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By Bunyip on Nov 26, 2016 at 12:07 AM
  1. Bunyip

    Bunyip Hi, I'm not that new. CSGO Division Manager Teamspeak Staff Donor

    Christmas 2016
    Date: (Saturday) November 26, 2016
    Time: ~8PM EST
    Duration: (15-30 minutes) Should be a fairly short meeting. What I want to discuss should only take ~15 minutes, so unless we get into some serious/productive conversations afterwards, the meeting should be finished within 30 minutes (this is taking into account possible Q&A time)
    Participants: @Bunyip @DigidyDOG @Sonicc @King Mike @Karisma

    This is -for the most part- an introductory meeting, with only a couple of key points that we need to address for now. While it is not crucial that everyone be there (as the information could be relayed 1-to-1 afterwards), your efforts to be online and present at the scheduled time are appreciated.

    @DigidyDOG and myself look forward to speaking with you all tomorrow.
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Discussion in 'CS:GO Hub' started by Bunyip, Nov 26, 2016.

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