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Kim Jong-un's Pleasure Squad

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HoboFromtheFuture, Mar 11, 2018.

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  1. HoboFromtheFuture

    HoboFromtheFuture I'm a Hobo

    Supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, is not the most sensible person in the world, but some may find it most disturbing that he has his own personal teenage "pleasure squad". The teens known as "Gippeumjo" or "happiness squad", have been selected and more or less forced to do whatever Kim wants them to do in order to live in a life of luxury accommodation, away from the less lax life of a North Korean citizen.
    Kim's list of demands include; massages, dancing, and sexual favors. These women have been thoughtfully chosen in order to provide the best experience for Mr. Jong-un. You might be surprised to hear that this has been going on for decades, starting with Kim's grandfather, Kim Il-sung in the 1970's.

    With North Korea's infamous reputation to murder entire families for even thinking about going against the reign of the Supreme Leader's decision, is mostly why none of these women have to even think about going against Kim's orders.

    With how ambiguous this "pleasure squad" is, North Korean leaders did everything they could to keep this a secret with the outside world, that is until former members spoke out about it. In spite of this, the squads still existed throughout the command of Kim Jong-il. It was until Kim Jong-un first became leader, that it was erased from existence due to Jong-un's Swiss education and the impact from Western civilization numerous attempts to stop this. Later comes 2015, the year the pleasure squad was re-introduced. We could tell that it wasn't the case.

    Created by the government, the squad was to be made up of 13-15 year old, beautiful faced, feminine voice like girls and no taller than 5'6" (170 cm). That last quality is extremely difficult to find when almost the entire countries populace of females, are about 4'11" (about 151 cm).

    So what do you guys think, is this fucked up or is this fucked up? Please let's have a civil and actual discussion about this topic.
  2. P2

    P2 Noob Staff Member Co-Owner

    Thats pretty horrible. I hope his regime falls soon.
  3. Michael Rosen

    Michael Rosen Allied Member

    Meanwhile his Southern cousins have an age of consent of 20
  4. Mr. Flenagan

    Mr. Flenagan zd fcxgvbjkl Retired

  5. Brontes

    Brontes Throbbing Blood Tubes Forum Moderator Server High Admin Server Operator Teamspeak Staff

    Definitely not a person who should be leading a country, nonetheless the family. This is seriously messed up
  6. NaisA-

    NaisA- Co-Owner Co-Owner

    Here in America we have the greatest POTUS ever.
  7. D_rules

    D_rules Server Operator: TTT2 Server Operator

    If she 13 I’m 13 -Kim Jong Un
  8. Steedzz

    Steedzz Server Admin: DC Multiverse RP Server Admin

  9. [Prototype]

    [Prototype] Add me on Overwatch Prototype#11219 Server Head Admin

  10. Dark

    Dark Entry Fragger/Secondary AWPer Staff Member Forum Moderator Teamspeak Staff

  11. Mr. Richard Cranium

    Mr. Richard Cranium Yes, I'm a dickhead. Staff Member Forum Admin

    This is absolutely disgusting, but I expect nothing less from that piece of crap.
  12. Michael Corleone

    Michael Corleone Nothing to lose, Everything to gain


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