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    The problem is Discord will always be a text driven platform. I rarely see people talk in most discords. Teamspeak 3 is and has always been a join a channel to be involved in the discussion its a very social driven platform which IRC 2.0 (aka discord) isn't. Discord is to Facebook causing social anxiety in millennial's as Teamspeak is to being social and going to a party. Anyways discord is gay we don't own our server and they can ban who ever they want for what ever they want. When are they going to be acquired by Curse, Microsoft, or Twitch and start selling our information? LETS HOPE TEAMSPEAK 5 WILL BRING PEOPLE BACK!
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    What the fuck did I just read.
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    Crossing my fingers still.
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    Your In-Game Name: Don Bongo (gilbert in ts3) Your Steam ID: Not Needed Reason for Ban: N/A How Long is Your Ban?: 2 Days Why Should You Be Unbanned: It was an accident and for some stupid fucking reason admins can't unban people. Be Honest, Was Your Ban Justified?: No, it was an accident Any Other Words You Would Like to Add: To the stupid retard in charge of TS3 make it so admins can unban people. Makes 0 sense as to why they can ban but can't unban.
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    surfing on csgo
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    How are they supposed to its not posted on the forums anywhere!
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    he's not real
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