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Accepted Lets win this time dummit! But seriously, I'm tryin again.

Discussion in 'Archive' started by sawilson, Jan 6, 2018.

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  1. sawilson

    sawilson Allied Member

    Part I:
    In Game Name: sawilson
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:53414623
    Recommended by: Myself? I was told about it so I decided why the hell not.
    Experience as an admin: little (I was mod for a day on a sandbox server)
    Experience with ULX: TF IS ULX
    Your TimeZone: Central Time Zone

    Part II:
    Do you own and use a microphone: yes/not often.
    How many hours/week will you be active for: I cannot say exactly as my weekly schedule will change time to time. If there is a minimum time to serve I shall try to meet it.
    How often do you check our forum [where all staff are expected to keep up to date with news, abuse reports]: once every two days or after I get back from camping trips.

    Part III:
    What rules are most frequently broken that you have seen: RDM, false KOS, KOS on gun/location.
    How would you improve the current staff team: having more active staff on the server and handling reports/ enforcing the rules.

    NOTES(plz read):
    I’m back from camp and froze my ass off but am ready to be on more. Now you might be saying, thought you were having surgery. Well I am, and I’ll probably feel like shit the day of it. But the doc says I can at least get on the server and handle reports if any. Cause it won’t require talking just typing a bit and watching the matches, which believe me, will be no trouble whatsoever. I will be more active from now on.

    For you scouts out there: I have done my National Youth Leadership Training and completed my Eagle Scout Project. I am not an Eagle yet because the board of review has not had the time to go over it. I feel like some of the leadership skills I’ve learned would help me as a staff member.

    FINAL NOTES: I have really tried my hardest to change my old ways. If this gets denied I’d at least like to be trial staff for a week or something. Just so you could see if I am fit for the job. To see if I still want to be staff. It’s up to s4mple and double though.
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2018
  2. ~Ellie~

    ~Ellie~ Queen Bitch Staff Member Server Manager Server Admin Server Operator Teamspeak Staff


    I think he should be given a chance. He's clearly determined and dedicated and I've never had issues with him in game.
  3. RandomGamer

    RandomGamer ur fat kiddo Server Admin Server Operator

    +1 dedicated and good on server, if anything give him trial op just for how determined he is to get staff.
  4. ✪Pingu

    ✪Pingu Pagani Automobili Server High Admin

    I'm assuming since Ellie posted on this that it is an application for Semi-Vanilla?
  5. sawilson

    sawilson Allied Member

    Yes pingu. I'm applying for semi vanilla.
  6. Sky

    Sky Worst AG Staff Member Server High Admin Server Admin Server Operator Server Operator Teamspeak Staff

    -1 the streak needs to keep going

    +1 cool guy and is active af
  7. Mints

    Mints Allied Member

    -1 you haven't changed a bit and you reapplying when having not changed isn't dedication it is rather desperation. I will gladly +1 you if you can prove to me you aren't just an annoying immature offensive kid. Also sorry if it happened but I doubt you actually asked a doctor if you could go on a server?

    I doubt you'd be capable as staff but a trial staff session would be a good way to learn or show you are capable. -1 for Staff, +1 for Trial Staff (if its possible)
  8. sawilson

    sawilson Allied Member

    Mints: so I met again with the oral surgeon and asked him if I could be on a server on a game to handle staff stuff and he said it was fine as long as I don't talk. Which while handling reports talking isn't required. Also, when was the last time you were on to see if I've actually changed??
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2018
  9. HoboFromtheFuture

    HoboFromtheFuture I'm a Hobo

    I'm gonna go neutral because your application part of this application could use some more effort. If you really are dedicated to the server, then at least put some more effort into the application for staff on the server you're supposed to be dedicated on. But other than that, you seem very nice and level-headed (forum-wise), but just a little too chatty (for me at least). I don't know how you really are in-game, I've only played with you once and that was a while ago. And if you are going to have surgery, I might suggest waiting until you get better, rather than spending time on an online video game server. But if you really want to be staff on the server, then I guess I can't stop you. Best of luck!
  10. sawilson

    sawilson Allied Member

    Yeah I'll try to be on as much as possible (may even play a little don't know) for the next week. Then after that I should be ready to get back on at my normal times.
  11. D_rules

    D_rules Server Operator: TTT2 Server Operator

    -1 havent seen you on server recently and seem immature a lot of the time, if i see you on the server more and see more maturity i am willing to change it to a +1
  12. sawilson

    sawilson Allied Member

    bruh u gotta be on when I am to see me. Maybe you haven't seen me on but you also might be on when I'm asleep like at 1:00 in the morning. total server time is right now at 1 week and 3 days but I can see where you're coming from. Normally you'll catch me during the day to early night. i'm normally asleep by late night.
  13. Electron

    Electron Allied Member

    +1. Chill guy, who has been a part of the community for longer than I. I think you would be a great candidate for staff, just try to improve your activity a little.

    P.S: Add me to the recommended.
  14. Crow 1607

    Crow 1607 Server Admin: GMOD TTT #2 Server Admin Server Operator Teamspeak Staff

    I may be not super active right now as I’ve been busy working on other stuff but even this staff app shows how immature you are, you try to fight everyone if you don’t like something someone post just send them a message have a talk it’s way more professional, your application look like you took it as a joke also the times I played with you over the time, I don’t feel like your fit for staff, just don’t have the personality and maturity for it. (Ps. You seem to having a lot of stuff happening in your life no need to rush being staff, deal with what’s happening in your life first)
  15. sawilson

    sawilson Allied Member

    I understand where you’re coming from. Not sure why you think my app is a joke though.
  16. Strekki

    Strekki Old Dog New Tricks F1 Squad

    +1 If he's immature then he'll fit right in with the rest of the Semi-Vanilla staff

    It's a joke calm down.
  17. Crow 1607

    Crow 1607 Server Admin: GMOD TTT #2 Server Admin Server Operator Teamspeak Staff

    "Lets win this time dummit! But seriously, I'm tryin again."
    "Myself? I was told about it so I decided why the hell not."
    "TF IS ULX"

    really seem like you really cared and i mean the notes at the bottom is practically saying you are busy with life, just take your time man, get recommendations, wait till life slows down, put 100% effort in your application.

  18. sawilson

    sawilson Allied Member

    Well idk what ULX is so that's why I said that part. I guess I can see now.
  19. SoBe

    SoBe Always Depressed Retired Teamspeak Staff

    +1 deserves a chance
  20. D_rules

    D_rules Server Operator: TTT2 Server Operator

    I’m not sure how to explain ulx. I guess it’s the type of commands and menu we use, although I could be 100% wrong. It’s real easy to learn so no experience isn’t a big deal. Changing mine to a neutral because you were trying to get it populated and was on with just you and freak. You seem really dedicated. However, minimal effort was put into your app, I haven’t played with you recently long enough to see if your maturity in game has changed, and you seem extremely busy, stuff that you are doing in real life will ALWAYS be more important than the server or community. If you have a camp out for scouts then go to it, if you have surgery or lose a loved on, take a break. We get that life happens but a lot seems to interfere with you being able to be present on the server. If we had a trial staff then that’s what I would recommend, but we don’t.
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