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  1. Make a rule saying no camping for over a minuet. It's so boring to watch someone sit in a place for a whole round cause he being a pussy
  2. +1 I remember going into AG with Sin Co around the same time, he was very fun to be around, and then he got staff and he did a hell of a job helping out. It doesn't mean much to anyone else when I say I Strongly recommend this man to be staff again, he was one of the most loyal people of AG and besides Subsy, I can't think of anyone better for the job. I didn't buy him the mic for nothing.
  3. https://gyazo.com/7cef2cb530a2c402c2755cfecbcf7e92 Here I am
  4. Maybe have each Dead body drop a coin to get like 100 Credits, making credits easier to get, kinda like how JB has the gift box
  5. +1 Seems like a cool guy from what I've seen. Pretty good at CSGO.
  6. In game name: A55M0nkey671 Prior staff experience(If any): TTT Operator (Gmod & CSGO), Military RP Op (GMod) Why you would make good staff: I would make a good staff member because I tend to become more calm and converse more to the community, whether it's about the rules, or just an average conversation. How active you are on the server: I tend to go for 2 Hours a day, when I'm not working or School isn't getting in the way too much Fun fact about yourself: Quit Accepted my 1st App because he felt bad lmao
  7. +1 I mean he's Aight, good at helping the server

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