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Accepted SnoopDoge[JB][Staff]

Discussion in 'Archive' started by SnoopDoge, Aug 10, 2017.

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  1. SnoopDoge

    SnoopDoge 420 Blaze It Staff Member Server Head Admin Teamspeak Staff

    • In Game Name: SnoopDoge
    • Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:49746781
    • Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/SnoopDoge12321/
    • Recommendations: N/A
    • Administrative Experience: Hunger Games SM, TTT Admin, 1v1 Admin, Surf Admin Minecraft Mod etc.
    • Experience with Source Mod/FTP/Coding: Very experienced.
    • Your Time Zone: PST (Pacific Standard Time)
    Personal Statistics
    • Do you own and use a microphone: Yes
    • How many hours do you play on our server(s): 1-2 when it get's active
    • Do you visit our forum: Multiple times a day
    • How much time do you log on our teamspeak: 8 hours+ a day
    Personal Information ~
    • About Self: I'm 18 I live in Washington and enjoy playing on ag servers.
    • What community, or server rules do you see broken: Freekills and micspam a lot of people not reading or knowing the rules when joining ct
    • How would you improve the current staff team: There are currently few active staff so a lot of the times people who don't know the rules plague the server and depopulate it without any moderation.
    • What suggestions do you have to improve the current server: Recruit more active staff to keep the server running well.
    • Favorite quote, or saying: Just do it -Shia Labeouf
  2. Brontes

    Brontes Throbbing Blood Tubes Teamspeak Staff

    PigeonUsername Style (Underline)Username Style (Bold)Username Style (Italic)
    Its snoop c'mon
  3. SoBe

    SoBe CS:GO TTT Staff and Known Pedobear Staff Member Server Manager Teamspeak Staff VIP+

    PigeonPigeonJacob's Penguin ClubPigeonPigeon
    +1 daddy
  4. Dark

    Dark Hottest Girl In AG! Teamspeak Staff

    Watch yourself, bud.
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  5. King Ross

    King Ross Grammar makes everything for some. Staff Member Server Head Admin Teamspeak Staff

    Username Style (Bold)Username Style (Underline)Christmas 2016Username Style (Italic)Youtube Video in Signature
    Application Accepted
    Welcome to the staff team, Before I give you your powers please get in contact with me or @Sonicc
    We are always on teamspeak and on steam.​
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