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  1. NaisA-

    Real Shit

    I'm working on bringing a new look to forums, but I'm also not progressing until our 5 month late plugin comes in.
  2. NaisA-

    Fix this

    My bad a reindeer must've hit the forums. I cleaned it up.
  3. NaisA-

    Forum Changelog

    December 17, 2018 Added Holiday Elements to Forums What's to Come Division Plugin (More Details Soon)
  4. NaisA-

    Fully Custom TTT Server ?

    We'd go over the whole idea but this is a point that'll keep coming back around.
  5. NaisA-

    [Forum Staff App][Cute_eBoy]

    @Cute_eBoy the reason I haven't replied is because Forums has been very stagnant lately. When we're fully transitioned to our new AG model I'll open this back up. Keep up the activity and positivism on forums. Until then locked.
  6. It's a great idea. I'd like to see us participate in such events.
  7. NaisA-

    RIP Eminem <\3

    Eminem has more Platinum records than this guy has tattoos.
  8. With game servers becoming more irrelevant, we’ve decided to take initiative and start a new chapter for the community by opening Divisions! Now, there’s been a lot of confusion as to what Divisions really are, so hopefully this’ll answer some of your questions. Introduction to Divisions Our goal with Divisions is simple! To create a competitive environment for new and old members to compete against each other in their favorite games to win monthly prizes. Allied-Gaming is a multi-game community, so we’re setting up a Division for every game that we play, and that number will grow as we grow. Right now, we’re in the process of setting up these Divisions, so bear with us as we create one for every game we play. Each Division will have its own sub-forum, Calendar and more (Directors will be able to customize the look and feel of their Division). Members will be able to see the activity of other Divisions, create topics and make posts in any Division, but you’ll only be able to join ONE Division. Why only one? We’re implementing this restriction as we’ll be having a rank system that’ll award members but won’t work if they’re hopping around between Divisions. As middle ground, members will have the chance to change Divisions during the first 3 days of every month. Division Hierarchy Directors As a Director, your primary responsibility is to create events for the teams inside your Division. So, if you’re the Director of CSGO, some good event suggestions would be scrims between teams, 1v1 ladder tournaments, Surf n’ Chill evenings, etc. While we are shutting down our servers, we can rent a server if needed for an event (provided we’re given a timetable for the event). One requirement to be the Director is to schedule at least one event a week, to create and maintain a competitive environment in your Division. Directors may also add additional rules to fit their Division’s needs, provided they stay in line with community guidelines, but require approval by a Community Council member first. Should a Director step down from their position, a Manager can petition to be the next Director by contacting the Community Council. Managers As a Manager, you’ll moderate your Division’s forum. This isn’t the same as being a Global Moderator, who can moderate the entire forums. Managers will make sure Division members uphold the rules set by the Director for their Division. On top of your moderation responsibilities, you’ll help the Director coordinate and oversee events to make sure they go smoothly. Managers must oversee 2 events or more per month. This does not count towards your total if you are a Team Leader. Directors will have control over who their Managers are in their Division. There is no limit to how many Managers they can be. Team Leaders In every Division we want there to be many teams. Team Leaders are the one’s in charge of their team and will register their team with a Director or Manager for events. In addition, team leaders must make sure their team is on time to events and are active in the community. Each team leader must register their team for at least 2 events per month. Mentors This is a voluntary role within each Division. The job of the mentor is to welcome new members into their Division, introduce them to others and help them find a team. Those who prove themselves as good mentors throughout the month can receive benefits set by their Director. Players Everyone else that joins a Division and isn’t one of the above is just a player. Players must be active to help their team beat other teams in the Division, and their Division to beat other teams in the community. Players are expected to participate in at least 2 events per month. Note - If you’re a Director or a Manager, you must not allow your position in your Division affect gameplay, especially if you’re participating in an event. Rank System As we continue to improve our Division system we’ll add in a better ranking system. This rank system will track members in every Division for their activity. At the end of every month, we’ll be giving prizes out to the top Divisions based on a number of criteria: Forum Activity – New topics, posts, reputation Referrals – Bringing new people into the community, bonus if they join your Division Teamspeak/Discord VC – Online presence on both of our communication platforms Events - Event Participation Number of Events to Player Attendance Ratio Depending on the type of game the Division is representing, prize distribution will vary. The Director will decide whether prizes are distributed amongst the top players or top teams in the Division. As our community grows and we see higher activity levels, we’ll up the ante on the total prize pool and the type of prizes we give out. -- Right now, we’re just starting Divisions. As time goes on we will adjust the structure and create rules to help keep things organized and establish a competitive environment. The Community Council will continue to adjust the system until things are right, and we’ll make sure you know about any changes.
  9. NaisA-

    The Future of the Community

    With our new system we want to reward members for bringing in new people. We'll have awards and other benefits that'll go to the Division that grows the most every month.
  10. It has come to our attention that our forums has been compromised, and for quite some time actually. Two of our members had access to our File Manager and Databases, making it their playground for their gain. At one point they added a line in the Login script which saved and sent a plain text version of your password to an email. Every time you logged in, or changed your password, it was sent to this email. Furthermore, when their access was taken away, they utilized @JacobThePigeon password and login information to access our NFO panel and gain control without us knowing. While there may be no ill-intent by the two members, it still doesn't excuse what they did. Your personal information is yours and yours alone. Since discovering the issue, we have gone ahead and blacklisted the two members from the community, stripped anyone's access if they were compromised, did a fresh install of forums, and reset critical passwords. P2, Goob and I sincerely apologize for what's happened in AG. This should not have happened. We will use this experience to make better management decisions and only allow those we trust to have file and database access. We ask that you all take a couple minutes to reset your password here and any other service that you may use the same password for. This is a very important announcement, comments below will not be allowed. This announcement is within the GDPR Compliance - Privacy Policy
  11. NaisA-

    Surf Server Tier Level

    Farid's the only one that voted 1-2 because he can't even beat surf_kitsune
  12. NaisA-

    Pubg is LIFE!

    But in PUBG we are the bringers of death? Credits to @Red John for the laugh at the end.
  13. NaisA-

    Forum Changelog

    July 11, 2018 Added Donor Log to Menu Now you can see where all outgoing payments go. List of Past Donors Can now tag specific Forum Groups @Community Council Wiped Video Streams (more details TBA) What's to Come Introduction of Clubs/Club Wars/Club Ranking System. More Forum Tags for all Forum Ranks.
  14. NaisA-

    I'm Turning 21

    @Headline @kekbun don't wanna leave me hanging 🙂