Hello Children

We will be having an open to all meeting on;
Jan 29th, 8 PM EST

This meeting will shed light on Servers and much more!
Question will be answered as well, so come prepared!

Comment if you can make it for a general idea of how many people will be attending this meeting!

Note: Some parts of the meeting may be closed off to staff/High Staff only, please be aware!

Staff Meeting will be held on: 1/27/17 @8pm EST
If enough people cannot make it we will move it to the 28th

Make sure you can come to this meeting.
If for some reason you cannot make it, let @Sonicc and @SoBe know why.

We will not be releasing any other details of the Staff Meeting.

PLEASE NOTE: If you cannot make it (without a valid excuse)
your staff position will be reconsidered.
Hello AG,

I am sorry to say but my time as Server Manager for GMOD TTT has come to an end, I tired to get the server populated I tired my hardest but I can't do it all by myself. I am not saying I am quitting but since the server has been empty for so long Survivor, Goob, P2, and myself have decided it would be in the best interest of the community and it's resources to take it down for now and as time goes on and when there is a want for the server to be resurrected we will to rebuild it. I am sorry that I couldn't get the server repopulated and if another server is needing a new SM or an new server needs a SM I am here to help out. I would like to thank everyone that helped this server when it was populated and the people that helped me out in any capacity I love you guys!

P.S. I am not leaving AG or going inactive you can still see me in game, teamspeak, forums, and on steam.
CS:GO Jailbreak Mandatory Staff Meeting
As the title states, this is a mandatory staff meeting for all the staff of jailbreak.
This meeting will be addressing:

  • All the inactivity
  • Rules
  • Punishment Guidelines
  • Announcements
  • Map Additions
  • Plug-in Additions
  • Suggestions
  • Rank Expectations
  • Promotions
  • Demotions
  • Upcoming Events
As the meeting date comes closer, I would like all staff members to please, bring to the meeting any suggestions for the server, map suggestions, plug-in additions, or any rules you would like to see looked at to the meeting.

The meeting will begin (hopefully) at 8PM Est.
This staff meeting will be MANDATORY

Topics Being Discussed:
·Staff expectations
·Activity on Teamspeak and Forums
·Staff Promotions/Demotions

Meeting will be held on Friday January 20 at 8pm EST

If you can not make this please tell either @Justine or I.

@Kittenz @Mazz @Spin @JZM8 @Mystic