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Admin Abuse Snazzah Demote Request.

Discussion in '[AG] Trouble in Terrorist Town' started by Lord Gaben, Aug 10, 2017.

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  1. Crow 1607

    Crow 1607 Server Admin: GMOD TTT #2 Server Admin Server Operator

    Username Style (Italic)
    This thread is getting way off topic @Kawaii can we please resolve this before it causes more drama as it already is
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  2. A55M0nkey671

    A55M0nkey671 I slayed everyone on TTT

    1. No matter what, you really shouldn't be using your powers on yourself or other staff, unless you have to.
    2. Saying the hard r was a little uncalled for.
    3. You're not setting the right example on the server. Every time I see you on, you're the one that usually start the mic spam. You also seem to RDM, but you never slay yourself for it.
    What I'm gonna say is really saying something, but I think that the one and only Mr. Bam himself can be a better staff member than you.
  3. Tuff Kitten

    Tuff Kitten Server Admin: GMOD TTT #2 Server Admin Server Operator

    Username Style (Bold)PigeonJacob's Penguin Club
    I'm going to go ahead and lean towards a -1. Obviously there was very few evidence of extreme abuse, most of it is just petty little things. In my opinion, I think he just needs to take some of the comments in this thread into consideration and be left off with a warning. You can't go off on him for being inactive for what, two weeks? I was gone for a solid month and a half and wasn't demoted. He is making the effort to start playing more and to be the staff member that he once was. That's just me weighing in on this thread. I think you need to chill with the mic spam and start handling reports a little bit more often, even if they don't concern you. @Snazzah For me personally, I usually deal with reports every 2-3 rounds depending on if I stay alive the entirety of the round and whatnot, unless the server is flooded with people. Just use your best judgement.
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  4. moodybutt

    moodybutt Hi, I'm new.

    Neutral. I don't really care either way if he's demoted or not, just make sure he learns his lesson on rule breaking and using banned language on the server. Personally i think snazzah isn't the worst staff member I've ever seen but he certainly needs to be punished. I'm thinking like revoking his staff status until a certain time to when he can be trusted to be staff again. I don't think snazzah is a terrible person, just maybe not quite ready for a staff position. Thank you for ready this and for taking my opinion into consideration based on this situation, my best wishes to the staff, the server, and snazzah.
  5. Kawaii

    Kawaii I'm a guy Staff Member Server Manager

    PigeonJacob's Penguin ClubUsername Style (Italic)
    User Demoted​

    I already warned all staff about the abuse whether it be staff on staff, abuse on random users/regulars, "haha guys let me teleport my friend and kill him xd!". None of this seemed to stick with you since you are slaying people for racist/derogatory reasons, teleporting for other reasons besides people being stuck and just a general unprofessional vibe coming off of you. You will be demoted back to Member.​
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