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Announcement GMOD TTT Staff Meeting
There will be a mandatory staff meeting next Saturday, November 18th at 6:00 PM CST (time subject to change) on TeamSpeak.
Server trusteds and some server regulars will be allowed if it seems appropriate. If you are staff and cannot make it, tell @Kawaii or me, or your rank will be seriously reconsidered.

This meeting is mainly to discuss server issues, server rules, staff issues, and just have general discussion / questions.

If enough staff members cannot attend the meeting, it may be postponed to Sunday or the next weekend.
Announcement New Forum Moderators
Good morning/afternoon/evening (whatever it may be for you)!

As everyone is aware, we had been accepting applications for those who were interested in becoming a forum moderator. After careful consideration and much thought and discussion about it, we have made our decision on who to bring on board.

So, without further ado, it is my pleasure to welcome @Dark, @s4mple, @SnoopDoge and @Brontes as the newest forum moderators.

We believe that all four of these people have shown dedication to the community and have also shown that they want to help the community out.

Congratulations to everyone and thank you to ALL who applied!

For those who have been accepted, someone will be talking with you soon about your responsibilities and getting your powers on the forums.
Read Before Applying! Forum Moderator Apps Are Now OPEN!!!

Forum Moderator Applications Are Now OPEN!

Forum moderator applications are now open, anyone may apply(recommendations are not needed but encouraged, from Current or Previous Forum Staff).

We intend to bring on 3-4 moderators to join the Forum Staff Team to help out with the day to day activities of forums. The applications will close on the 24th of October, and we will go from there.

Users who already posted before hand are not required to post their application again, provided they used the proper format.

We wish everyone best of luck with their application, if you have any questions please post them below and I will happily answer them.

PS: If you don't use the format, you will automatically be declined.

(Format: http://www.allied-gaming.com/threads/forum-mod-app-format.20041/)
PS: Shoutout to Pyra for originally writing this post :P