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  1. Michael

    Gmod TTT Server Release

    server was epic last night
  2. Michael

    Fallout 76

    got it for ps4
  3. Michael

    [Forum Staff Application][Crow]

    +1 Doesnt bully me on AG TTT like Eveejoe does jk Very nice and firm person. One of the few guys I genuinely enjoy playing TTT with. Always nice and respectful when I played for the first time yesterday. I feel like with the departure of my son Brontes and the other resignations Crow would make a great addition to a Forum Staff team.
  4. Michael

    Brontes' Forum Mod Resignation

    i love you my son gg warning me on the old forums thanks for staffing the forums
  5. Michael

    Talking About Random Shit

    Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Boys, and Sky Bars
  6. Michael

    Art commissions for the community!

    Thanks looks really good
  7. Michael

    Art commissions for the community!

    Characters Name: Michael Hair color: (any color is allowed, even ombre shit) Dark Brown Skin color: Just a tad darker than Brontes Eye color: (be creative as you like) Brown Hair length: (bangs, certain cut?) Just above the eyes and just above the shoulders, straight hair, Accessories: (Necklace, piercings, other weird shit?) No Clothing: (Will probably be showing the shirt only, reminder) Black Sweatshirt Additional comments:
  8. Michael

    Your Opinion on the Latest Shootings

    I personally identify with the independent party, because I find both parties to be bad examples of what could be a terrific political system. I think march for our lives is a stupid useless movement that will do nothing, but I do think we should make small changes to gun regulation but not only to the devils gun of the so called "Assault RIfle 15" aka what actual gun owners/enthusiasts know to be the Armalite Rifle 15. I think it is funny how there were protests against cops for so called targeting of minorities, and yet those same protesters are demanding to have every American relinquish their firearms and use THE COPS THEY CALLED RACIST to protect them. I am constantly at odds with both parties so don't think I am just an alt-right racist like half my friends list on facebook calls me, because I find both parties to be equally stupid and redundant in keeping America on a decent path, but that is an argument for another day.
  9. Michael

    Your Top 5 Pokemon Games

    1. Pokemon Snap 2. Pokemon Silver 3. Pokemon World (Whatever it was called where it was online pokemon) 4. The shitty card game 5. Emerald
  10. Michael

    Karaoke Night!

    I would be there with you but i work 4-9 ;-;