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Everything posted by Ididntoucher

  1. These fucking halo early 2000 graphics lol
  2. Gilbert don’t rdm, be nicer, and play by the rules. In 2 weeks apply for mod. Don’t be part of the problem be the solution. You can do it man!
  3. Still a +1 from me that's what trial mod is for right? If he doesn't work out you know what to do. I trust your guys choice.
  4. +1 you were a good staff member in the past. You’ve been in the community a long time. You’ve put in some hours recently as well. I see more help and another member added to our growing staff.
  5. I’ve seen some servers give mods 30 minute ban powers just for the reason you gave subsy. That way it gives the admin or higher ups time to ban him instead of having to rush and get on. and vote ban perma too but that’s pretty pointless.
  6. Just think vr porn is a thing...
  7. +1 mature. He also knows the rules well and I have never seen him break them. Would make a great addition to the team.
  8. Pls add minecraft 2018 such a fun map version
  9. any new pornhub vids? XD welcome back mi amigo
  10. +1 he was a great staff on dcrp I loved that server. He also understands our rules and doesn’t let his emotions get in the way.
  11. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh welcome maneeeeee
  12. Rechargeable tasers that don't activate until 45 sec -1min in the game.
  13. +1 past experience and understands Ag standards.
  14. Either !jackpot or !coinflip would be awesome to have to buy stuff from in game shop. Along with earning credits while being in game.
  15. -T-Shop Suggestion Starting Credits 3000 Killing an Inno gets 1000 Killing a detective gets 3000 Inno killing a T gets 3000 100 credits over certain amount of time (Ex. every min) Credits roll over each round for the whole map cycle. -Introduce higher tier shop items like Buying T Buying Detective Instant Sprint for 15 active with 30 second cooldown Recharges Following missles - T Shop price range and item suggestions 1000-20000 1 Hit Knife 5000 Awp 3000 C-4 6000 Crossbow 5000 Dna scanner 7000 Decoy Body 5000 Decoy Teleporter 3000 Detective Instantly 15000 Drone Turrent Gun 7000 Exo Jump 1000 Fakebody 3000 Fake Id 1000 Following Missle 10000 (Once you buy its a grenade you throw that turns into a following missle Heavy Armor 10000 Healthshot 5000 Hurtshot 5000 Id 1000 Jihad 8000 Kevlar+Helm 2000 M4A1-s 3000 Poison Smoke 3000 Radar 5000 Sprint 10000 Taser 7000 reuse ones Teleporter 3000 (!tele command where you save a point and tele to it when you press a binded button)2 times max. Traitor Instantly 20000 Trip Mine 5000 max use 3 times Wall hacks 10000 Just some suggestions If I have more ill post an update.
  16. Hello it's ididntoucer, Wifey, Gordan etc. it's been a while but I'm glad to be back. I hope we can get a lot of the old Ag Og in TTT again and meet all your new friends. Hope you all have been well and hope to see you around. Thanks for everyone who put this together and kept it going.
  17. Ag TTT is back baby ❤️


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