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  1. SoBe

    Likkle Giveaway

    thanks for doing a giveaway, you is cool
  2. SoBe


    glad you didn't die welcome back 🙂
  3. yeah you would think they would try to make graphics look better these days
  4. This has now been fixed, we are working on fixing the other issues still.
  5. Unban Request Denied There is clear proof that not only did you say you were going to mass rdm, but you actually did it. Feel free to come back in two days. Please take this time to review our Rules
  6. Application Denied While you know and generally follow rules, you are still relatively new to the server. Please get more hours in before reapplying.
  7. Application Denied While you know and follow the rules, you are still relatively new to the server. Please get more hours in before reapplying.
  8. Application Denied You are known to break rules and disrespect staff. Also I was informed that some of your recommendations are false. Feel free to reapply once you have proven you can follow rules and be a role model for other members.
  9. SoBe

    Little announcement

    "my wife had a baby".... shouldnt that give you a clue there xd
  10. Unban Request Denied Based on the proof provided and the fact that I know I have heard you two ghosting in the past, and at one point saying "get in discord so we can ghost". (and while that may have been a joke, its still breaking rules). I will not be lifting the ban.
  11. brah get the rift s for sure, the switch is nice, but vr is cool as shit
  12. yeah im getting the rift s on black friday
  13. Listen to subsy, he thought the same thing last time he was staff and eventually he burned out. If you are on your computer that much whatever, but being on ttt that much will wear you down.
  14. Application Accepted! You have proven that you know the rules, are very active, and you have been great staff in the past. We trust you will do well with your new position. Congratulations and welcome to the staff team!

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