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  1. +1 another OG, we love you joshy
  2. Brock


    What is this supposed to meam
  3. Brock


    I live in Wichita wait wtf
  4. Maybe put an option in to turn off double jump if you don't want it? So that people can still bhop (or at least attempt to)
  5. Brock

    Fight Time!

    this seems like a pretty simple decision to me
  6. should explore a different plugin for knife and weapon skins, as the current one doesn't really work
  7. we. need. dolls. that is all
  8. IGN: Brock that was a 4head moment xd
  9. In game name: Prior staff experience: 1v1 server admin on GiClan, TTT admin on DEFY clan (long story) Why you would make good staff: i and very level headed and very good at making decisions whether that be for punishments or just anything in general How active you are on the server: seeing as the server hasn't been up all that long and ive only recently come back to AG (formerly sextape) it seems like not very but i have been on every day for at least a few hours since i came back and i play whenever i have free time Fun fact about yourself: i collect watches i guess
  10. Hi, im Brock Some of you may know me as Sextape as this was my old name when i played on AG TTT however may years ago that is very glad to see the servers are back up and running and i look forward to seeing where the server goes from here that is all i suppose subsy is gay

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