After getting settled into the time that our server has been out, I'd like to announce the change of style that will take place within the upcoming week.

Our server will now be full-fledged PvP!

Building and looting will of course always be the normal rundown within any Unturned server; however, players will now be equipped with various kits to choose from while simply PvP'ing to their hearts content.


I'd like to thank everyone for supporting the server, allowing us to have a regular playerbase, and many to visit and enjoy a few laughs within the server; however, with time passing, I'd like to announce our new Head-Admin and other following promotions!

Our new Head-Admin will be @Samuel Owen . First of all I'd like to thank Samuel for spending so much time on the server, and assisting me with things he surely never had to. Our High Admin will be @Fred . Along with Samuel, Fred has given so many new opportunities for the server, creating friendships and helping with testing even before becoming staff. @Kawaii will be promoted to Admin, thank you for helping with the server as well.

Congratulations guys! I hope to see you all continue to thrive and enjoy your time within the server.

DC Multiverse RP Hunger Games Event
To kick off the start of DC RP 3.0 Me @Paulingo and @ChinkyDog will be hosting an Event.

The Event will be a Hunger Games Event

How it Works
The server will be locked so no trolls are able to join.
After that everyone will be citizens and be spread out around the server.
There are guns and SWEPS around the server to pick up and kill people with.
The last person standing will be the winner there will be 5 winners so that means 5 games.
If the event goes well and people want more we might have more games with little prizes.
The spawn will be locked down so people can not run around the map.

Rules for event
Teaming is allowed but team at your own risk remember only 1 winner so sooner or later they will turn on you. You can betray anyone at anytime.
No switching jobs if you do so you will be kicked and disqualified.
No camping for over 1 minute.
If game takes to long Me or @Paulingo will nuke off locations to make sure people are not camping.
Only allowed to use weapons and SWEPS put on the map. If found cheating you will also get kicked and disqualified.
No building or blocking off places if so you will be disqualified for the round.
No leaving the death zone after death if so you will get kicked.
After each game there will be a winner the winner will get to play in the next game with a weapon of their choice. (Not SWEP)
No buying doors or places to base. You can hide in houses for a little amount of time but now buying doors to base in. If rule broken you will be disqualified for that round.
Have fun.
People who win will get donated for 1 month
If more games are to be played if event goes...
So the votes are in and the Karaoke will be this upcoming Saturday (17th December)

There will be 3 prizes for the singing competition - which once again is not judged by singing ability!

1st Prize: 200 Forum Credits

2nd Prize: 100 Forum Credits
3rd Prize: 50 Forum Credits

Thank you to @P2 for allowing these prizes!!

Like I said in my previous post - The Karaoke event will include Christmas songs but not exclusively. I
will be taking requests and would appreciate patience in this. I will take entries to the competition in
this thread and if you do not enter before the event you will not be able to take part in the
competition. You can still, of course, sing in the event along with everyone else! I really look forward
to seeing you guys there. :)

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

GMOD DC Multiverse RP Staff Meeting

This meeting will be MANDATORY

Things that will be discussed at the meeting

Rules/Punishment Guide

New Changes

Staff Expectations

Staff Arguments/Player Arguments


Event Ideas

Activity Forums and TeamSpeak

Doing your job on server

Staff on duty


Suggestions Of Any Kind

Meeting will be held this Saturday at 8 pm EST 12/17/16

WARNING: If you can not come to the staff meeting your staff position will be reconsidered
Me and Reformed have promoted @Levin to Server High Admin, Mainly because he is one of our best staff members and he knows his shit. He will make an amazing High Admin!