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Garry's Mod Servers Update

Discussion in 'Announcement and News' started by P2, Jul 16, 2016.

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  1. P2

    P2 Noob Staff Member Co-Owner

    We've been getting a lot of questions regarding the Garry's Mod servers and how the transition isn't as smooth as CS:GO. In an effort to provide more transparency we've decided to make this post to explain what's happening behind the scenes and the road blocks we have hit so far.

    Before all of this went down I had a talk with all the general managers and filled them up with the situation. I explicitly asked them to make backups of all the servers as there were major doubts about the AG1 owner's willingness and/or ability to keep the community and servers running. In other words I made it clear the servers could go down at any minute. Cut to a few days ago I contacted GLK ( STEAM_0:1:78651468 ) and asked for the files as it was clear the old servers are not going up again anytime soon. He declined and said he would only give them to the server managers who ask for it. The TTT SemiVanilla and DarkRP managers didn't have a problem with us having them. I also asked blake_won if he minded us having the TTT#2 server considering he built the server and he said he does not mind.

    GLK has been planning to make his own community since the formation of Allied-Gaming and with that in mind I informed Blake of what's happening and that GLK will likely use the files he worked on for his own community. In turn Blake contacted GLK. GLK has since twisted my and Blake's words telling members we were "attacking him" and "taking advantage of his kindness", when in reality he just wanted a reason to justify running away with the files.

    My conversation with GLK: http://imgur.com/a/TkESv
    Blake contacting GLK: http://i.imgur.com/FXJVi1P.jpg
    GLK twisting Blake's words: http://imgur.com/a/jCKIX

    All in all, we made a mistake trusting GLK and I apologize to everyone who played on TTT #2, SemiVanilla and DarkRP/HarryPotter servers for the delay in getting the servers up and running.

    Currently we are still trying to get a hold of the files. If that proves unsuccessful we plan on building new servers with the help of @Nagato and @Survivor and anyone that wishes to contribute and rebuild the servers with us. In either case we are aiming to have the servers up sometime next week.
  2. P2

    P2 Noob Staff Member Co-Owner

  3. PantherDaPro

    PantherDaPro Professional Cool Guy Retired

    So I think this brings up the question, GLK or Yolo? Who was better / who would've been better in this situation. GG guys you lost the TTT2 server
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  4. PantherDaPro

    PantherDaPro Professional Cool Guy Retired

    Shitposting aside, wish you guys luck with the new GMOD TTT plugin, really a dick move by GLK.
  5. Sonicc

    Sonicc Sonicc The Snail Server Manager Teamspeak Staff

    That is one hell of a dick move by glk...
  6. TheBladez190

    TheBladez190 fail server, fail sm Retired

  7. Xero1287

    Xero1287 Best. In. The. World.

    Can we get a banhammer?
  8. Mr. Richard Cranium

    Mr. Richard Cranium Yes, I'm a dickhead. Staff Member Forum Admin

    What a little bitch glk is for doing that. But we don't need him nor the backups. Sure it would be a hell of a lot easier with the backups but we have great talent here and if we aren't able to recover them I'm sure they can be rebuilt.
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  9. Justin.

    Justin. Here for you sexual needs.

    Hey guys, GLK here. I like to suck on my moms tits and I think that my own server is going to do better than AG's. I am also stealing AG's property and claiming them for myself. I love being a 12 year old bigot! :)

    All jokes aside, GLK's a dickhead who should say GG and jump off a cliff.
  10. GamingPyra

    GamingPyra I get drunk sometimes. Retired

    First off, I am very happy you guys made this post and show transparency throughout this process.
    Secondly, sadly we did trust the wrong person and hopefully, we can re-create our amazing TTT#2 and DarkRP Server. We should just get Yolo back as SM, at least he wont steal server files.

    Did not someone else, also steal our TTT#2 Server Files? Déjà vu
  11. Esbelto

    Esbelto GankSpankMeDaddy GMOD Developer

    Basically, I use to see GLK as a down to earth person who spoke the truth when it came to TTT #2, recently after talking to him (http://imgur.com/a/jCKIX) I've come to realize what type of person GLK is, he used a victim card and empathy card on me in the conversation, claimed he was harassed by multiple users (not verified, but considering these lies I compromised, probably another lie.) and that a witch hunt was incited on GLK (Also unverified). I told GLK straight up what I was gonna do, no tricks about it, down to earth, but what did I get in return? A trail of lies, personally, I'm happy I was able to help bring to light who GLK truly is and what type of scum he identifies as.

    Now does this mean all the owners of the community GLK is in are scum? No, they are innocent until proven guilty so don't get some sort of weird mentality like that.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2016
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  12. Cogito

    Cogito In Search of Sunrise Staff Member Server Manager Teamspeak Staff

    In the end them stealing files to make a community, will only show their own members how the owners are villainous, people willing to lie, and steal for files..

  13. Cogito

    Cogito In Search of Sunrise Staff Member Server Manager Teamspeak Staff

    Long live The King in the North!
  14. Webster

    Webster Forum Bum Teamspeak Staff

    YEAH! Screw Han'nah and GLKKK!
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2016
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  15. Tangy!

    Tangy! #Reformed. You don't wanna know who reformed me. Retired

    @Webster can help you guys build the servers, He is really dedicated and really knows about gmod a lot. Trust him one more time?, I'm sure he not like Han'nah and GLK. But I still won't go against GLK lol.
  16. Survivor

    Survivor Survivor Staff Member GMOD Division Manager

    It will be fun to help out! Hopefully we can get everything back to normal and start up the gmod servers as they were before!
  17. HalfsideClark

    HalfsideClark Like a Elevator

    And look at this mob mentality going on
  18. HalfsideClark

    HalfsideClark Like a Elevator

    Are you guys getting mad at somebody for copying files and making a new community with them? When that's exactly what you guys did right here
  19. Crazy

    Crazy Allied Member

  20. glk

    glk RIP

    Honestly this is blown way out of proportion.
    Could i have handled the situation better? Yes, i will be the first to admit that i could have handled the situation better, but only someone naive would say that the same isn't true about both parties.

    The TL:DR is that i intended fully to give the files and i specifically told P2 how to get them, until i got annoyed with the situation and decided that i didn't have to if you guys where going to act the way you did. Just because i had the files does not mean i have i have an obligation to give them to you, so don't act like i do.

    This whole situation can be summed up from my side with comments like

    Like I said, i have no obligation to give you the files just because I have them, so stop acting like you can demand me to do whatever you want. How do you think i felt with this tone, which is actually exactly what has brought this to the point that it is at.

    I am willing to admit that I let my annoyance, control my actions, but are you guys willing to admit that you are not completely faultless?

    As for the community part of this post, that decision wasn't even made by me, yet you still pin it to me trying to make me look like the bad guy? I decided not to join this community because i had a feeling that it would be no different than the last, and you are already starting to prove me right.
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