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Accepted Unban me from shoutbox

Discussion in 'Forums Ban Center' started by d_rUSTY, Oct 1, 2017.

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  1. d_rUSTY

    d_rUSTY Allied Member

    Your Forum Username: d_rusty
    Your Steam id: idk
    Admin that banned you: idk
    Length of ban: perm i think
    Why were you banned?: i said ******
    Why should we consider unbanning?: because im sorry i said ******
    Evidence: I M S O R R Y
  2. Kawaii

    Kawaii I'm a guy Staff Member Server Manager

    -1 you're edgy
  3. D_rules

    D_rules Server Operator: TTT2 Server Operator

    -1, all you do is talk shit to anybody who breathes wrong, good riddance
  4. A55M0nkey671

    A55M0nkey671 I am the real PRO GENJI Teamspeak Staff

    -1 who dis?
  5. Subsy

    Subsy Hi Retired

    -1, Rusty, you've done this in the past, if you get active on the forums and I see you helping people out in threads I'll change my -1 to a +1 the next time you make an unban request.
  6. QuitTrying

    QuitTrying Stand up for others who need it

    LOL L, Just complain to goob, p2, hydro, And gamingpyra if he was still here, Thats what i did :^)
  7. Mr. Richard Cranium

    Mr. Richard Cranium Yes, I'm a dickhead. Staff Member Forum Admin

    @d_rUSTY while I almost feel you don't deserve an unban, as you knew exactly what you were doing, I am going to go ahead and unban you from the shoutbox. Please keep in mind though that if you get banned again, you will not be as easily unbanned.
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