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    Hey Allied-Gamers,

    With the success of the Gmod servers we have been steadily growing, mostly thanks to @Survivor and his hard work. While we are getting a lot of success we don't want to become relaxed and complacent, we are going to continue moving forward to hopefully, bigger and better things.

    • Firstly, I want to announce the resignation of @Jacob . He has helped AG a lot, without him I don't think we would be in the same position we are now. He has got an internship and a job so he doesn't have much time anymore and has decided to hand off the reigns of the CSGO side of the community.
    • We are re-introducing the Root rank, and promoting @DigidyDOG and @MrShakuRR to the rank. The duties of the rank are as it was before, basically helping whenever needed, They have access to almost everything and should be contacted if Goob or myself are unavailable.
    • The General Manager position will be renamed to Divisional Manager, we feel this new name better encompasses the duties of the position.
    • @Survivor will be promoted to GMOD Divisional Manager, his recent work on the DC RP server has proved he is a capable individual and we hope with this promotion GMOD will continue to grow. Good luck and congratulations Survivor!
    • @Bunyip will be taking over as the CSGO Divisional Manager, Bunyip has proven he is competent and has the ability to learn what it takes to fix the ongoing problems plaguing the servers and drive them to new heights. Good luck and congratulations Bunyip!
    • As I previously stated in earlier posts, we are currently aware of the multitude of problems plaguing our CSGO servers, with the addition of an active divisional manager and the developer CodingCow we hope to fix them and work towards working them up to our standards once more.
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Discussion in 'Announcement and News' started by P2, Nov 24, 2016.

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