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    we need to get this server POPPIN WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO APPLIED FOR STAFF? THEY GAVE UP BEFORE BEING ACCEPTED? @Rebellious @Farid @HyUna_BeaSt @Gilbert @MrSpeakerZ
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    I want to giveaway £10 to someone on steam, you will need to add me ofc tho https://steamcommunity.com/id/GamingPyra Post on this thread to enter and winner will be randomly selected. Winner will be announced on the 26th December Best of Luck
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    This doesn’t even just apply to jailbreak but TTT as well. It’s just that the staff members already burnt out (everyone burns out @Joshy2k) and the lack of events to help gather the members to get on the server. It only takes one event to get everyone replenished and will help the server get a few people back. Red John has an event plugin and even if it doesn’t work yet we literally only need a google doc and an event idea just like how we did it in the past and it would also help if the higher ups advertised the event on the steam group announcements. If we have an event and then like 2 people on the server the following day, people should come back.
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Allied-Gaming is a multi-game gaming community established in 2012. We have hosted numerous community servers across multiple games including Counter-Strike, Minecraft, Garry's Mod, Rust, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Arma III. We're currently in the process of rebuilding the community. Stick with us while we do so.

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