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  3. They are you boomer friends too @NaisA- don't lie!
  4. Brock

    Lobby with Us in MW

    buy me the game and i will 😁
  5. Just a friendly reminder that @SoBe @SinCo @Red John and I get on Discord every night in the Modern Warfare VC to help @DigidyDOG and his boomer friends one step closer to Damascus. Come join us 😛
  6. Earlier
  7. I apologize for my nonexistence, i have so many things to deal with xD, i got business running, and i have majority of my focus there. I will try get more active as soon as i get a chance to even do. gotta make them money yooo.
  8. anyone remember me from cg


  9. surf_delusional_ isnt zoned and please add the invis wall indicators or whatever they are. it sucks not being able to tell where an invis wall is.
  10. Fuck I didn’t read in time
  11. I will be doing a challenge to the people who play TTT, to enter the challange reply to this topic with your steam name. Challange will start January 2nd. Post your times after 2 weeks that will be when the challange will end. 1st will receive 15$ and a membershop item 2nd will receive 10$ and a membershop item 3rd will receive 5$
  12. Merry Christmas, sent over to you. For the winners, please send me a link to what you wanted from the steam market. ($7 or below, for the runner ups)
  13. Merry christmas everyone ❤️
  14. Dropping this here and saying Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope everyone got what they wanted from Santa xddd.
  15. https://store.steampowered.com/app/306130/The_Elder_Scrolls_Online/ Yessir
  16. Yo thanks, needed this 10. LOL
  17. I've had no issue playing those maps on sneaks so it's 100% something server side
  18. I have decided to giveaway a likkle more, thanks for participating and congrats to the winners. @Quittrying £10 @A55M0nkey671 £4 @Spectra £4 Message me on Steam to claim your prizes; https://steamcommunity.com/id/GamingPyra You have a week to claim your prizes. Happy Holidays from your local penguin 🐧
  19. I won't have access to my laptop over next few days, will close entries for the giveaway now. Will announce the winners in a few minutes.
  20. Subsy


    I’m not back until the 28th 😠
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