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Possible AG 10 Man Schedule/Staff?

Discussion in '[AG] 10Man Scrim' started by kimo, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. kimo

    kimo Legend.

    I've been lurking the forums for a while now without posting and seeing more 10 man content *cough snail cheating and sucking lmao* other things like that. I would join every 10 man there is if I could. If there was a schedule I would love to play those games. pls msg me when theyre being played
    Possible staff team? I would enjoy running 10 mans I play a ton of CS and not to inflate an ego or anything I would call myself decent at this game. I understand how hacks work, what they look like how an aimlock works or gamesense vs walls. Any replies are appreciated.
    PS sorry if there is a AG 10 man section my phone has rlly bad service where i am currently and could not load much more
  2. Mr. Richard Cranium

    Mr. Richard Cranium Yes, I'm a dickhead. Staff Member Forum Admin

    Thread moved to appropriate section.
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  3. Survivor

    Survivor Survivor Staff Member GMOD Division Manager

    +1 I love doing 10mans but barley catch them. This would be great :)
  4. A55M0nkey671

    A55M0nkey671 I am the real PRO GENJI Teamspeak Staff

    +1 I'm good at CSGO. So I say we have schedules. And maybe have Fair Teams, because most of the time, most of the best players are on 1 team.
  5. Brontes

    Brontes Throbbing Blood Tubes Forum Moderator Server High Admin Server Operator Teamspeak Staff

    Get some staff that can start up a ten man if people are wanting to play in one
  6. kimo

    kimo Legend.

    This is why you should have an experienced Leader so they can pick players w/ knowledge of the players. So the teams are balanced
  7. Subsy

    Subsy Hi Retired

    +1, really annoying to set 10 mans up, usually takes around 20 mins to get all the people.

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