inb4 server dies for good

Discussion in '[AG] Trouble in Terrorist Town' started by CrimsonVava, Apr 1, 2017.

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  1. CrimsonVava

    CrimsonVava BOOOM

    ...Heck. It's been a while since I started playing on this server, when I found out about AG, when stuff was still ok. But, things have changed. Players left the server since stuff happened and I am not optimistic at all about the players coming back to a dead game, or to a dead server, at least. So, if things don't change, you will have my resignation since I have problems and it's getting harder and harder to keep track and stay awake to US times. Maybe on the summer people will come back, but I am sure it will never be as it used to be - speaking of population, not organization.
    Also - this thread has no comment on the admin team. It is better than before, but it's just... Everyone forgot about this server, or it might be just me.
  2. Senor Mexicano

    Senor Mexicano Allied Historian

    This server has been dead to me since it re-launched. It rarely had players and whenever it did have players, they would only stay on for a couple hours.

    Sucks considering it was easily one of the best 1.6 mods and servers out there.
  3. kimo

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    It's not that the server was poorly managed on jacobs part but 1.6 is just dead for the most part. People wanted the server back but didn't realize it died for a reason.
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  4. Mr. Richard Cranium

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    While 1.6 in general is dying I've played in lots of 1.6 servers that still are very populated most of the time. One I play on quite often is a 24/7 assault map.
  5. King Ross

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    @kimo your right if @Jacob was a good sm he would of had the server populated. We should of got someone like Yolo to do the job cuz he's got the most potential.
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  6. Dr Jerry

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    Rip. It was worth a try to bring TTT back though. AG used to have a dedicated 1.6 community even after 1.6 had died. But times change. I had some great times on the 1.6 ttt and jb servers and they will be missed.
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  7. fonzie

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    i guess thats too bad then
  8. Jacob

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    The truth is that I gave up on the server.

    Back when I was the 1v1 Server Manager from what seems like forever ago, I revived it from no players for weeks to top 400 in the world. But I only did that because I was committed to it more than a lot of things in my life including school. I would hop on every day for at least 4 hours inviting everyone on my friends list to come on.

    I just.. don't have that kind of time anymore, and that was partly why the server only lasted a month, well not even.

    It was so clear in my head that once people found out that the old AG is back they'd come back and play on it for hours every other day or so. But I was wrong, sure we had over 15 players on for a lot of it, over 20 at times, full server once. But most of the time, it'd just be Dr Jerry, Tangy, you and I on the server. Just the same handful of players trying to resurrect what was once the best servers out there. And for a little while, we could get the server somewhat poppin' from that. But after a couple weeks, we tried the same thing, but less and less players wanted to come join. It got to the point where it was just me on the server, and out of all my friends list [who were online], only 1 person replied and joined the server, but left soon after because no one else wanted to join, and then it began to happen more consistently.

    I made the mistake of thinking it would be just like when I was SM of 1v1, where players would favorite the server and come on by themselves without me having to invite my entire friendslist. But instead, only 1 non-staff came on by himself. And when no one was willing to join when I invited them from my friends list (Keep in mind I sent a friend request to each player I saw on the 1.6 server, to try and get them to come back at a later time), along with only 1 player coming back on his own... to be blunt, I just... gave up, and stopped coming on the server because no one wanted to join if I tried to invite them.

    So... sorry.

    But there's another factor that kept bringing AG's server down. And that lies at the fault of old AG's CEO. Before July 2016, the old owners couldn't pay for the servers, so we took over the community to ensure that everyone's hard work including my own was preserved to the fullest extent, and we've come so far since then. During the switch-over, Blake, the original coder to the highly-esteemed Jailbreak and Trouble In Terrorist Town plugins, he gave them to AG's old CEO, and told him to keep the plugins for now, and give P2 and GoobNitro the Source Code when had Allied-Gaming up and running. So when Blake told P2 and Goob that Baws (old ceo) had the source for the plugins, they went to go ask Baws for the code.

    Instead of handing over the code, like he promised to Blake, Baws wanted money for the plugins that he didn't even make. And in time, Baws eventually sold the plugins to LgK Clan, where they got their servers up when we couldn't. Blake went MIA for a while, and we were left without any options concerning the 1.6 servers until Blake came back months later, to find out that Baws sold the plugins to some other community for money instead of giving the code to us like he promised. Blake immediately helped us out and gave P2 and Goob the code we were supposed to have months prior.

    So, while we physically could not produce our TTT and JB 1.6 servers, Baws sold blake's code for a whopping $700, and LgK's servers became populated beyond belief. The old og AG TTT and JB servers suddenly appeared out of thin air, except they weren't AG anymore, they were LgK. And when we finally got the AG 1.6 servers back up, LgK already had a lot of our old randoms, and we were left with next to nothing.

    They still are the best TTT and JB plugins out there to this day, and it was an amazing run while it lasted, so for that I thank all of you who made the server as fun as it was. It was definitely worth the try, but in the situations we were put through, the server was run into the ground.

    My apologies.
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