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  1. Yooo if anyone wants to play some halo, drop some Steam names here and HMU
  2. Neutral. Leaning towards +1 As I do believe you would be a great staff member, the one thing holding you back would be the lack of time played. I do understand that TTT isn't fun when theres 3 people on, but when there is people on, I feel like you're only there sometimes
  3. So usually when you +1 SOmebody, there comes the reason on why you believe they would make a good staff member. Like +1 because he is good with kids and isnt toxic or some hippie shit like that
  4. Yeah, she gave birth to your kid, but did she buy you Modern Warfare?
  6. @King Ross I know you were the one to ban him, I was wondering if you had anyting to say about it?
  7. Make a rule saying no camping for over a minuet. It's so boring to watch someone sit in a place for a whole round cause he being a pussy

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