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How to: install and configure Valve Hammer Editor 3.5 (Gold Source).

Discussion in 'Mapping' started by VickGamer, Nov 24, 2014.

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  1. VickGamer

    VickGamer Hi, I'm new.

    So you want to learn how to make your own Half-Life 1 or Counter-Strike 1.6 maps? Well, you came to the right place!

    Hello folks, in this tutorial i'm going to show you, step by step, how to install and configure the tools you need in order to create your own maps for games and mods that are built on the Half-Life 1 engine. The process of making a map can be very tedious at the beginning, but it can develop to be a very enjoyable hobby.
    This process consists of 2 basic steps:
    1) Level creation/editing.
    2) Compiling your map.

    First things first! All my files uploaded on this site are compressed in a ".zip" or ".rar" archive, so in order to use them after you've downloaded any of these files, you will need to decompress them with an appropriate software such as WinZip or WinRAR.
    Ok, now that you have installed an archive manager software on your machine, let's start getting our hands dirty and see what other programs we need in order to begin creating your very own maps.

    There are 3 basic components that we have to install if we want to build our maps from scratch and develop them into a fully operational level that is playable within a game:

    [SIZE=large]1) Level editor[/SIZE] - Such as Valve Hammer Editor 3.5 that we are going to use, or better known as GoldSource. To make it easier, we are also going to refer to this program as VHE. This is what we use to build our map.
    [SIZE=large]2) ".FGD"[/SIZE] file appropriate for our game/mod - FGD stands for Forge Game Data. It is the file extension for Hammer's game definition files. They define all of the entities of a game so mappers can select them from within the level editor. To better understand this, take for example Valve Hammer Editor; we can build a map for Counter-Strike with it, but in order to do this we will need a Counter-Strike FGD file. This goes for any other mods that we're built on the Half-Life 1 engine, such as: for Opposing Force we will need the Opposing Force FGD file, for Blue Shift we will need the Blue Shift FGD file, etc...
    [SIZE=large]3) Compiler[/SIZE] - A compiler is a computer program (or set of programs) that transforms source code written in a programming language (the source language) into another computer language. In our case, what the compiler will do for us is basically "bake" our map from the level editor into a playable level within the game.

    Ok, enough with the talk, let's get started downloading what we need!
    [SIZE=large]1) Level editors:[/SIZE]
    Here is the level editor, Valve Hammer Editor 3.4, download and install it onto your computer. For convenience, install it to "...Program Files\Valve Hammer Editor" folder. Once you are done, download and install in the same folder Valve Hammer Editor 3.5.2. You are now using the latest official version of GoldSource.

    [SIZE=large]2) Compiling tools:[/SIZE]
    If you are done with the above steps we can continue by downloading Zoner's Half Life Tools, unpack it and save the files anywhere on your computer, just make sure to remember where you leave them!
    [SIZE=medium]NOTE: Download only the appropriate file for your operating system (see 32-bit or 64-bit version).[/SIZE]
    Zoner's Half-Life Tools 3.4, 32-bit (ZLHT) - Half-Life compile tools, for 32-bit OS's only.
    Zoner's Half-Life Tools 3.4, 64-bit (ZLHT) - Half-Life compile tools, for 64-bit OS's only.
    [SIZE=large]OPTIONAL but highly recommended:[/SIZE]
    Batch Compiler v3.1.2 - Compilation tools by Nem. This is an optional download; we will learn how to use this program in another thread.
    Vluzacn's ZHLT v30 - A bundle of important additions to VHE that most medium & advanced mappers should use.

    We are finished installing VHE and all of the components we need for it's basic functions. Now lets start up Valve Hammer Editor and configure it for the mod that we want to create maps, in our case Counter-Strike 1.6. As soon as we start VHE, a dialog box pops up, likewise in the picture below, asking if you'd would like to open the new user's guide. Hit NO for now, you can read the VHE manual at a later time by accessing "Help" -> "Help Topics" from the top menu (click on images to make them larger).

    Next the configuration box will pop up, select "Game Configurations" tab as shown below.

    Let's configure VHE for Counter-Strike.
    Next to "Configuration" box you can find the "Edit" button. Select it and in the "Edit Game Configurations" box that pops up select "Add". Type Counter-Strike in the game name field and hit OK. See image below.

    Close the "Edit Game Configurations" box and let's move on to the "Game Data Files" box. Next to this you find the "Add" box, select it and browse for the FGD file you've downloaded earlier (Dmitrich Counter-Strike game definition file, version It should be in the "...Program Files\Valve Hammer Editor\fgd\counter-strike" folder.

    Next we move to the "Game Executable Directory (ex: c:\Half-Life)" box. This is where you have to point out where the main folder of your game is installed. For example "C:\Program Files\Counter-Strike". Select the "Browse" button and once you find your game folder hit OK.

    The lower box named "Mod Directory (ex: c:\Half-Life\tfc)" asks us for the location of our mod. In our case Counter-Strike, so we hit the "Browse" button and point it to our "cstrike" folder, for example "C:\Program Files\Counter-Strike\cstrike"

    For the "Game Directory (ex: c:\Half-Life\valve)" box you enter the same folder location as you did above, that would be the "C:\Program Files\Counter-Strike\cstrike" folder.

    The "RMF Directory" box is where VHE saves the source files of your maps. You can select any folder from your computer to save these. If everything is done right it should look something like this:

    We are done with the "Game Configurations" tab, let's move on to the "Build Programs" tab. In this tab we have to point out where your game executable file is and also where you saved the Zoner's Half-Life Tools files.
    In the "Configurations" box, select Counter-Strike.

    In the "Game executable" box you will have to point the location of your game startup executable file. For example "C:\Program Files\Counter-Strike\Counter-Strike.exe"

    In the "CSG executable" box you will have to point out the location of the "hlcsg.exe" file. This should be in the folder where you saved the Zoner's Half-Life Tools.
    In the "BSP executable" box you will have to point out the location of the "hlbsp.exe" file. This should be in the folder where you saved the Zoner's Half-Life Tools.
    In the "VIS executable" box you will have to point out the location of the "hlvis.exe" file. This should be in the folder where you saved the Zoner's Half-Life Tools.
    In the "RAD executable" box you will have to point out the location of the "hlrad.exe" file. This should be in the folder where you saved the Zoner's Half-Life Tools

    In the "Place compiled maps in this directory before running the game" box you will have to point out the location of the "maps" folder. In our case this should be the "C:\Program Files\Counter-Strike\cstrike\maps" folder.

    And lastly we move on to the "Textures" tab. In here you can add or remove any ".wad" files you like. [SIZE=medium]All the these .WAD files should be placed in your "cstrike" folder[/SIZE], in our case "C:\Program Files\Counter-Strike\cstrike".
    You can start by adding "cstrike.wad", "halflife.wad", "decals.wad", "liquids.wad" and "xeno.wad". You can do this by selecting "Add WAD" and pointing out the location to your wad file. Also very important to add the "zlht.wad", this wad plays a major role in optimizing your map for better performance and it should be located in your Zoner's Half-Life Tools download.
    [SIZE=medium]NOTE: It is advisable not to load more than 8 wad files at a time when creating a map, as it can have unpredictable consequences by altering your map and can even crash VHE.[/SIZE]
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