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  1. Brock

    Lobby with Us in MW

    buy me the game and i will 😁
  2. Brock

    Staff Suggestion

    yeah i feel like the gap between mod and admin is pretty unnecessary especially since you have trial mod and regular mod, with the difference only being a couple commands and banning perms mainly it should just be straight from trial to admin, the mod position should be more for situations such as an admin wanting to take up a lesser position because they cant play as much or just as an alternative to admin for trusted people that dont put a ton of hours in and dont want to make the full commitment for admin
  3. +1 I think you just got denied last time because you didn't meet the hours require But you do now so it's a no brainier, good mods make good admins.
  4. +1 I haven't seen you make any outlandish decisions and when it comes to actually enforcing rules you seem to do well You did use to mute slay and do all that other shit to yourself alot but I'm assuming that was just so you could test the commands, so I don't see that as an issue Also who the hell is kina
  5. Add a version that doesn't have the console flooding problem please
  6. Yeah that guy was a grade A weirdo, he's emphatuated with wolfy
  7. Brock

    What to play next

    I refuse to play that garbage fire of a game ever again
  8. Brock

    What to play next

    Black and White are good games, black and white 2 are shit games
  9. Brock

    What to play next

    Just finished my latest Pokemon play-through of X, so now i need to decide which to play next, here are your options
  10. im thinking about getting one, im on the fence between the rift and a switch, have to see whats on better sale at black friday/cyber monday most likely the rift tho
  11. Get the rift S, or the index if you are balling out of your mind
  12. +1 but i will also say you might want to cool down on the playtime a little as to not burn yourself out, regardless tho you are a great mod so you'll be a great admin 🙂

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