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Jailbreak Rules

[SIZE=4][COLOR=#00ff00][B]How to Play:[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] [B]Jailbreak[/B]: [COLOR=#0000ff]Counter Terrorists[/COLOR] play the role of prison guards meanwhile [COLOR=#ff0000]Terrorists[/COLOR] play the role of prisoners. To be a guard you must have a microphone and must know the rules. The [COLOR=#0000ff]Guards[/COLOR] take turns calling days and making prisoners fight to the death, race or compete in any way until one prisoner is left alive. As a guard it is your duty and responsibility to call fun days using the map and activities menu while keeping the prisoners in control and avoiding being overrun by these rebellious, blood thirsty criminals. The Prisoners can choose to follow the commands of the day and compete against fellow inmates or rebel and try to take out the guards. Prisoner's rebelling, rebel on their own risk of being killed by a Guard. The last prisoner remaining earns "Last request" and gets to play a game of his/her choosing against each guard alive. [SIZE=4][COLOR=#00ff00][B]Need Help?:[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] We have Admin's and Operator's in the server to help you!!!! Need to communicate with an admin? Have "@" be the first character you use in team chat, and that message will be sent to all admins. Example: say_team: [USER=1337]@hi[/USER] admins, player #5 continues to free shoot me -- could someone please remind him of the rules? Example #2: say_team: @This player keeps insulting me and I don't feel safe speaking up -- can someone help? [SIZE=4][B]Temporary Rules[/B][/SIZE] [LIST] [*][B]/Warden[/B]: To become a warden, a guard must type /W [bind v "say /W]. Do not take over warden if there is an active warden. [/LIST] [SIZE=4][COLOR=#00ff00][B]Terminology[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] [LIST] [*][COLOR=#0000ff][B]Unrestricted Free day[/B][/COLOR]: A day in which the prisoners are able to roam the map with no restrictions except for gun room. Guards may not call any commands during the day. [*][COLOR=#0000ff][B]Restricted Free day[/B][/COLOR]: A day in which the guards are able to restrict a total of two specific locations but may otherwise not call any commands. Cells, hallways and guard spawn are never to be restricted. (During a Restricted Free day, guns may be restricted) [*][B][COLOR=#0000ff]AFK Check[/COLOR][/B]: Giving a prisoner who is not moving inside of his/her cell five seconds to get back into the game before killing them. A prisoner who is seen moving inside his/her cell by a guard is not considered being AFK. [*][B][COLOR=#0000ff]Knife Range[/COLOR][/B]: If a prisoners is standing in place and is able to inflict damage to a guard by slashing or stabbing that guard is considered taunting and may be killed for doing so. Once the guard is out of taunting range, a prisoner can no longer attack or pursue a guard. [*][B][COLOR=#0000ff]Taunting[/COLOR][/B]: [LIST] [*]When a guard is in Knife Range, they are considered taunting and may be killed for doing so. Once the guard is out of taunting range, a prisoner can no longer attack or pursue a guard. [*]When a guard is in the area that prisoners are designated to be in for the current command/activity they are considered taunting, and may be killed for doing so. Once the guard is out of taunting range, a prisoner can no longer attack or pursue a guard. (Ex. Prisoners are designated to be in the cage, a guard runs through the cage or in the cage, that guard may be killed for doing so. Prisoners breaking the command may not be killed cause the guard is Taunting - Being where prisoners are). [/LIST] [*][B][COLOR=#0000ff]Rebelling[/COLOR][/B]: When a prisoner does not follow a command or attacks a guard without justification. (E.g Shooting a gun, or pointing one at a CT) [*][B][COLOR=#0000ff]Warden[/COLOR][/B]: The guard in charge of the day. S/he is responsible for moving the day forward. The first guard to call commands for a day becomes the Warden. [*][B][COLOR=#0000ff]Deputy[/COLOR][/B]: Non-Warden Guards tasked with helping the Warden and enforcing the commands. [*][B][COLOR=#0000ff]Free shooting[/COLOR][/B]: Unjustly or wrongfully damaging a prisoner. A prisoner who is free shot may ask a guard for a full heal. [*][B][COLOR=#0000ff]Warning shot[/COLOR][/B]: Shooting a prisoner as a warning for not following a commander's current command. This prisoner is not eligible for a heal from a guard unless a guard allows it. A death resulting from multiple warning shots is a legal kill. [*][B][COLOR=#0000ff]Free kill[/COLOR][/B]: The unjust or wrongful death of a prisoner. In the case of a free kill, a guard is required to award that prisoner an unrestricted free day the next day. Multiple free kills may lead to the guard being banned from the guard team. [*][COLOR=#0000ff][B]Mass Free killing[/B][/COLOR]: A premeditated, intentional, and or random killing of prisoners in mass numbers of 3 or more. This behavior is not tolerated and will lead to a permanent ban. [*][B][COLOR=#0000ff]Mass team-killing[/COLOR][/B]: Killing of 3 or more teammates at the same time. This behavior is not tolerated and will lead to a ban. [*][B][COLOR=#0000ff]Team-killing[/COLOR][/B]: Killing members of one's own team. Team-killing is allowed only with the use of vehicles or things that don't kill teammates in mass numbers.Team killing will now be allowed on regular days maximum 2 unless commanders day requires team killing such as snowmobile. death match [*][B][COLOR=#0000ff]Ghosting[/COLOR][/B]: A dead player revealing another player's position on the map, health level, weapon, etc. Ghosting is only allowed if no administrator is present in the following cases: [LIST] [*]A player is afk. [*]A player is camping vents and delaying. [/LIST] [*][B][COLOR=#0000ff]No Delays or Detours[/COLOR][/B]: You must directly do exactly what the guard told you to do. Example: run to the cage. no delays or detours. you must be running. no walking, no crouching, no going in another direction. [*][B][COLOR=#0000ff]Delay of Day[/COLOR][/B]: This rule applies to both Guard and Prisoner. Anyone not doing the current objective is considered delaying. (E.g Camping in vents, being on tramp refusing to select LR). [*][B][COLOR=#0000ff]Vent[/COLOR][/B]: Any crawlspace that has an entrance, and an exit. This mainly applies to legitimate vents, and not holes in the wall (ex. breakable wall behind Cage in Jb_Snow). [*][B][COLOR=#0000ff]Objective[/COLOR][/B]: To complete the current command, or doing what is required by the current activity/event/day. etc. [*][B][COLOR=#0000ff]Go to the Cage[/COLOR][/B]: Go inside of the cage and not on-top of the cage. [*][B][COLOR=#0000ff]Trivia[/COLOR][/B]: Where players compete against each other by answering questions about certain subjects or general questions. [LIST] [*][B]This includes any form of game where questions are asked. "First to answer my question ..etc".[/B] [/LIST] [/LIST] [COLOR=#00ff00][SIZE=4][B]General Rules[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR] [LIST=1] [*]Guards are required to have a microphone. Only admins can mic check. Microphones must be used and have clear, audible quality. If not, the guard will be asked to fix it or be transferred to the prisoner team. [*]The first day of a new map is always an unrestricted free day. Guards are not allowed to intentionally kill themselves to bypass this day. [*]Instructions for the day must be called and the cell doors must be opened by a guard by [9:00]. Otherwise, it becomes an unrestricted free day. [*]If the cell doors are opened by a prisoner, the day becomes an automatic, unrestricted free day. Even if a guard has already issued a command. [*]Punishment days, cell day lock down and days forcing prisoners to stay in the cells are prohibited. [LIST] [*][B]Exception: Days in which prisoners are called out one by one for a special event. Example: Strict Cage Day and Knife Fight Day.[/B] [/LIST] [*]If a cage day is called and a prisoner did not follow the commands but has already made it to the cage, s/he cannot be killed. The same applies to other days as well (bench day, death run, etc). Same would be in effect for moving prisoners from one place to another. [*]If a prisoner manages to open the cell doors before a guard does, it will be an unrestricted free day, even if the commander already issued a command. The prisoner who pressed the button may not be killed for doing so if he/she successfully presses the button. [/LIST] [SIZE=4][COLOR=#00ff00][B]Commanding[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] [LIST=1] [*]There is to be only one warden at any time. All other guards should be quiet unless enforcing rules. A commander may pass command to any guard if he or she clearly states it. [*]Deputies must be assisting the warden at all times. This means guards may not wonder off, speak over the commander, or give conflicting commands. Failure to do so will result in a transfer. [*]Guards may not hog the commander position. All guards must have equal opportunity to become the commander at the start of the day. [*]In the event that the commanding officer is killed or disconnects, the day immediately becomes an unrestricted free day and all commands are void and invalid unless a new guard takes over. [*]Guards must give one of two types of commands in order to expect prisoners to follow the commands [Does not apply to orders given before the cells open]: [LIST] [*][B]Direct commands[/B]: "ALL T'S FREEZE / AFK Freeze" is the only direct command that can be called without countdown down. once this command is called all previous commands are invalid and all t's will have to obey the freeze command or can be shot and killed. [*][B]Standard commands[/B]: Requires a countdown of at least 5 seconds. 5 4 3 2 1 0 [/LIST] [*]When calling "ALL T's FREEZE" All terrorist must stop moving, this means do not move your mouse or jump. If the commander called for you to be on the back wall of the cage and he/she called "ALL T's FREEZE" you can not kill a prisoner not on the back wall as long as they stay frozen because a new command was issued. [*]Direct command is no longer required after commands. Every command must be counted down clearly and slowly. Commands before cells are opened don't need to be counted down. [*]A new command is issued when prisoner(s) are asked to complete a objective. During any command in which no detours or delays has been called any rebelling may result in a kill. During the countdown of any command that includes no detours or delays, a prisoner may be killed for rebelling. [*]Day Command: This command will stay in effect for the remainder of the day, or until it is ended by the Commander. The only restriction allowed for a Day Command, is guns. (ex. Today will be a Jump Day.) (ex. Today guns are restricted.) [*]Event Commands: Event commands stay in effect for an entire event unless specified otherwise by commander, new commands do not override it unless specified by commander. Ex: During Trivia All t's must remain frozen on the back wall of the cage. [*]Rebellers may no longer be forgiven and allowed to rejoin the group, once a rebeller always a rebeller and should be killed on sight. [*]Commanders may not refer to T's as anything but prisoners or terrorists. Example: Commanders may not call T's Chickens or anything like that. [/LIST] [SIZE=4][COLOR=#00ff00][B]Rebelling[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] [LIST=1] [*]Prisoners outside the cells before the day is called and the cell doors opened are considered rebelling and may be killed. [*]If a prisoner blatantly rebels, he or she is considered a rebel for the rest of the day. [*]Warning shots are preferred, but not required, over killing prisoners immediately upon rebelling. [*]Rebel at your own risk. Do not get mad at the Guard for killing you for rebelling. [*]No prisoner may be killed for breaking a vent, unless a command restricting such actions has been called. [/LIST] [SIZE=4][COLOR=#00ff00][B]Command Stacking / Commanding[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] [LIST=1] [*]Is defined as giving an excessive and unreasonable amount of commands at one time, which is not allowed. All commands must be clearly stated and fair to everyone. [LIST] [*][B]Example[/B]: All prisoners report to the cage no delay or detours once in the cage stay in the cage, once in the cage freeze on the back wall inside cage shoulder to shoulder. [*][B]Example #2[/B]: All prisoners crouch-walk/crouch-backwards to the cage. [/LIST] [*]New commands override old commands. Exception: Event Commands and Day Commands. [*]All commands given by guards require a reasonable amount of time to be completed. A minimum of 5 seconds is always required, and 'zero' must be said before any action is taken against the prisoner. [*]If the commander gives a command a prisoner must not be punished for following it unless specifically told not to (e.g. told not to move unless a special phrase is said, or during Simon Says days). [*]The only command to get all prisoners to freeze is by saying "ALL T's Freeze." this means to stop moving not move your mouse or jump. Guards can kill any prisoner that is not frozen. [*]All commands given by guards require a reasonable amount of time to be completed. A minimum of 5 seconds is always required, and 'zero' must be said before any action is taken against the prisoner. [/LIST] [SIZE=4][COLOR=#00ff00][B]Weapons[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] [LIST=1] [*]Prisoners are allowed to pick up and hold weapons. A guard reserves the right to command a prisoner they saw picking up or holding a weapon to drop the weapon and is required to countdown from 5 to 0. A guard must have seen it happen and should not assume that because a weapon was picked up that it was picked by the closest player to it. [*]A guard may restrict the use and pickup up of weapons on any non-free day or non-special day. [*]A guard can kill a prisoner that shoots or aims a gun at any guard (even if the gun is empty) without a countdown or warning. [*]If a prisoner is gun planted or unintentionally picked up a gun from a dying player, he/she must be asked to drop the weapon even if the commander restricted weapons beforehand.. [/LIST] [SIZE=4][COLOR=#00ff00][B]Taunting[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] [LIST=1] [*]In the event that a guard taunts, prisoners have every right to act in self defense. Once the guard is out of taunting range, a prisoner can no longer attack or pursue the guard. [*]Going into a prisoner's cell is considered a taunt and he or she reserves the right to attack the guard while the guard is in the cell without ramification if it's before 7:30 (The green clock on the side indicates when AFK checks and taunting in cell is in effect.) [*]If a guard taunts a prisoner, that prisoner may attack the guard without repercussion, even if it means breaking the current command (e.g. prisoners are told to freeze inside the cage and a guard runs into the cage, causing prisoners to run after that guard). [*]Taunting does not apply to prisoners. Therefore, guards cannot force a prisoner to move unless they are disobeying a specific command. Prisoners coming within knifing range or attempting to knife a guard are NOT considered rebelling unless deliberately disobeying a specific command. Actual damage has to be made for a guard to act in self defense. [*]Taunting rules do not stay in effect during special days or last requests [/LIST] [SIZE=4][COLOR=#00ff00][B]Free shooting, Free killing and Free days[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] [LIST=1] [*]In the event of a mass free kill [3 or more victims], guards are required to call an unrestricted free day the following day. [*]Collateral damage is never in effect. If a prisoners is inadvertently killed, it is still a free kill and must be be awarded a free day. [*]If the round time has expired [0:00], an unrestricted free day goes into effect immediately. Delaying is no longer in effect. [*]If a prisoner is free killed, but the map changes, the free day does not roll over to the next map. The first day of the new map is a free day for everyone, and marks a fresh start. [*]If one or two prisoners have been "free killed" the next day has to be a cage day and the one or two players must be glowed. In result of a guard not glowing the prisoner(s) and making it a free day for all will result in the guard being transferred. [*]If you have been free killed, please talk to Guard that free killed you. DO NOT spam chat. If the Guard fails to glow you, please talk to one of our Admins or Operators in game. [*]All players are automatically issued a drivers license, but the license may be revoked by any guard if team killing while operating a vehicle becomes excessive. [*]Guards may not kill the commanding guard with a snowmobile during his cage day. [*]During a Mass Free Kill Day Guards are restricted from committing suicide. (Excluding for the benefit of all those playing). [*]Prisoners with a free day can be killed if she/he interferes with the current day. (Commanders must tell a free day not to interfere with his day) (ex. Gun planting, pressing buttons, blocking, delay of the day, nading or using nades). [/LIST] [SIZE=4][COLOR=#00ff00][B]AFKs[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] [LIST=1] [*]Guards may not kill AFK players on free days unless the AFK player is preventing the otherwise last remaining prisoner from obtaining last request. [*]If a prisoner is returning from being AFK, or has otherwise not heard the rules for the day, it is his/her responsibility to ask the commander to repeat his or her commands. Otherwise, s/he risks being killed for not following the command for the day (e.g. if the command was to run to the cage, an AFK player might walk, which would be considered delaying). [*]Guards must wait until "9:30" to kill the AFK prisoners. [LIST] [*][B]Exception: If the commander issues a command to the supporting guards to AFK check prisoners. Guards may close the cells after the prisoners enter the cage and reopen them at 7:30 to prevent AFKers from escaping the cells and attacking the guards.[/B] [/LIST] [*]Guards. please pay attention to the chat box to make sure an AFK Prisoner knows the command of the day if he/she asks. [*]A prisoner who returns from being AFK all day is not eligible to receive last request. They must be killed. [/LIST] [SIZE=4][COLOR=#00ff00][B]Restrictions[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] [LIST=1] [*]The Reactions game and Trivia ACTIVITY can not be called more than ONCE per day. No more than TWO prisoners may be killed. (ex. You may call multiple reactions, or trivia in one sitting, but you may not call it more then once. (ex. Once at the 7:00 min mark, and again at the 3:00 min mark.) [*]Reactions, and trivia activity can be called a second time if no prisoner will die. A commander must specify that no prisoners will be killed for this activity. (ex. Deciding who does a activity first/last/Splitting players into teams/captains). [*]Gun planting is defined as a guard deliberately giving a prisoner a weapon. This is prohibited. Prisoners however, can gun plant unless directed not to by a guard. [*]Guards are not allowed to wall prisoners [shooting prisoners that they cannot see, typically hiding behind a wall]. If a prisoner disappears behind a wall, the guard must find another method of killing them (chasing after them, nading, etc). [LIST] [*][B]Exception: Hide and Seek Day, Night crawler Day[/B]. [/LIST] [*]A guard may only enter, and exit through open vents. Breaking a vent from inside, or outside for any reason is restricted, unless the prisoner being shot was inside the vent. (ex. you may not be in the vent shooting a prisoner outside, unless the vent exit is already broken). [LIST] [*][B]Exception: Special days[/B]. [/LIST] [*]Gun rooms are always restricted to prisoners. This applies to free days and prisoners with free days. [*]Guards are not permitted to camp the gun room. [LIST] [*][B]Exception: Hide and Seek Day[/B]. [/LIST] [*]Vents are not allowed to be broken by guards. [LIST] [*][B]Exception: A prisoner is seen inside the vent[/B]. [/LIST] [*]Vents are always restricted. This applies to free days, special days and prisoners with free days. Neither prisoners nor guards are allowed to camp vents. [LIST] [*][B]Exception: Hide and Seek Day[/B]. [/LIST] [*]The shop menu may be restricted for a specific event but never for a full day. The commander must specify that the shop is restricted. "No cheating" does not include shop items. [*]Prisoners may not be shot for attacking a guard with a grenade unless disobeying a specific command or grenades have been restricted at the time. [*]Free days purchased from the shop menu are only valid ONCE every FIVE days. [*]Special days and vote days are limited to ONCE every THREE days. Prior to calling a special day, the guards must call a successful cage day. Special days may not be activated after cells are open. Exception: Commander announced he was going to do a special day on given day.(This also Applies to Friendly Fire.) [*]The same day cannot be called more than TWICE in a row. [*]Glitching is not allowed. Intentional glitching of any kind is severely punishable. Please report all glitches on the forums. [*]Cannons are to be only used during a cage day directed by a Guard. You may not use cannons on special days [*]You may not camp Prisoners during the special day Freeze Tag. [*]Favoritism is not allowed. This includes days in which favoritism can take place. E.g: Joke days, king days ..etc where only one person decides the outcome of who wins and who loses. This also applies to random selection where the person randomly selected decides the fate of other prisoners. [*]Spamming mic, radio or chat is not allowed. [*]Ghosting is not allowed. Through the server, team speak or by any other means. [LIST] [*]Ghosting in the server will result in a one round slay. [*]Ghosting in team speak or by any other means will result in a one day ban. [*]The player being ghosted out is not eligible for a free day if he/she are killed as a result of ghosting. [/LIST] [*]Hacking and the use of scripts will result in a permanent ban. [*]Impersonating staff is not allowed. This includes using their name or a name that closely resembles it. As well as implying that you are staff. [*]Using another player's name, or a name that closely resembles another player's name to the point that staff can not tell them apart is not allowed. Doing so will result in the admin changing your name. [*]Advertisements of any kind are prohibited. Please do not advertise in other communities, either. [*]All players are to be treated with respect and common courtesy. Not following this rule may result in a gag, kick or ban from our community. [/LIST] [SIZE=4][COLOR=#00ff00][B]Activity Rules[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] [LIST=1] [*][B]Reactions[/B]: When the commander calls "First Reaction," the first prisoner to perform the specific action will be killed. The opposite applies to "Last Reaction." [*][B]Red Light, Green Light[/B]: Commanders may not say anything that rhymes with any of the light commands, in case the commander's microphone is unclear. [/LIST] [SIZE=4][B]Last Request[/B][/SIZE] [LIST=1] [*]Prisoners have 15 seconds to select a last request or they can be killed. [*]Prisoners have 30 seconds to explain their rules. [*]All rules must be fair and equal. Otherwise, the guard reserves the right to deny the rules. [*]There are three types of rules for Last Request events. [LIST] [*][B]Standard Rules[/B]: Use only the weapons provided by the Last Request event (not including the knife, unless it's a knife fight). No healing, and no running away from the fight. [*][B]No Rules[/B]: No rules means no rules. Use at your own risk. [*][B]Custom Rules[/B]: the prisoner defines his or her own rules. [/LIST] [*]If the prisoner commences the last request without stating any type of rule, it is automatically considered standard rules. [*]If the prisoners selects "special day" as their last request, the guards must not open the cells the following round until the special day is selected. [/LIST] [COLOR=#00ff00][SIZE=4][B]Simon Says[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR] [LIST=1] [*]When the commander says, "Simon says I'm Simon," s/he is Simon. [*]To end Simon Says you must clearly state, "Simon says Simon Says is now over" [*]If another guard gives a command during Simon Says and a prisoner gets killed for it, it is a free kill. [*]In order for you to pass Simon Says to another guard you must say, "Simon Says [name of guard] is Simon". [*]Only the current Simon may call Simon says commands. [*]A commander may not stack Simon Says commands. For example: One can say "Simon says freeze." If the next command is "Simon says jump", prisoners must not be killed for unfreezing. [*]Even if Simon Says has not been started, the commander saying "Simon says jump and keep jumping" is still a valid command. The fact that no one is Simon does not exclude the fact that prisoners were still commanded to jump. [*]Do NOT kill people for following a command that Simon did not say if prisoners have not broken the current Simon Says command. For example: If a guard becomes Simon, and then says "Line up in the middle of the cage" without saying 'Simon says', no one should be killed, regardless if they lined up or not. No Simon Says command has yet been made to contain prisoners in a fixed location or maintain a current activity, so the prisoners are free to move about the area of confinement until Simon issues such a command. [/LIST]

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