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What are your sick remedies?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ✪eZ^, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. ✪eZ^

    ✪eZ^ Thread killer Staff Member Server Manager

    I have some serious congestion, sore throat, and a throbbing headache. What are your best remedies for getting over a cold/sickness fast?
  2. Para

    Para ♡ 100% weeb / qt pie ♡ Server Admin

    Sore Throat:
    - Make some tea and put some honey in it
    - Chicken soup

    I don't really have anything for headaches (only to massage your temples or put a cold cloth on your head) or congestion, sorry.

    ((These help me when I have a sore throat or headaches so sorry if it doesn't work.))
  3. Michael Corleone

    Michael Corleone Nothing to lose, Everything to gain

    I have had severe headaches throughout my life, and have been hospitalized 7 times in the last 4 years for said headaches. All I do when I get them is shut my lights off put on some very slow and quiet music and stare at the ceiling and try to fall asleep. If I am really having a hard time sleeping I will just sit in my comfy chair and play a relaxing game on mid brightness with sunglasses on (mid tint). You will look like an idiot if you do the second one. I would say take tylenol, but I can't say if it works or not, because my body became addicted to the shit after taking two a day for like my entire 8th grade year.
  4. P2

    P2 Noob Staff Member Co-Owner

    If I'm feeling down, a joint usually makes it bareable, if thats not available I just take a painkiller.
  5. Dark

    Dark Entry Fragger/Secondary AWPer Staff Member Forum Moderator Teamspeak Staff

    For your congestion, you can take Mucinex DM, that will help break the congestion up. Drink some hot tea with honey in it, Gatorade for your electrolytes, and some water as well. For your throat, you can take some cepacol drops, it will numb up your throat to help you swallow things if needed, but it will "calm" your throat down. Lastly, for your headaches, take some advil or excedrin. Hope it all helps and that you feel better soon.
  6. Strekki

    Strekki Old Dog New Tricks F1 Squad

    I usually eat ice cream to help with the sore throat, put on a movie, eat some oatmeal and eventually fall asleep. When I wake up I normally feel a lot better and my immune system sucks.
  7. Sky

    Sky Worst AG Staff Member Server High Admin Server Admin Server Operator Server Operator Teamspeak Staff

    I take it like a man or fucking drink 5 liters of gatorade and eat twice as much than i regulary do, eat some fucking bread that shit's a wonder food
  8. ✪eZ^

    ✪eZ^ Thread killer Staff Member Server Manager

    Thanks everyone for the replies. How does beer and pizza rolls sound?
  9. GoobNitro

    GoobNitro Co-Owner Staff Member Co-Owner

    Like the best fucking dinner ever!
  10. NaisA-

    NaisA- Co-Owner Co-Owner

    Go see a doctor, preferably a Brazzer one.
  11. ✪eZ^

    ✪eZ^ Thread killer Staff Member Server Manager

    I'd rather go to a medieval doctor and get some leeches
  12. Mr. Richard Cranium

    Mr. Richard Cranium Yes, I'm a dickhead. Staff Member Forum Admin

    I was about to say this as well. I recently have discovered Mucinex DM and it works wonders. Make sure to get the DM, as there are many different types of Mucinex.
  13. Kimilinni

    Kimilinni Allied Member

    whenever i don't feel well, I sleep for a few days straight.
  14. Farid

    Farid The devil was once an angel. Artist

    I got sick and got better in two days.

    - stay in sauna for 10-20min.
    - eat hot aka to amount where u feel ur throat burning
    - take cough drops, cough medicine
  15. Tizona

    Tizona Taliyah main xd Retired

    The answer I was hoping to see.
  16. ~Ellie~

    ~Ellie~ Queen Bitch Staff Member Server Manager Server Admin Server Operator Teamspeak Staff

    Something that I'm sure you've heard and will help all these symptoms is to keep hydrated. Drink plenty of water!

    Congestion - Any menthol/vapour rub will help. Either on the chest or in hot water (put it in a bowl and have the bowl on your lap using a towel over your head to create a sort of sauna for your face but close your eyes and breathe it in. This will ease congestion).

    Sore throat - Avoid dairy such as ice cream - chew on ice or drink cold iced water if you want a numbing sensation for your throat. Again drink water and avoid hard foods if it's too painful.

    Throbbing headache - Get plenty of rest if this is a continuous thing and along with the water it should ease.

    Take medication such as paracetamol or ibuprofen but ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory so paracetamol is almost always more effective for headaches and sore throats. I'm not sure what you guys call paracetamol in America if it isn't the same as here. Don't take more than 8 tablets in a 24 hour period (2 x 500mg every 4-6 hours up to 4 times, no more.)

    Hot water with honey and lemon is good for soothing sore throats and combating the infection. Also make sure you take your temperature to make sure you don't have a fever.

    Sorry this is long I genuinely love giving advice on this shit.

    Last edited: Mar 14, 2018
  17. Freak

    Freak Server Operator: TTT2 Server Operator

    Lots of water try and flush it out of you if you are sick
  18. Anti-Depressants

    Anti-Depressants Server Admin: GMOD TTT #2 Server Admin

    Just wait out the ride, drink sprite or gatorade, water, keep yourself entertained, and sleep. But who the fuck drinks water? am I right?:laughing:
  19. Steedzz

    Steedzz Server Admin: DC Multiverse RP Server Admin

    The dab fixes everything

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