getting the fun stuff taken away smh @Negato Thanks for pink chat. @Deathlockdestro The first to apply for staff (and get denied XDD). Also the most toxic person on the planet <3 Thanks for doing stuff. @Eveejoe Maybe one day the flare gun will see the light of day @adam9413 Thanks for the work you did as trusted a while ago. @Snazzah Cool guy who codes some cool things. I thought you did pretty okay as staff for the most part, and I know you meant well. Thanks for your work. @lazyboy900 It was fun talking to you and playing with you. Also, you still don't eat enough ice cream. @Crispy yah yeet @Hois rip @Morgan gay @Luna Playing Town of Salem with you was fun. You were pretty cool and one of the better staff imo until you left or whatever. Thanks. @Bladez190 Thanks. @~Ellie~ Thanks for your work on Semi-Vanilla earlier, and good luck with your TTT server! @Mints My other reason to play on the server. Thanks for your work! <3 @sawilson You finally made it onto the team, I guess. Thanks for providing me with quality content to make edits and stuff with. I think I got just about everybody who was staff or trusted. If I forgot you, you should feel bad. C y @

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Brontes' Forum Mod Resignation

Just a heads up I'm not resigning from TS3 Mod, only. Oh boy the day has come that everyone expected. Yes I am resigning from Forum Mod. Ever since the new forums released, I have not been as active or as willing to come on and post, nonetheless staff on here. I don't have anything against the new forums, I just don't feel as encouraged to come on anymore. I'm not going to be completely inactive from forums, I will occasionally be on here and there. I'm trying to get more time on TeamSpeak however, which I will be spending most of my time while in this community. Who knows, I'll probably end up staffing on another AG server like in the past. Anyways just wanted to say my goodbyes as a Forum Mod, hope you all have a good day. P.S. Happy Mother's Day -Brontes (Brontitties)

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Deagle Showdown Event

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