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  1. Survivor

    Talking About Random Shit #16

    Ayyy same, wheelchairs are lit my dude
  2. Survivor

    Talking About Random Shit #16

    My arm breaking in half during a car crash. 11 screws and 2 metal plates
  3. Survivor

    Map Suggestions

    We are planning on getting a solid player base before adding more maps, but that may change. The way I would set up the maps would not affect download times that much (ex only download the map you’re playing on, not all at once which many servers do)
  4. Survivor

    Real Shit

    +1 With these current forums I feel no need / want to engage with people or posts.
  5. Survivor

    Grill Advice (Seriously)

    Hello fellas Let’s get into this with some context. **I have very monogamous morals, and belive that the person you choose to have sex with should be the person you spend your life with** Ive been dating this girl for around a year, and before that we were best friend for like 8 months. Basically our lives are super intwined with each other. She had a problem with flirting and still associating with guys who ask for nudes and so forth. Eventually that lead to an event back in June where I caught her full on sexting with some guys a few hours away. She said it was nothing and claimed it “was because I didn’t give her enough affection” Fine, I looked past that and kept dating her. She agreed it wouldn’t happen again We’ve set rules that during breaks, we wouldn’t do anything with other people and still act as if we’re in a monogamous relationship Around a month ago we took a break, she went to a different city during that time but we still had constant contact. Once she got back we agreed we wouldn’t want any more shenanigans and put the past behind us. I gave her an opportunity to tell me if she’s done anything with people, I asked a few times and she said no. Cut forward to last night, she got into a fight with a close friend in our group chat, the close friend stated “so that’s why you cheated on Calvin in (city name)* She denied it, so I belivied her, until I pushed a little bit. She later admitted to playing “spin the bottle”. I called bullshit on that’s all that happened. She then confessed saying she drove the guy (who she sexted with in June) home, he asked to touch and play with her tits, that happened and that about really all I know of the situation. Once again she says she regrets it. Second offence, she sent nudes during this break to a guy I’ve had full of fist fights with before, and who she “thinks is disgusting”. During this whole situation she caught herself on multiple lies trying to tell me nothing happened until she cracked, said nothing else happened then turns out more things happened. i don’t know what to do, I’ve invested a lot into this relationship, like a lot. TL;DR - Girlfriend sexted with guys back in June. Forgave her. During a break (with context of still being monogamous) she let one of the guys she sexted with play with her tits and I assume other things. She lied about it multiple times until she cracked.
  6. Survivor

    Favorite Anime?

    Code Geass
  7. Survivor

    Jayce Blacklist Appeal

    To give some insight, a group of DCRP players form AG left to create another server. Stealing our files and etc. They asked other players to come with aswell. Sure whatever’s you made a new community and did no go about doing it in a good manor. The problem comes in when a large portion of players who went over charged back there donations for perks they have been using for months. This resulted in hundreds of dollars lost. Even if it didn’t go through, you still tried to do it. This is going to be a -1 from me.
  8. Survivor

    Talking About Random Shit #10

    The Office and Lucifer
  9. Survivor

    Is M E R P L E S Gay?

  10. Survivor

    A chair that doesn't wanna kill you

  11. Survivor

    Give us our retired back

    I’ll take several ;)
  12. Survivor


    SurvivorG21 - Tier 63
  13. Survivor

    Brontes' Forum Mod Resignation

    Thanks for your work brontes ;D
  14. Survivor

    rip s4mple 2k18

    Goodbye old friend, thanks for all your work and everything you’ve done ;P
  15. Survivor

    Mr. Richard Cranium's Resignation

    Thanks for all your work ;o