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Denied 11B COL Adam RidgeWay's Staff Application

Discussion in 'Archive' started by TheOneAndOnlyTraitor, Jan 11, 2017.

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  1. TheOneAndOnlyTraitor

    TheOneAndOnlyTraitor Allied Member

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    Part I:
    In Game Name: 11B COL Adam Ridgeway, Soon to be Task Force 141 Disavowed Commander .
    Steam ID: 0:0:16505478
    Recommended by: " Ajay Previous Staff Member Of Allied Gaming Military RP" "Diamondback" "SOPS PVT Ryan" "USMC Colonel Corleone" " EX Staff Rickith" "Staff Ertsi
    Experience with Ulx: Working on multiple servers I have had to learn ULX Many times and I know how to use ULX Very Well It Is Very Easy To Use I Know Their Are Some Features that are for certain Staff ranks and each command has a different function.
    Experience as an admin: My experience as being a staff member on servers for RP The servers were named "Left Shark Gaming RP" And "Professional Gaming RP" They Were quality RP Servers that had decent owners that took care of their staff they really tried to train you well as a staff so I have a good amount of experience being a moderator on two RP servers and I will use this experience to help "Allied Gaming For The Better Of The Community"
    Your time zone: United States Pacific Time zone

    Part II:
    Do you own and use a microphone: Yes
    Have you ever given basic training: Yes Many Times before being a Drill sergeant as well as a military police many times so I have had to train countless amounts of recruits but I do not regret it I think a well trained recruit will make a great solider.
    How many warns do you have in-game (if any): A decent amount Usually RDM Because of me forgetting to read chat during combat and not seeing Way Is Over and I am getting better at paying more attention at the chat I will have to as a staff so I can tell people war is over and prevent RDM .
    Are you familiar with common commands, faces, stances, and weapon usage: Yes I have had to train many recruits and that training from your officers and training recruits will make you remember that training forever .
    What is your rank: Lieutenant Colonel Of The US Army .
    What is your age: 14
    How many hours/weeks do you have on our server: 3 Days And 5 Hours .
    How often do you check our forum [where all staff are expected to keep up to date with news, abuse reports]: At least 2-3 Times A Week For Server Updates .

    Part III:
    What rules are most frequently broken that you have seen: RDM NLR Usually happening during a raid
    How would you improve the current staff team: Bringing a well disciplined player that will better the community , server and Staff Team !
    What would you add to the server (if any!): Some different player models that will make it a more serious RP As Well Delete repeated word some different disciplinary action and possibly some better training exercises to better the soldiers discipline and skill I know we are a semi serious Role Play Server so I want to at least make the training more intense and difficult so that we actually have good soldiers that don't fucking team kill every five seconds because I know that some army infantry privates are aids so I think better training would help a lot. Thank You So Much For Reading And Have A Wonderful Day!
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  2. Paulingo

    Paulingo There is always a beginning to greatness. Retired

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    Another one? Like Kimo said on your last application wait a lot longer instead of applying like 5 times in a row.

    Again -1 rude ass person and was mic spamming "Alabama Nig***" during a debrief when I played a bit ago.

  3. [HoH]DiamondBack

    [HoH]DiamondBack Allied Member

    +1 If he becomes mod I think he will take things more serious,and he seems to be well experienced with ulx
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  4. Jax

    Jax Allied Member


  5. d_rUSTY

    d_rUSTY Allied Member Donor

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    Neutral i never see you on our csgo: TTT server.

    EDIT: if you dont get it look at bullseyes app
  6. ertsi

    ertsi Allied Member

  7. Levin

    Levin Allied Member Donor

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  8. Michael Corleone

    Michael Corleone Nothing to lose, Everything to gain

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    I've missed you Levin!
  9. lazyboy900

    lazyboy900 Hi, I'm new. Staff Member Server Manager Server Operator Teamspeak Staff

    Staff Apps Are Closed Until Further Notice.
  10. Joshua Montijo

    Joshua Montijo Allied Member

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    Sry to say but they are closed @ForumStaff pls lock this
  11. Levin

    Levin Allied Member Donor

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  12. Krispy #KrispyTerror

    Krispy #KrispyTerror A soldier that's outgunned outnumbered

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    Wanna see something funny?


    Look towards the bottom,

    Warned him for staff diss, he said it wasn't LOL!
  13. Dady

    Dady Richard is my new dad :D

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