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  1. Today
  2. I'm on that winter break, pull up.
  3. We will be on the server this weekend just you wait 🤗🤗
  4. who are u? dont @ me bitch
  5. @snowy @Subsy I am working on it I just now saw it, what I have done so far https://allied-gaming.com/topic/40-change-log-surf/
  6. Yesterday
  7. we need to get this server POPPIN WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO APPLIED FOR STAFF? THEY GAVE UP BEFORE BEING ACCEPTED? @Rebellious @Farid @HyUna_BeaSt @Gilbert @MrSpeakerZ
  8. @Quittrying man there is not need to be so mean to yourself, not everyone can look as good as @GoobNitro
  9. Last week
  10. These fucking halo early 2000 graphics lol
  11. Accepted as a trial mod for 1 week. Show us you deserve it.
  12. Subsy

    Halo Reach!!!

    Why would I want to play with you instead of the goat @Quittrying
  13. Yooo if anyone wants to play some halo, drop some Steam names here and HMU
  14. Thank you for the swift fixes :")
  15. Added. @glock9 as well.
  16. A55M0nkey671 Add me baby
  17. Quittrying, Add me Moot you bimbo
  18. Moot

    Yo fix this shit

    Sure, I can add them both when I get home tonight. Locked
  19. Yeah my ign is Rona and my other ign is Referees, could you whitelist both so I can afk farms once i get going ?
  20. We are going to be shutting down our Stoneblock server. In its place I have set up a minecraft realms server. If you would like to play, please respond here with your minecraft id so you can be added to the server!
  21. Moot

    Yo fix this shit

    @glock9 sorry for the issues in delay of response. We had someone set up our server who ended up leaving. I was going to shut down the server but have since forgotten to. Currently I have a minecraft realms server set up, if you're interested give me your id and I can whitelist you when i get home from work around 6:30pm CST
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Allied-Gaming is a multi-game gaming community established in 2012. We have hosted numerous community servers across multiple games including Counter-Strike, Minecraft, Garry's Mod, Rust, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Arma III. We're currently in the process of rebuilding the community. Stick with us while we do so.

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