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    We will be on the server this weekend just you wait 🤗🤗
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    We are going to be shutting down our Stoneblock server. In its place I have set up a minecraft realms server. If you would like to play, please respond here with your minecraft id so you can be added to the server!
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    @glock9 sorry for the issues in delay of response. We had someone set up our server who ended up leaving. I was going to shut down the server but have since forgotten to. Currently I have a minecraft realms server set up, if you're interested give me your id and I can whitelist you when i get home from work around 6:30pm CST
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    This is where the change log will be record. I will get to each bug as soon as I can. Report Bugs Here LEGEND: + = ADDED - = REMOVED * = FIXED / CHANGED / UPDATED Z = ZONED ================================ December 9th 2019: - surf_odyssey crashes server, find me a working version of the map ill add it. * surf_halloween_tf deleted websync files and resynced (hope that will fix the issues @Subsy found) *Z surf_andromeda fixed the end zone to not have a weird sprite drawn through the whole map, deleted all map times, fixed typo in my stripper file that allowed the glitch times. (More to come) November 20th 2019: * Applied a hot fix for colors not displaying right in centerhud * Updated sourcemod * Process of updating !knifes and !ws (Knifes and skins are on the server but the default skins for the knifes aren't listing properly) Z surf_minute and stripped it November 13th 2019: + Sourcebans++ (Earlier in the week forgot to add it to the change log) * surf_utopia_njv telehop exploit and delete unbeatable times. (Good luck @caksoso) * surf_rebel_scaz_csgo telehop exploit and delete unbeatable times. (Good luck @caksoso and @Montu) * Timer from a compiling typo that prevented me from making zones let alone edit them. October 26th 2019: * There was one sql error that was found. I went through and edit all statements that posed errors when manually testing the queries. (If you notice ranks not in the scoreboard let me know) October 26th 2019: *+ More Ranks to grind as well as spread the out so you are in the rank longer and actually have more ranks to climb I will adjust these if they are unattainable. * surfTimer SQL Errors fix is currently looking like the stitches are holding. I will update you guys on Nov 2nd. I at this moment think they fix is good. October 25th 2019: * surfTimer to most recent version from about 6 months ago. * surfTimer SQL Errors, due to NFO Global Variables not being able to be editable, the Band-aid has been removed and the stitches are going in, during this time I am not going to guarantee its fixed but I will monitor it and will update you when I know more. (You have no idea how long it took to fix this code, the things I do for you guys)(Thanks to the help and guidance of @JSheeps) October 21th 2019: + Self Mute plugin which allows you to !sm a player to mute them and !su a player to unmute them. (This is not a server wide mute just a client side mute) + surf_rebel_scaz_csgo * surf_rainbow gravity has been fixed * stripped surf_rebel_scaz_csgo to be playable as a skilled surf. (Please let me know if it needs to be repaired or fixed for instance the skip will be removed it doable) - surf_rebel_scaz Z surf_rebel_scaz_csgo Z surf_benevolent Z surf_gleam Z surf_be_gentle *Z surf_4head_csgo (and deleted records) October 20th 2019: * !knife and !ws have been update to have the new knife and new cs20 skins. October 13th 2019: + surf_mesa_revo_go - surf_network_2009 (Find me the map I will add it back) - surf_lodypreview (Find me the map I will add it back) * surf_mesa_revo_go stripping weapons October 5th 2019: - surf_lt_omnific_ (I am not shark and this map has no need to be on a T 1-3 server sorry for all the tryhards) October 4th 2019: * surf_island is now playable (It will not be comparable in times to actual "WR" since the triggers of the map are not the same and can't be made to have the exact same characteristics, I did what I could) Z surf_heaven_njv October 3rd 2019: - playsound triggers on surf_b_r_o_x_x_x - surf_kz_mix_journeys - surf_annoyance_njv pre-speed caps on all stages - surf_awp_sk337_v3 (needs major work to convert to a skilled surf. Ain't nobody got time for that. If you can edit the map or give me a stripper file to get it to where it needs to be i'll add it back) - surf_81st_network (Crashes on map load, Workshop version is the same way. Tired to debug for about 30 min. If anyone else can find a working version that would be great) * surf_adtr_njv startzone you won't get stuck in the telehop box * surf_cancer's startzone you won't get stuck in the telehop box * Checked surf_3 appears to be working ("unplayable will load when you spawn it just a black screen." ~ @Its_Vortex) * Checked surf_004_final1 appears to be working ("same problem as Surf_3" ~ @Its_Vortex) * Checked surf_roomservice_2 doesn't crash the server but wasn't zoned. October 1st 2019: - surf_utopia_v3 (Surf_utopia_njv is still on the server. If you want to do speed runs use !style then click "fun styles" then do the "fast forward" style.) - surf_simpsons_source: Replaced with surf_simpsons_go_rc2 * surf_aircontrol: Zoned and stripped bonus. * surf_ace_fix: Prespeed on stages. * Maplist and mapcycle now reflect the actual maps on the server.
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    I'm on that winter break, pull up.
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    who are u? dont @ me bitch
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