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Suggestion Add back CS:GO Surf

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by ✪eZ^, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. DigidyDOG

    DigidyDOG Legend Legend

    Sky you have this all wrong, When you make a popular server that is always full and you like it and get involved in the community you get people that like surf and 1v1 then he tells his friends that like 1v1 and retakes and he tells his friend that likes retakes and HG and then he tells his friend who likes HG and Jailbreak, then he tells his friend that likes Jailbreaks and Bhops which then tells his friend that likes Bhops and Surf, BRO that is the circle of a thriving community I know many people who came to our community through surf then become great community members. You need entry level servers to introduce players to the community. Jailbreak is and Advanced server 1v1 is an entry level server but runs its self, and retakes is moderate server but doesn't have good conversion to the community.

    To be honest Surf, 1v1, and HG made AG for a while. The problem with Jailbreak is if you don't have good RP wardens your prisoners don't have fun and leave. #FreeKrispy
  2. ✪eZ^

    ✪eZ^ Thread killer Staff Member Server Manager

  3. Sky

    Sky Worst AG Staff Member Server High Admin Server Admin Server Operator Server Operator Teamspeak Staff

    I can understand where you're coming from, I'm just very hesitant about more servers when our current ones aren't doing so well. Sorry for being so stubborn, I just couldn't tell how the circle would be accomplished with the community obviously dying.
  4. DigidyDOG

    DigidyDOG Legend Legend

    The problem is this community was a CSGO community (at least with my time here) GMOD had players but very few converted into community members (from my perspective) So when most your community plays CSGO and there are no more CSGO server you leave them with little choice on where to go or what to do. From my perspective if a CSGO community is dying the last thing you should do is "hesitate" on making more CSGO servers OR never shut them down in the first place. I wasn't here so I was not able to see what happened to cause their fall. I would love to see AG come back to be better than the AG with Bawlls and Dick I mean Baws and Vick sorry.

    (off topic)
    I blame discord, its all their fault. (think on this for a hour or so and you may see my point.....)
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2018
  5. DigidyDOG

    DigidyDOG Legend Legend

    The same way you eat an elephant.
  6. Karisma

    Karisma Ramps in a surf map make me furious. Retired

    I don't have time to write a full response to this because I'm at school, but wow. There are a lot of old names I haven't seen in what seems like years.

    Huge +1 from me for reasons that are probably obvious.

    P.S. If it means anything, I still have all the files from both of our old surf servers :)
  7. QuitTrying

    QuitTrying Stand up for others who need it

    Sky, I joined from surf, Saw TTT And everything and invited my friends. Some people are from OLD Surf, People are coming back and we want to get surf going cause we all enjoyed it with eachother. If karisma has the files we could get testing and find some bugs, Set the Zones and shit. Pretty easy if you get the right batch of people on it.

    Dont remember if i +1'd bud yeah.
  8. DigidyDOG

    DigidyDOG Legend Legend

    Bruhs I have all the files HG, Decoy Dodge Ball, Surf, Jailbreak, 1v1, They are older than 1-2 years but if you ever need any of them or maps, lemme know.
  9. P2

    P2 Noob Staff Member Co-Owner

    Tbh at our peak in december 2016 we had more active servers/playerbase than old AG at their peak, I remember doing the math.
  10. HoboFromtheFuture

    HoboFromtheFuture I'm a Hobo

    Dude, surf is lit. Def a +1 from me.
  11. ✪eZ^

    ✪eZ^ Thread killer Staff Member Server Manager

    So I think the general consensus is that a good majority of people want to bring surf back. However I do agree now that it should be after we get the new forums out. The owners will have more time to focus on who they want to run the server.

    Thank you everyone for the input.

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