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Welcome to Allied-Gaming!


Ayy, gamingers

Cogito here hosting a League of Legends community PvP event.

Rules ~ Event
1 - A player must register his team here on this post by July 24th.
2 - Teamspeak is 100% mandatory for this event, having a microphone is optional.
3 - Prize - skin(s) for the winners, more teams more prizes!

Rules ~ League of Legends
1 - Two players per team.
2 - First team to 20 points will win.
3 - Team compositions can consist of any champions.
4 - Both players must play in bottom lane.
5 - Smite, and teleport are not permitted.
5 - You are allowed to jungle camps including dragon/rift herald.
6 - No killing, of minions in other lanes, nor standing around for experience.
7 - Crossing over mid lane is allowed, if going towards herald.
4 - Any bad manners, spamming of emotes, or negative comments will result in disqualification.

Point system
~ League of Legends
- First blood = 5 Points
- 100 Creep score = 5 Points
- First Brick = 5 Points
- Killing an enemy = 1 point
- Assisting in killing an enemy = 1 point
- Second tower = 20 points

Extra point systems ~ League of legends
This section is added as a just in case.
- If the enemy team if doing a jungle camp including dragon/rift herald, and your team manages to steal the main kill, you will be rewarded 5 points.
- If being chased, by the enemy team, and you mange to suicide to a tower, you will be rewarded 1 point.

You have 10 days to register your team, and 14 days to practice best of luck guys.

This event is to be held ~ Voting still in progress.
Hey Allied-Gamers,for the second time, we are in need of a new look to change things up a bit on the the website and our other mediums like Teamspeak and the Steam group.

Custom Teamspeak Channel( Sub-Channel, Icons for both, personalized channel groups)

Requirements to enter:
  • You need to submit 4 images
    1. Full Text - "Allied-Gaming" - 21:9 and 16:9 ratio
    2. Abbreviation - "AG" 1:1 ratio
    3. Non-text Logo something that can symbolize AG (optional) but will give you bonus points when deciding - Preferably 1:1 ratio)
  • PSD or similar editing save file with all assets (if you win)
  • (optional) for bonus points, a vector illustrator file or similar vector save file.

Please use this format to enter your work into the competition.

Type of work(header, logo, etc..):
Steam Id:
Embedded Images:

Event will end in a few weeks depending on whether or not we get enough entries.
DCRP Staff Meeting scheduled for Sunday, July 9th at 5:30 pm EST

This meeting will go over the following.

-Staff promotions/demotions
-Staff expectations
-Possible updates/changes
-Staff activity
- population
- changes to the rules

Near the end of the meeting, DCRP players will be able join to give suggestions to the staff team, and how they would improve the server.
This meeting will be mandatory, please let me know if you are not able to make.
Thank you and have a great day!​