Hello everyone. I haven't been very active as of the past few months due to school and irl stuff. But I've been back for a while now and I've been working on a new theme (as heard in the meeting). This is a new, fresh, and different theme. A lot different from anything we've ever had before. I'm incredibly excited to roll it out soon.

The feature of this new theme that I'm most excited about what people do with it is the "Ad Styler". This is a feature that will allow you to change the colors, fonts, and background of the forum to your liking. Don't like the colors? Change them. Don't like the background? Change it. I'm giving you the tools to make the forum how you want.

I'm also looking into setting up a cache for the forums. Meaning that the forums won't be stupid slow for people who don't have a setup and internet connection that the forum requires to run smoothly. This is an issue that has been overlooked by me (mainly because I never noticed it because I have a good setup). But this should increase the performance of the forums a ton.

Streams.... oh my god the Stream addon. I'M SO EXCITED TO SEE THIS IN ACTION. I cannot tell you guys enough of how good this addon is. It will allow us to let you guys to stream on the forums (if you're approved). We can potentially put major competitive tournaments on the forums (esl... etc). Just so much awesomeness in one addon. It's going to be fantastic :)

A new Calendar. Yes we finally have a new calendar oho yes! It's light years better than the last one. We can show birthdays, we can automatically put in events and who's attending. It's really good

So now that i'm done gushing about this new theme, I want to say something else. I want this to be more than just a theme, I want it to be our theme. When the theme rolls out I'm going to make a Forum Development Board. To make a suggestion or report about an issue that is related to forum development, post a new thread. This is so It's easier to...​
GMOD DC Multiverse RP Staff Meeting
This meeting will be MANDATORY

Things that will be discussed at the meeting

Rules/Punishment Guide

Map Ideas

Money Wipe

Ideas to keep server populated​

Staff Expectations
Staff Arguments/Player Arguments


Event Ideas

Activity Forums and TeamSpeak

Doing your job on server

Staff on duty


Suggestions Of Any Kind

Meeting will be held this Saturday at 8 pm EST 2/18/17

Read Before Applying/Posting Global Meeting
Allied-Gaming Global Meeting Saturday February 11th at 8:00pm EST

All Members Are Welcome To Attend
The global meeting will be this Saturday the 11th at 8:00pm EST. All members are welcome to attend if they wish too. Topics being covered at the meeting will include, but not limited to donations, forums, steam group, CSGO, gmod, servers/box, ts3, etc.

If you wish to have something brought up or talked about at the meeting please post in this thread using the following format below:

Forum Name:
Steam Name:
Ts3 Name:
Forums, Ts3, Steam, CSGO, Garry's Mod, Unturned, Minecraft, CS 1.6:

Forum Name: GoobNitro
Steam Name: GoobNitro
Ts3 Name: GoobNitro
Forums, Ts3, Steam, CSGO, or Garry's Mod: TS3
Topic/Suggestion: I think we should have a surprise event after the meeting!

Hi everyone

I'll be hosting a Teamspeak Meeting this Wednesday.

Date: Friday - 02/10/17
Time: Some time between 8-10PM EASTCOAST TIME *Not two hours long*
Details: Teamspeak changes, demotions, promotions, and future changes being made.
All staff are required to be there, if a majority of the staff cannot make it i will change the date, and time. Applications will be resolved at this time also.

Please post below any scheduling issues, or topics you would like to discuss.
*Keep this post clean, and short. do not go into full discourse, any trolling/joking comments will result in a ban -ban time to be decided-*

Thank you, and see you then!
Unturned Staff Meeting

A staff meeting for the Allied-Gaming PvP Unturned server will be held on Sunday. (February 5th)

@Samuel Owen @Fred @Kawaii @Barely Alive @[Purple] Player @Dady

I will lay down a list of times, please tell me which one would suit best to your schedule. If you can not attend any of these times, please let me or @Samuel Owen know.

1.(3:00 PM EST)

2.(6:00 PM EST)

3.(8:00 PM EST)

This meeting is NOT mandatory (Due to such the sudden date)

However; I would still appreciate your appearance in order to hear the important topics and changes we will go over.

For those who cannot make the meeting, a recording will be made for the people who need it.

(Also, staff only. Please don't ask for permission to come. Thank you ~)

Thanks to all who come to the first Unturned Staff meeting. :)​