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Event Suggestions

Discussion in '[AG] Jailbreak' started by QuitTrying, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. QuitTrying

    QuitTrying Stand up for others who need it

    Hello! I need the communities help! I would like to see what you guys want to see in Events for Jailbreak. If you can Comment some suggestions that you have an idea for, Or what we should do for how long. I will gladly take it into consideration, Once people have commented i will try to bring them up with King Ross, And Sonicc.
  2. Subsy

    Subsy Hi Retired

    T Rebel Event - Most kills as a rebeller wins;Staff go on CT.
    T Wins Event - Whichever T(s) who survive the most rounds wins.
    T MiniGames Event - Most wins during MiniGames (Simon Says|Green Light, Red Light|Gun Fight|Etc.) as T wins the prize.

    We could also have it so it's a set time-frame so it's scheduled for 1-3 hours and you stop when the time is up but wait until the current round ends.
    ^ Would make it populated for a longer time than just 3 maps or whatever.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2017

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