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Welcome to Allied-Gaming!


We've been getting a lot of questions regarding the Garry's Mod servers and how the transition isn't as smooth as CS:GO. In an effort to provide more transparency we've decided to make this post to explain what's happening behind the scenes and the road blocks we have hit so far.

Before all of this went down I had a talk with all the general managers and filled them up with the situation. I explicitly asked them to make backups of all the servers as there were major doubts about the AG1 owner's willingness and/or ability to keep the community and servers running. In other words I made it clear the servers could go down at any minute. Cut to a few days ago I contacted GLK ( STEAM_0:1:78651468 ) and asked for the files as it was clear the old servers are not going up again anytime soon. He declined and said he would only give them to the server managers who ask for it. The TTT SemiVanilla and DarkRP managers didn't have a problem with us having them. I also asked blake_won if he minded us having the TTT#2 server considering he built the server and he said he does not mind.

GLK has been planning to make his own community since the formation of Allied-Gaming and with that in mind I informed Blake of what's happening and that GLK will likely use the files he worked on for his own community. In turn Blake contacted GLK. GLK has since twisted my and Blake's words telling members we were "attacking him" and "taking advantage of his kindness", when in reality he just wanted a reason to justify running away with the files.

My conversation with GLK: http://imgur.com/a/TkESv
Blake contacting GLK: http://i.imgur.com/FXJVi1P.jpg
GLK twisting Blake's words: http://imgur.com/a/jCKIX

All in all, we made a mistake trusting GLK and I apologize to everyone who played on TTT #2, SemiVanilla and DarkRP/HarryPotter servers for the delay in getting the servers up and running.

Currently we are still trying to get a hold of the files. If that proves...
Welcome everyone


Allied-Gaming is releasing a new Rust Server.

Rust has just recently been revamped with brand new Experience UPDATE

Server Stats - Vanilla,
No Lag, No Downtime,
Wipes every 2 weeks,
Noob friendly, Active Admins.
Last Wipe - 7/15

Read about the exp update -
Twitter Rust Updates -
Our Rust Map -
http://playrust.io/map/?Procedural Map_3000_9999023#Allied-Gaming Wiped 7/14/Noob Friendly/Active Admins/Forums (
Good afternoon everyone.

Along with Login names being reset to their original values, we've also had to reset our entire forums and server staff rankings as well as sourcebans.

For those of you who require their forum and/or server ranks restored, please use the following format:

Please include what server you are requesting the rank for if applicable.

Forum Name / In-Game Name:
Rank You Are Requesting:
Steam ID:
Why You Need this Rank:

*NOTE* Any member who attempts to obtain a rank they did not previously have will be punished appropriately.