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Discussion in '[AG] DC Multiverse RP' started by King Ross, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. King Ross

    King Ross Grammar makes everything for some. Staff Member Server Head Admin Teamspeak Staff

    PigeonJacob's Penguin ClubUsername Style (Bold)Username Style (Underline)Christmas 2016
    As you guys know I have been away for a while and a lot of that is my fault and the actions I did and I am getting what's coming to me in the future. The reason I am resigning is not because I don't like the server it is just that I don't have time for the server anymore. A lot of things have happened that are 1 making me unable to even get on my computer and 2 just not available anymore. I know I made a post saying Lazy would be my temp Server-Manager but that should of been over by now. I am going to be gone another 2-3 months and won't be able to need the server and I am just taking over a spot Lazy can step up to and another spot another staff could step up to. I wish I could stay as Server-Manager but there are just to many things happening in my life right now that I can't. I will be back by June if everything is still the same and maybe be here and there but I won't be on at all like I use to. Also btw I wanna thank @Mr. Pyra for declining my application for forum staff because it would look really bad if I had to resign from that also xD. I will pretty much just be taking a break from the community and gaming as a whole. If you want to add me on Snap Chat and see what I do or just wanna talk to me add me --> @brossmaier idgaf if you know my name now suck my meat.

    Before I give my shout outs to the homeless I wanna give a huge shout out and to apologize to @P2 and @GoobNitro for resigning without telling them. I really wanted to tell one of you before I did it but this is pretty much my last time I am going to be able to get on my computer for a while so I had to resign now. For the shout out part I wanna thank them both for giving me this amazing opportunity to show myself that I could lead and manage a server. When I left back in June and came back in July after making my own community with yolo @Mr. Pyra you can meme. They were more than welcoming to let me prove myself again and show them that they can trust me. It didn't help that I left CS:GO TTT without a warning but they still gave me a chance and I don't think I disappointed. If I come back later I would be more than willing to help again in the future but that is up to you guys. Thank you so much it has been a fun run. :D

    Next is @Sonicc he has pretty much been there for me when ever I needed him to help. We were always staff buddies and later became partners SM and HA. Sonicc I know you kinda hate me for leaving you to get staff on DC RP but I am still really glad to have you as a friend. P.S stop getting drunk.

    @QuitTrying I don't even know where to start with this kid. Legit the most cancerous person in AG. But some how he is still my friend and I put up with his dumbass. Quit you have always been my seed and thanks for hacking so I could get Head Admin on CS:GO TTT. :D

    @ChinkyDog I have know chinky ever since I played on a TTT server in the past and he didn't talk much back than but now he's got a big mouth and won't stfu. Even though we might not be friends you were still one of the best friends I had in AG and one of the few people I could trust with anything I would say. Hope we can talk again soon.

    @Paulingo This kid left me for his gang. Jk love this little guy knew he had the chance to do big things when he stuck with me while everyone else left to go to metas community. Thanks for sticking around and helping me with DC RP.

    @lazyboy900 I really hope you do big things in DC RP lazy and I hope that you get the SM spot even though no one else should really get it. Lazy picked DC up when it was in a depression when I had to go and now it gets solid 30 people a day. Ty so much lazy hope we keep in touch. Still gay tho.

    @Jacob I don't know what to say about this kid that sleeps in his own bathroom. Only thing I can really say I guess is thanks. Know why I say thanks its because a while ago I hated jacob and talked tons of shit towards him because I have no idea why. That is when I left to go with yolo. I just talk so much trash and when I came back I apologized to him but instead of him saying look who's crawling back he said glad you chose to come back and gave me an operator position on CSGO TTT. Jacob is pretty much the reason on how I got to where I am so I thank him so much. Just make another gofundme and give me half :^)

    @SoBe My best man in trading even though he hates my knife. Love ya sobs even though I bust on TTT now :^)

    @kimo He legit is my seed

    @Deathruns Even though he's gone he still has tiny ass shmeat.

    @Survivor you can be annoying by not answering my many questions I have for you at times. But you were the one that offered me the high staff spot on DC RP and I thank you for all that you have helped me with.

    @Krispy #KrispyTerror #FREEMYNIGGAKRISPY Krispy if you are out of jail and see this post please add me on snap chat my boy I need you in my life.

    @Cr1ticalhit legit is such a dumbass

    @SnoopDoge for giving me my first chance at staff in AG and destroying hunger games :^)

    Sorry if I forgot to shout out anyone else if I forgot you that means your not important. JK it means I forgot and suck it up :^).

    I love this community and everyone in it sorry I am resigning but it has come to this.

    Remember to add me on snap if you wanna chill and talk or start a streak.
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  2. ✪ Gatorade

    ✪ Gatorade GloRY

    Username Style (Italic)
    I hope you enjoy taking a break from gaming. Sucks to see you go. Thanks for all your hard work.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2017
  3. SnoopDoge

    SnoopDoge 420 Blaze It Staff Member Forum Moderator Server Head Admin Server High Admin Teamspeak Staff

    And thanks @SnoopDoge for giving me my first staff position, jk sad to see you resign thanks for all the hard work :^)
  4. King Ross

    King Ross Grammar makes everything for some. Staff Member Server Head Admin Teamspeak Staff

    PigeonJacob's Penguin ClubUsername Style (Bold)Username Style (Underline)Christmas 2016
  5. Kawaii

    Kawaii I'm a guy Staff Member Server Manager

    PigeonJacob's Penguin ClubUsername Style (Italic)
    gl with whatever you do, you were like 1 of 3 higher ups from gmod I actually like lmao.
  6. lazyboy900

    lazyboy900 Hi, I'm new. Staff Member Server Manager Teamspeak Staff

    Thanks for all the hard work I love you stay in school don't do drugs and have fun in life.
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  7. Brontes

    Brontes Throbbing Blood Tubes Forum Moderator Server Operator Teamspeak Staff

    Youtube Video in SignaturePigeonUsername Style (Underline)Username Style (Bold)Username Style (Italic)
    Thanks for running an awesome server!
    Good luck and hope the future treats you right.
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  8. Aux

    Aux Allied Member

    2 Signature ImagesUsername Style (Bold)
    Never Really Hung Out But Wish You The Best Of Luck In Your Endever's.
  9. SoBe

    SoBe CS:GO TTT Staff and Known Pedobear Staff Member Retired Teamspeak Staff

    PigeonPigeonJacob's Penguin ClubPigeonPigeon
    Thanks for all your hard work bro! Gonna miss ya!
  10. Paulingo

    Paulingo There is always a beginning to greatness. Retired

    Username Style (Bold)Username Style (Italic)Username Style (Underline)Christmas 20162 Signature Images
    Good luck in future endeavors thanks for the opportunities.
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  11. Farid

    Farid The devil was once an angel. Artist

    Christmas 2016Youtube Video in SignatureThanksgiving 2016Halloween 2016
    Thanks for your work!
  12. King Ross

    King Ross Grammar makes everything for some. Staff Member Server Head Admin Teamspeak Staff

    PigeonJacob's Penguin ClubUsername Style (Bold)Username Style (Underline)Christmas 2016
    That makes me feel good about myself kawaii. I liked you 2 just wish we could of talked more.
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  13. Jacob

    Jacob Life ain't shit but a fat vagina. - Kendrick Lamar Staff Member Root Donor

    Christmas 2016Thanksgiving 2016Halloween 2016PigeonJacob's Penguin Club

    add me tho im too lazy to add you (@jakefleming99)
  14. cat

    cat Allied Member

    Username Style (Bold)
    thanks for your hard work
  15. A55M0nkey671

    A55M0nkey671 I am the real PRO GENJI Server Operator Server Operator Teamspeak Staff

    Username Style (Bold)Jacob's Penguin Club
    So u have time to deny my app, but not for gaming I see XD
    I'll miss u my dude <3
  16. DigidyDOG

    DigidyDOG Legend Legend

    Youtube Video in SignatureUsername Style (Bold)
    Just Because I resigned doesn't me I don't deserve a shout out :'( I am sad now.
  17. d_rUSTY

    d_rUSTY Allied Member

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    i didn't give you a shoutout so i guess we are even

    luuv u b
  18. Reformed

    Reformed Allied Member

    This is funny lmao *btw your girlfriend is a cow lmao
  19. FightZ

    FightZ Strange things my imagination might do. #Sway Teamspeak Staff

    I appreciate you, you were the first fiend to cook crack on a spoon, and be the first black man on the moon. #Respect.
  20. ChinkyDog

    ChinkyDog Remember, No Russian Retired

    PigeonJacob's Penguin ClubChristmas 2016Thanksgiving 2016Username Style (Bold)
    Damn man , we've had our beef but you were one of the few people I ever truly trusted in AG, I hope everything goes well for you my man, thanks for running DCRP so well because without you getting me into it I would never have taken another staff position I enjoyed.

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