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  1. UHabit

    New chat for artists

    I agree if anything when I post art into the media channel it feels more like spam then an actual art post. Media should be GENERAL media like videos or some random image but it doesn't feel right when people want to share their art with the community. If anything is posted in media it quickly gets flooded with other stuff that isn't art related.
  2. UHabit

    Need suggestions for a new Headset

    Get a gaming headset from Sennheiser then maybe these? GSP 350
  3. UHabit

    Need suggestions for a new Headset

    If you have a dedicated mic like an audio technica at2020 I would suggest these Audio technica pro 500mk2 with these replacement ear pads
  4. UHabit

    What uppp

    hey sydney
  5. UHabit

    You Know Who I Am.

    I can just feel the static in this thread welcome to the forums
  6. UHabit

    What uppp

    Mind is blown how this thread went from my intro to ur grandma's saggy titty
  7. UHabit

    What uppp

    Shit ur right ... I'd be sad to if my grandma had saggy titty syndrome
  8. UHabit

    What uppp

    Ur grandma tits omega saggy tho
  9. UHabit

    What uppp

    YEAH? Well ya daddy lesbian.
  10. UHabit

    What uppp

    i9 is just a rebranded xeon LOl
  11. UHabit

    What uppp

    Niceee I would love a gpu water block. Too bad I have a GTX 760.
  12. UHabit

    What uppp

    Don't make me come over to Washington you fucking oompa loompa
  13. UHabit

    What uppp

    Fuck u mean new. I AM A ROOT BOY. Lmao don't fuck around I need that 1060 PLEASE.
  14. UHabit

    What uppp

    Hello everyone if you don't know who I am already I'm Aaron. You can call me Ron or if you want to call me by my username I'm usually UHabit ("UHHHHH A BIT" -Clawzz) or Habits. I'm currently a root of AG alongside headline and I usually hang out in discord with my bro Anthony aka ^ ^ who is also part of AG staff. If I'm not on discord I'm legit at school all day or working on weekends until 11 pm or midnight if it's a sad day. Im currently in college studying to become a computer engineer. Other than that here are some of my hobbies and shit I like to do on my free time. Some of the computers I've built If you're wondering about my specs: i7 8700k 5ghz Corsair H115i liquid cooler 8GB Corsair Vengeance Ram GTX 760 (DW Esbelto aka short army man is sending me his damn GTX 1060 <3) Corsair 600w PSU 120GB SSD Samsung 1TB HDD Western Digital Blue 1TB SSHD Seagate Phanteks Elite Pro full tower Gear: Keyboard Corsair K70 Mouse Logitech G502 Mic Audio Technica AT2020 usb+ with arm Headphones Audio Technica ATH - Pro500Mk2 (insane combo with the mic this shit is legit 1000 times any volume you will ever get from a regular pc audio output) Monitor 1 Acer 144hz 24" Monitor 2 39" TV mounted on a wall above my first monitor If you ever need pc help just slide in my DMs id be more than happy to help you out with part lists or troubleshooting. I've also built DRONES. Videos of them below. Also working on a project to design a bunch of assets for Unreal Engine 4 but that's going to take some time. I have been working on 3D modeling on blender though and a 3D printer I've designed a while back. I tend to work on personal projects and I've been wanting to work on something code related like C++ or something since Unreal Engine 4 uses it. Would be nice to sharpen my skills on that so if anyone knows how to code C++ let me know ill be happy to learn a thing or two.