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Denied My Scenario

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Pastor of Muppets, Jun 18, 2017.

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  1. Pastor of Muppets

    Pastor of Muppets Allied Member

    Your username and Steam ID: Pastor of Muppets / STEAM_0:1:51260543

    Reason why you were banned: Mass RDM

    Time you were Banned: Around 9:30 on 6/18/17

    Admin who banned you(If the ban was automated, leave blank): Kermit

    Reason(s) why you should be unbanned:
    I haven't been on this server for a while, and I decided to join today. When I joined the server I was almost immediately killed in spawn and was confused. When I respawned I saw that everyone was killing each other in the spawn area, I'm assuming for fun. Considering there would be nothing else to do on the server I joined in, even heard one of the admins laughing. Nearly everyone was killing people and I had just joined the server. However, upon killing one of the admins I was jailed. I pleaded to let me off with a warning considering the unruly scenario, but without a single word of acknowledgment that I was heard, I was banned under false pretenses. I technically did "Mass RDM" however much of the server wasn't really engaged in roleplay so, therefore, I question the legitimacy of my ban. Under normal circumstances I would apologize and acknowledge my wrongdoing - This was not a normal circumstance and so, therefore, I would have liked a warning of some sort when I was individually jailed.

    Also, I was banned for a week if anyone wants to know.

    I also just realized the irony of my name and the admin who banned me.
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