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  1. This isn't that bad of an idea. The whole having to use Twitch Mods, plus downloading 250+ custom mods and having them run can take a significant amount of time just to log into our Stoneblock server. The easier it is for players to join the server, the better.
  2. Now just need Bladez and we'll have the gang back.
  3. Changed application name to reflect the correct position being applied for.
  4. NaisA-

    Fight Time!

    I'd put money on Bested.
  5. NaisA-

    Please post your How to Open Inferno Door senpai.

  6. I wunda who this is.
  7. NaisA-

    BANGER Songs

    Thank god you found a bug.
  8. NaisA-

    BANGER Songs

    This one's way better imo.
  9. Open fire Gordan, open fire!
  10. Thanks to everyone who came by this weekend. I gave out roughly 100k throughout the weekend. Rebel contest soon 😄
  11. At this point I don't think your PC will ever be fixed 😄
  12. Post needs to be more apparent, but click on the Title to apply.
  13. You guys asked for it, so we got it. Introducing our brand spanking-new Jailbreak for CS:GO. Server IP: Here's a link to the rules. Thanks to @LenHard for developing the server. Jailbreak has been a backbone of Allied-Gaming/Gamers for many years, and it's about time we brought it back. There's many awesome features that truly makes our server unique in CS:GO. Gangs, casino, unique special days, plenty of cage/day activities and a large shop selection. I'll be in the server this weekend handing out sums of gold during day activities, to help people start their gangs and climb to the top of the server. Take advantage of it, because we'll have a rebel contest in the next couple of weeks and you'll want to have a head start with your gang. 😄 Lastly, we will be introducing donation perks very soon. Our donations will work differently than we've previously done, so stay tuned.

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Allied-Gaming is a multi-game gaming community established in 2012. We have hosted numerous community servers across multiple games including Counter-Strike, Minecraft, Garry's Mod, Rust, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Arma III. We're currently in the process of rebuilding the community. Stick with us while we do so.

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