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Denied [CSGO JB] Operator Vegeto

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Vegito, Jun 19, 2017.

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  1. Vegito

    Vegito Allied Member

    cs go jailbreak operator vegito In Game Name:vegito Steam ID:
    In Game Name: vegito
    • Steam ID:
    • Steam Profile:fraginstien37
    • Recommendations:
    • Administrative Experience: none but learn
    • Experience with Source Mod/FTP/Coding: none
    • Your Time Zone: Pacific Time
    Personal Statistics ~
    • Do you own and use a microphone: Yes and I use it alot
    • How many hours do you play on our server(s):I play the server about 2-5 hours a day depending on what happens
    • Do you visit our forum: no but I will
    • How much time do you log on our teamspeak: I'm going to
    Personal Information ~
    • About Self: I like to play jb that was my first gamemode I played and still is.
    • What community, or server rules do you see broken: cts with no mics and freekilng and mic spam,cts going through t secrets without permission and also cts doing favoritism
    • How would you improve the current staff team: I can remember the rules and make Shure non gets broken
    • What suggestions do you have to improve the current server: to get more people to play again and to stop the rules from being broken.
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Server Operator: CSGO Jailbreak Server Operator

    Please fill out all the prompts (especially your Steam ID you can find it here http://steamidfinder.com/)
    Also, according to game tracker, you have only spent two hours on the server EVER. This might explain why I, who lives in the same time zone, have never seen you. (Sunday was Father's Day). This is not, in my experience, enough time to suggest a dedication to the operator position that you are applying for. Also please fix the spelling errors and grammatical errors. When creating your application, the red underlined words showed the mistakes.
  3. Subsy

    Subsy Hi Retired

    PigeonJacob's Penguin ClubUsername Style (Italic)Username Style (Bold)Username Style (Underline)
    -1 Correct me if I'm wrong but you barely play on jb.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2017
  4. Vegito

    Vegito Allied Member

    yes I'm sorry susby I play a server that is similar ik the rules but I understand
  5. Sky

    Sky Casual cringey 14 year old boy Server Admin Server Operator Teamspeak Staff

    Username Style (Underline)PigeonJacob's Penguin ClubUsername Style (Italic)Username Style (Bold)
    Vegito who are you? I haven't seen you on the server at all. I get you know the rules but what about the people? -1
  6. PleaseCallMeTim

    PleaseCallMeTim My name is Tim and I am cute.

    -1 idek who you are, also as @Andrew previously stated, you only have 2 hours total and failed to even get your steam ID.
  7. SoBe

    SoBe CS:GO TTT Staff and Known Pedobear Staff Member Retired Teamspeak Staff VIP+

    PigeonPigeonJacob's Penguin ClubPigeonPigeon
    Application Denied
    Once you are active consistently on the server for a couple of weeks and get to know the community, feel free to reapply.
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