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    Basic Rules
    • When Raiding, you MUST /advert Raid to indicate you are raiding.
    • Do not RDM
    • Mass RDM.
    • Prop surfing/climbing/killing is not allowed.
    • No mic spam (unless you are a hobo)
    • No exploiting glitches
    • No claiming more than one "section" of town
    • Do not disrespect a staff member
    • NLR is allowed if you were rdmed.
    • There is no scamming or tricking a person to do a deal or during a deal.
    • If you are using a keypad and fading door the keypad must be set to keep the fading door open for at least 3 seconds.
    • Do not advertise other gaming websites/servers.
    • Do not request an admins assistance in unnecessary situations.
    • Do NOT self supply. This means that you shouldn't switch from your job to a gun dealer, buy yourself weapon shipments, then switch back to your previous job.
    • Building in the streets or on public property is prohibited. (Hobos are an exception to this rule)
    • The maximum time of building is varied on the size of the property. For a small shop you would most likely have 15 minutes while a bigger base/shop would be up to 20 minutes
    • We reserve the right to change the rules as we go at any time.
    • NLR requires you wait 2 minutes upon returning to your prior location. If you died in spawn or in the general area
    • Harassment of any players is unacceptable and will never be tolerated.
    • Distributing or selling job items (stunstick, lockpick, class weapons, etc.) is not allowed and can result in a ban.
    • Donating does not mean you get mod.
    • No porn/nsfw sprays keep everything child-friendly.
    • No racism/discrimination of any kind.
    • If you were killed at spawn you may break NLR
    • One-way props are NOT allowed
    • If you change your job name, it MUST be relevant to your original job.
    • Purple glove may start a terrorist attack by adverting Terror Attack, this may only be done once every ten minutes and last only 10 seconds.
    • Do not CDM (Car Death Match) kill players using cars
    • Do not Fail RP. (ex. Raiding as Gun Dealer.)
    • Do not evade or avoid punishment. (We have your Steam ID; you will be banned for a longer time than you would have before you left.)
    Building Rules
    • If you are building and don't wanted to be raided make a building sign
    • You can be banned/raided if you are caught with spawned entities with a building sign( Weapons, Shipments, Printers)
    • The max time of building will be varied due to the size of the building.(See basic rules)
    • Keypads Must Be Open For 3 Seconds.
    • Ramps are prohibited.
    Building Rule Additions
    • The maximum time for building in a small/medium building is 15 minutes, the maximum amount of time for building for large buildings (a.e warehouse) is 25 minutes.
    • If base has cameras you can only have 3 cameras in or around the base. If you have 3 or more people in base there can be a total of 6 cameras in or around the base.
    • The maximum amount of keypad pairs for entrances allowed for a base is 3.
    • There must be at least one entrance to your base, all other unused entrances can be prop blocked.
    • Crouch tunnels must be able to be walked through under 3 seconds. (or crouch tunnels can be banned, your choice)
    • No head glitches, your whole body must be visible to the raider when you shoot him/her.
    • No fake keypads and keypads must be placed near the door.
    • You must own all the doors in the building to base inside of said building.
    • Don't abuse fading doors in any RP situation, like raiding or such.
    • Overall, don't have a ridiculous advantage over raiders in your base, like super long mazes, traps, etc.
    • If asked to leave while building you must leave or you will be KOS
    • Your KOS line may not be in public areas.
    Store/Base Rules
    • All stores must be accessible to other players! (but a store owner may ban hitmen with hits from their stores)
    • Fading doors need to have a working keypad that can be used to enter through lockpick or keypad cracking.
    • When you're raided and die, you cannot return to your previous location until NLR time allows.
    • No fading door abuse (putting way too many fading doors)
    Random Deathmatch (RDM)
    • Killing without valid RP reason or relation.
    • Killing large groups of people without reason.
    • Revenge Killing is not allowed.
    Disrespect & Harassment
    • Disrespect is not tolerated in any instance. Treat others with respect.
    • Disrespect towards staff is unacceptable if you disagree with staff bring it up to a higher up.
    No Prop Minging
    • Prop Spamming
    • Prop Blocking
    • Prop Climbing
    • Prop Surfing
    • Spawning Props inside other player's bases
    • Spawning Props during a raid
    • Spawning Props inside of a Server Event
    • Placing one's self in a prop to resist damage or block
    • Blocking off public areas of access
    • You cannot mug the same person twice in a row
    • You must wait ten minutes between raiding/mugging another player
    • You cannot mug more than $1,000.00 during a mug
    • You may kill the the person you are mugging if he/she does not follow mugging rules
    • When being mugged, you may try and run, but you cannot suicide.
    • No mugging an AFK player.
    • Police may break NLR during a PD raid.
    • There is no such thing as FearRP, don't be a cunt and try to call an admin for this rule.
    • You must wait 10 minutes before raiding the SAME person and 2 minutes for raiding another person.
    • If you are being raided you can not comeback after you die must wait til raid is over.
    • Once you have completed a raid you must leave. You cannot occupy a base/store after a raid.
    • You can not raid if there is a building sign
    • You must advert raid before beginning a raid.
    • You must advert when you are finished a raid.
    • In atom suit you can't go below .4 height
    • You can only raid for a max of 10 minutes
    • You may have a building sign while building to protect your base from raids.
    • While having a building sign you can not have any ( Weapons, Shipments, Printers)
    • You must remove all building signs once you finish building.
    No NLR
    • New Life Rule
    • Must wait 2 minutes before coming back to previous location you have died in.
    Hitman Rules
    • Hitmen may assist a raid if there is a hit on the player being raided.
    • Hitmen do not have to use /advert hit accepted or /advert hit complete
    • Do not accept a hit on the same player twice in a row in a matter of 5 minutes.
    Gun Dealer Rules
    • You must sell guns to everybody
    • If you do not wish to sell guns to a certain job, then make a sign saying so
    • You may make a base and store
    • Gun Dealer's may not assist in raids
    • Gun Dealer's may close shop to rebuild after a raid, (this rebuild should not be more than ten minutes)
    Mayor Rules
    • Do not make laws that defy server rules
    • You cannot force people to do small jobs for you, unless you pay them and they agree
    • A Mayor can only base in PD or Government Building
    • You may be a corrupt government and holster printers
    • Do not create laws that allow instantaneous RDM (EX: Civilian looks at your feet = KOS)
    • KOS laws are not allowed unless there is a precaution added to those laws (EX: Holding Primary Weapon = KOS)
    Guards Rules
    • You may not be hired to defend the bank or any bank guards
    • If a player does not pay you call an admin, the pay you requested will be dumped on him x3 and you will be given that amount instead
    • You must guard anyone if they pay you
    Admin On Duty
    • Cannot Role-Play on this job
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